Man kneeling during taps at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is sparking outrage following NFL protests

Photo from Facebook

Keep it up libtards. You are well on your way to getting Trump re-elected.

From American Military News: A photo that has gone viral while circulating among the online military community shows a man at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier at Arlington National Cemetery, kneeling down on one knee reportedly during the playing of taps, and is sweeping across America, outraging thousands.

“Taps” is a bugle call played at dusk, during flag ceremonies, and at military funerals by the United States armed forces and is regularly played at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

Not standing for Taps is incredibly disrespectful.

The picture is sparking intense outrage on social media. It is unclear exactly why the man seen in the photo is kneeling during taps while everyone else is standing, but most people online are assuming it is in protest.

If that is the case, it follows in the footsteps of NFL players’ protests – close to 200 NFL players and coaches took a knee during the U.S. national anthem on Sunday. The protests were started by football player Colin Kaepernick last year to protest what he believes to be problems in America, namely police brutality and black inequality. Kaepernick was not signed by a professional football team this year.

Protocol at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is that you stand, and many times the Soldiers who guard the Tomb will directly address people who are not standing and demand they stand.

“Someone actually had the nerve to [take a knee] at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. That is the definition of absolute trash,” one Twitter user posted.

“I support everyone’s right to free speech, but I feel in in the shadow of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier it is inappropriate,” Zachary Bell tweeted.

The photo is captioned: “This photo was taken by my daughter yesterday at the tomb of the unknown soldier while they were playing TAPS. Words cannot express my anger right now.

The picture shows everyone there standing, virtually all with their hands over their hearts, except for the one man, who is seen clearly taking a knee.

The picture has appeared on Reddit, Facebook, 4chan and elsewhere.

Attempts to gather more details about how long the man kneeled, if he made any other signs, and other details have not turned up anything.

Read the rest of the story here.


45 responses to “Man kneeling during taps at Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is sparking outrage following NFL protests

  1. Kick his a$$ up between his shoulder blades. Then kick it out of the country!

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  2. Wow.. Land of the free but you’re not free to kneel?
    You’re all a bit too serious about trivia.


    • ‘trivia’? Are you serious? Showing disrespect while taps is sounding over brave AMERICANS’ gravesite? Trivia?
      The only trivial thing in today’s version of American society is the constant bullshit being puled by the idiots of the Left. Like you.
      You obviously never served in uniform nor have you ever done anything for the nation that gives you so much.
      Go back down to your parents’ basement and play your juvenile video games in your pajamas……
      Attitudes like yours make me want to puke!

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    • Your are free to kneel boo. And we are free to not approve of one’s method of “protest.”

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    • A brat is made by closing eyes and ignore bad behaviour. Brats grow up to be hoodlums. Voices make the difference. This is an attention seeker. He got recognized for the lack of training on respect.

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  3. They are using the easily manipulated against themselves. Just look at it. They get these blacks to do this thinking they’re “sticking it to the man” and they are going to end up the screwee.

    They’d be better off running home and burning their neighborhoods.

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  4. more ‘divide and conquer’ antics…
    what a fool!
    our soldiers have given up their lives and limbs and this fool gives up what?

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  5. I’d like to hear HIS side of the story before passing judgement. Is it possible he has a physical impairment that might keep him from standing? Has he spoken about his act already,and has that statement been kept from us?
    One picture doesn’t tell the whole story,but it allows the public to fill in all the rest with their own script. It’s likely just what it LOOKS like it is,but I’d just hate to wrongly accuse someone…..

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  6. Maybe we need another civil war, those that Love America vs those that Outright Hate America!

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  7. From what I can tell, it is not a man kneeling, showing disrespect….. it is a BLACK man kneeling, showing disrespect.
    Yes, this whole damned ‘kneeling protest’ issue is racial. Racial. It is the way blacks are now openly showing disrespect for this country.
    The film recently shown showing eight year old football players and their coaches kneeling….. they’re all black. Eight year olds, being taught this by their parents, coaches, and the black pro football players.
    It all started in 1968, with the two black runners at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, raising their gloved fists in the Black Power Salute during the anthem being played.
    Twenty years ago, I was working at a post office in New Jersey. At the end of the day, one of us would go out and lower the flag (it was not illuminated, and had to come down daily). A young, black, female clerk went out one evening, lowered the flag, and dragged….. yes, DRAGGED it on the ground. A passerby called her out on her disrespect. Her response was, “This flag don’t mean nothing to me!”
    And that says it all. That is how the vast majority of them feel.
    Talk about a sense of entitlement…… yeah, We Owe Them.
    (end of rant)

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  8. One of the best movie lines ever came from Strother Martin: “What we have here, see, is a failure to communicate.”

    As Grumpy Cat would say, GOOD!

