Boycott NFL: DirecTV refund; companies that sponsor NFL

NFL players refusing to stand for National Anthem

Are you a former NFL fan angry about the players’ disrespect of the National Anthem?

Hit the NFL where it hurts.

In addition to not buying the expensive tickets to watch NFL teams play, this is what you can do:

(1) Get a refund from DirecTV

2ndVote reports that DirecTV, a subsidiary of AT&T, is offering customers a full refund for the NFL Sunday Ticket package if you want to cancel it because of opposition to the anthem protests.

Sunday Ticket is a premium package that allows out-of-market customers to watch games that are broadcast regionally on CBS and Fox affiliates. Football fans purchase this package as an add-on to their DirecTV service for $280. DirecTV pays the NFL around $1.5 billion each year for the exclusive rights to carry the package. That means DirecTV must sell at least 5.35 million Sunday Ticket packages just to break even.

While the the fee for Sunday Ticket is typically non-refundable, DirecTV is willing to take the hit at a considerable cost in order to keep customers from cancelling their entire subscription.

To cancel your DirecTV NFL Sunday Ticket package:

(2) Boycott businesses that sponsor the NFL

The decision by DirecTV to refund these fees is evidence NFL fans’ outrage is having an effect and that companies that do business with the NFL are starting to worry about their bottom line.

Here’s a list of companies that sponsor the NFL Players Association (NFLPA). Click the company’s name to tell them why you are boycott their business:

Anheuser Busch (Budweiser) wants to know your feelings about the NFL, they are considering pulling their advertising. Call 1-800 342 5283 and press 1.

H/t FOTM‘s stlonginus, maziel & TPR.


21 responses to “Boycott NFL: DirecTV refund; companies that sponsor NFL

  1. another way to protest…send a butterfinger to nfl teams:
    “Bears get roasted by Butterfinger on Twitter during ‘Thursday Night Football'”

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  2. Seems to be a little contrast between those who kneel, and those who don’t.

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  3. Sports used to embody all that was good with this country. Now it’s just another platform for globalist scum to tell us all how stupid and racist we are. To the elitist garbage I say this, with all sincerity, go and f*@k yourselves.

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  4. Kaepernick doesn’t seem to be the sharpest knife in the drawer. I guess the doctor dropped him on his HEAD!
    Well, never gave the NFL much of my money. They won’t be getting any more from me—except through those pesky TAX DOLLARS, of course….

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  5. Don’t miss reading Henry Makow’s piece on the NFL, masonry, a kneeling. Check out the links within the article.

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  6. I saw a tweet yesterday that Anheuser-Busch was considering dropping their advertising from NFL & it included an #800 to call to voice opinions.

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  7. Great stuff, as always….. can’t say I’m “boycotting” the NFL, because I haven’t watched it about 3-4 years…. normally on Sunday I take care of my yard, do things around the house, and spend time with my children and wife. I’m actually watering my grass as I post this! In any event, thanks for posting the list of companies that sponsor the nfl….. can’t honestly say I use any of these products, although I do have a Visa card, but quit using it when they decided to go in a “different direction” with Sam Jackson as their spokesperson…. not even gonna give that company the courtesy of a “transaction fee.” My point is…… your point: Vote with your wallet, it’s the ONLY thing companies listen to

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  8. I’m terribly disappointed. I haven’t ever been much interested in watching sports on TV. And now since I don’t watch anyway I have a hard time showing my discontent with a boycott, since I don’t watch anyway. And I already don’t do business with most of the companies on the list. As I’ve said in this space before. I don’t have enough paper to make a list of companies to boycott. My list of who to do business with is much shorter.

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  10. Is there any truth to the Oakland Raiders (I guess it’s Oakland I can’t keep up) throwing a game against the Redskins and letting their white privileged quarterback get sacked at least 4 times? I can’t stand football so I never watch it anyway, so I will go for the advertiser boycott instead.


  11. New boycott of Ford over its NFL sponsorship called by a Louisiana sheriff

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