    Keep it Up, Lefties! By all means, KEEP IT UP! You are proving, with every passing day, just how FREAKING STUPID you are! You are driving your Titanic, closer and closer, to the iceberg you most definitely SHALL HIT!
    This is not about re-electing Donald Trump—at least directly: This is about a bunch of retarded jackwagons proving, once and for all, how intellectually and morally BANKRUPT they are. We see it—we’ve seen it for decades! But the time is coming when THEY shall see it, with all the embarrassment and humiliation of SCHADENFREUDE.

    Every Merry Melodies cartoon has an ending. No message, per se, just an ending!

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  9. The Left have declared WAR on America.

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  10. This started with FDR and the entitlement programs; all entitlement programs. The government should keep its filthy hands out of our pockets and families should take care of our own. In addition, the church(es) which have fallen down on the job should NOT be involved in entitlement programs but should be the bulwark for society when families are down on their luck. It’s supposed to be a temporary help, not a permanent structure of dependency.
    As for this dope who was seen kneeling during the playing of ‘taps’ at the tomb of the unknown soldier, I have to chalk it up to the fact that the doesn’t comprehend the many (of his own skin color) who died in (mostly needless) wars during the last 200 years of U.S. history who died not because of ‘white supremacy’ but because of the evil people who own the money system and thus run this world. And regardless of WHAT skin color, these people died thinking they were serving the people of the United States. There is no respect for anything or anyone. And I’ll venture to guess, this man doesn’t respect himself either. I’ll leave it at that.
    Taps at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

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    • stlongunis . . .Bravo! Well said. When I look at that picture, I see a scruffy, ill kept young man. Yes, he wants to stick it to the man. I suppose he laments his lack of a job . . . well, why doesn’t he get his hair cut, so that he looks like an individual an employer would want to have represent them? Frankly, this crap of black people thinking all their problems were brought on by the failure of white people to nurture them; the first thing that ANY family, black or white, is to push your children to get an education. Become a person who can hold their own in the job market. Is it truly the fault of white’s that minority people do not value education? I would think it they really wanted to stick it to the man . . . they would hunger and thirst after knowledge. After all, as slaves, many were denied education . . . what better way of stickin’ it to the man, than to try to best white people in the field of being an educated person! When we steel African Americans who break through and become education, they leave the hood behind, and they become respected members of our society.

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  11. Tell that selfish fool the ceremony isn’t about him, or race, or government, or police or white people. It’s about honoring the fallen.

    Maybe if he would pull up his pants it would force him to get his head out of his a… and show respect for one who gave all. Not one who bent a knee.

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  12. Pray tell, what message could you possibly want to convey while at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier?
    That was the wrong time and the wrong platform.
    You are not making friends nor getting your message across by such terrible timing.
    I, personally am getting sick and tired of all this crap, but maybe if we totally ignore these idiots and give them zero press, they will eventually fade away. One can pray.

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  13. Hoodrats have no business being at a venue respecting fallen heroes.
    He should have located a crack house closer to Chicongo, Baltimore, Detoilet to pray for his unknown sperm donor.


  14. Smooth move, dummy. Take a protest disrespective of America and make it disrespective of those who died defending America.

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  15. Revoke his citizenship and deport him to middle east. He is not a man but a traitor!

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  16. They fought for people’s freedom to protest. This type of protest should have happened at this type of ceremony a long time ago. People tired of being 2nd class citizens
    Yes, I can say it cause I’m also a combat Vet……


  17. Kneeling as I understand hasn’t always been considered disrespectful – it seems to me that we were taught and expected to kneel in church as a sign of respect for our Lord God.

    I for one have knelt during TAPS as a sign of reverence and respect towards those have defended and died for this country. I resent that my tribute to the country and those that have served our country.

    In point of fact I “took a knee” at both my father’s and my father in laws military funerals. Anyone that would contend that I was disrespecting their memories by kneeling doesn’t know what they are talking about and in taking that position are the ones being disrespectful and arrogant

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    • But, in this case, they’re kneeling to NOT stand (like sticking your hands in your pockets so you’re “encumbered” to avoid saluting) because that’s how courtesy is rendered in this situation.

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  18. Let’s look at this, shall we? We genuflect in church because we are in the presence of our Lord in the tabernacle. It is right to give Him this honor.

    We honor others at times for various reasons. If we do not know what we are doing or why, we shouldn’t participate. In this case, if this person has a problem with the honor guard honoring those who died in war, why is he there?

    Everything in life is not about “you”. If a person has no respect for others, the least they can do is remain by themselves so as not to offend. If they have no respect for the culture of the society in which they live, they should find another more to their liking.

    When someone honors a foreign flag the proper thing to do is to stand at attention respectfully. It shows respect for those people and their traditions.

    People who would be paid to play fetch and take that opportunity to grandstand their displeasure with those that pay them should be fired. Those that go to public place that are clearly designed to honor others, and refuse to participate in the standard manner should be at least ticketed if not arrested. Why? Because they are disturbing the peace of those others who are there to show their respect.

    Everything in life should not be a political statement or an opportunity to show off. I can actually understand how someone like this gets pummeled into the ground. It’s like going to a funeral and disrupting the service.

    Nobody is making these ball catchers attend. They are more than highly paid to do so. People who wait tables don’t always like their customers either, but, if they mouth off or refuse to serve them, they’re fired.

    I don’t want to watch these prima donnas whine anymore than I want to watch Lena and Miley stick out their tongues and twerk their fat. They should all move to Israel where they appreciate that sort of behavior.

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  19. Are we making an assumption that because he is black, he is protesting Taps?

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    • Seems to me it is you who’s making the assumption that because the kneeler is black, that means we are assuming.

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    • I didn’t notice his skin color until a day or so after I posted this. Why do you assume we see race first as opposed to a highly disrespectful act?

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      • I’ll take you at your word, but that is hard to believe especially since there were a bunch of other black youths behind him, all standing.

        Nothing about that picture says a highly disrespectful act. I’m trying to figure out the whole premise of the article and all of the comments. Someone snapped a picture of what looks like a kid kneeling down. There is no context there. People get outraged over everything now-a-days. What if the kid was walking around DC all day and decided to take a knee because he was tired? Who knows why he was on his knee.

        My last point is, he appears to be a teenager… even if he was protesting TAPS, i would chalk it up to a teenager not understanding all the things us adults fight over. Case close. Move on.

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        • Yeah, I lied, you got me. I did that post from my 5 1/2 year old cell phone that is so minuscule I can barely make out photos. I was scheduling a bunch of posts as I was getting ready to go on vacation and hardly had time to thoroughly analyze each photo.

          Thanks for notifying me there were other black youths behind him. I hadn’t noticed that.

          I would chalk it up to the teenager not being able to use Google on his cell to read about protocol and respectful procedures at Arlington. Or bad parenting. Or blindly following NFL ingrates. Or whatever. Move on.

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          • Lol. You go to a national cemetery… to protest? Just saying. Think about it DCG


          • The assumption that the man’s kneeling was a sign of respect is not unreasonable, based on, not his skin color, but these two reasons:

            (1) Protocol at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is that you stand, and many times the Soldiers who guard the Tomb will directly address people who are not standing and demand they stand.
            (2) The now-widespread “take a knee” as a sign of protest, not only by NFL players, but spreading across the U.S.

            The photo was taken by Katie Wiederhoeft. She said she was so taken aback she didn’t ask the young man why he was kneeling. She noted that he was filming with his phone as well. This was what Wiederhoeft wrote as a caption to the photo:

            “On our way back from NYC we stopped overnight in DC, one of my favorite places. So rich in history, it’s beautiful, and so clean!

            A must see on our list is always Arlington National Cemetery the changing of the guard ceremony. I get pretty emotional thinking about what it represents. Today we got a chance to see the honor guard placing wreaths in remembrance of fallen military members. The honor guard said to remain silent, that military members in uniform were to render a salute and everyone else was to stand and that it would appropriate to place your right hand over your heart. Just as TAPS started…this is what happened [referring to the man kneeling]. I don’t even think people know what they are doing when they are kneeling!!!! What was going through this young man’s head is beyond me!? I couldn’t do or say anything because my anger and disgust was beyond words. I made sure to stand right next to him with my hand over my heart!!!

            I regret not speaking with the young man and finding out what his intentions were. I was so upset at the time and completely speechless, which doesn’t happen often. Part of me was afraid of what his answer would’ve been, what if he was kneeling in protest?! I honestly don’t believe that I would have been able to maintain composure. Out of respect for my fallen brothers and sisters, I chose not to confront him. Hindsight is 20-20, maybe he would’ve answered that his actions were completely unintentional and he was trying to get a better angle (he was video taping). But in light of what our country is currently going through and the fact that the guard specifically stated to stand I can’t help but feel it was in protest. But I guess I’ll never know.”


            And to answer The Pragmatist’s original comment:

            No, the color of the skin of the kneeler has NOTHING to do with either Katie Wiederhoeft’s or my concern that the kneeler was being disrespectful. I would be equally outraged if the kneeler were white, or brown, or yellow, or chartreuse.

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  20. Dr. Eowyn, you clearly missed the point of me asking why do we assume this was a protest.


    • Actually, Pragmatist, I totally got your point. My response was an effort at employing a Zen method to prod you to realize that the assumption is actually entirely on your part — given the fact that you use the red-black-green Afro-American (also pan-Africa) flag as your avatar, which speaks to your race consciousness as a black man.

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