Hollyweird Boycott: “Our Souls At Night” starring Hanoi Jane

I will never give that traitor Hanoi Jane any of my money.

From Hollywood Reporter: Love stories are common in Hollywood, with tales of first loves even more ubiquitous.

The new film Our Souls at Night, starring Jane Fonda and Robert Redford, is a romance between two characters who have both lost their first loves and are getting a second chance later in life. “It was a movie about two old people that have an extraordinary relationship and that doesn’t come along that often,” Fonda told The Hollywood Reporter at the film’s New York premiere at The Museum of Modern Art on Wednesday night.

In the adaptation of the Kent Haruf novel of the same name, Redford and Fonda play Louis and Addie, two neighbors that have both lost their spouses. While they’ve been acquaintances for years, the two don’t get to really know each other until Addie comes knocking on Louis’ door with an unusual proposal. She asks if he is interested in sleeping with her. The request is not sexual but instead an attempt for Addie to feel less lonely at night. Louis accepts the offer and a strong bond between the two is created.

Though the characters may be older, they are not done growing as individuals. “I always saw this movie as a coming-of-age story,” director Ritesh Batra said. “Coming-of-age stories are not just for younger people.” The director believes both characters grow in the film and that every generation can experience a coming-of-age story. “I’ve been coming of age every decade in my life in a small way,” he added.

Our Souls at Night, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival, will be released in select theaters and on Netflix on Friday (Sept. 29).

Read the rest of the story here.


22 responses to “Hollyweird Boycott: “Our Souls At Night” starring Hanoi Jane

  1. Our Souls Are Missing starring Robert ‘Bad Facelifts’ Redford and Jane ‘Two Faced’ Fonda is a story of 2 over the hill has beens who unite to make a movie about Viagra, Depends and Ben Gay. Guaranteed to win awards even if it sucks and the stars don’t remember making it the day after wrap.

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  2. And they both awoke on the neighbor’s lawn finding that they had taken dumps there. End of story.

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  3. I think I would like the story better if Redford and Fonda were the two dead people.

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  4. Every now and then it’s good to read or see something that makes your blood boil, and we need a new “whipping boy” now that Ted Kennedy is dead. “Hanoi Jane” Fonda fits that bill.
    I used to give Hanoi Jane the benefit of the doubt for these reasons: Morally, it does seem she committed treason against the United States by going over to Hanoi and sitting on that Viet Cong tank. However, the Viet Nam War was not a declared war.
    But more important, she was raised by a “Godless communist,” actor Henry Fonda; She received ZERO religious instruction while young, to the best of my understanding. Long Story Short, it seems to me that she is aimless, rudderless, without an Anchor, without a Lighthouse.
    In other words, she is psychologically ANOMIC, and, spiritually, I believe she suffers from ACEDIA.
    Be that as it may, it’s time for Jane Fonda to GROW UP. Now HERE is a case where she most definitely can TAKE A KNEE, before the Blessed Sacrament, and pray to God for Salvation. But, as I once read, many years ago, that she is of a Jewish ethnic background, I am not holding my breath.
    Miss Fonda: PLEASE make a GRACEFUL EXIT and STOP asking the public—in so many ways—to provide your life some existential meaning. We cannot do that for you: ONLY GOD CAN. (And Robert Redford cannot, either).

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    • “But, as I once read, many years ago, that she is of a Jewish ethnic background, I am not holding my breath.”
      The short list is, who isn’t of a Jewish ethnic background in the ‘entertainment’ industry.
      I don’t think Fonda is anomic or suffering from acedia. That would presume a Christian ethos, which, I dare say, she doesn’t have. She operates exactly as her upbringing expects and requires, even at her advanced age. She and Red-ford are being trotted out to bring the 60s era folk back to the cinema to spend a little money, since they aren’t much for movie going anymore. It’s a retrospective to keep you spinning in a certain orbit — you know –those ‘good ol’ days’ which never actually existed, but it’s nice to think that they did when you were young and naive.
      As for Fonda and Red-ford, It’s near impossible to extricate oneself from the mishpocheh, even assuming one wishes to to do so.


        • Does seem much of hollywood is of late showing little conscience. I suppose that is the root of their talent of taking on their scripted character, or adapting to roles having values alien to their true nature or virtues.

          I think redford would be better off trying a sequel to ‘jeremiah johnson’, and may be, I don’t know, some body might want to see how barbarella is doing now.

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  5. I just finished watching Ken Burns Vietnam War documentary last night. They had a segment on Hanoi Jane. It was worse than I ever dreamed. I was only inhigh school when she did her stunt over there and I remember for so many years hearing vets say they would never forgive her. I knew little of the details at the time though, but I now know why. Those vets had such seething hatred for her. It wasn’t just the fact that she rode VC tanks for propaganda, the wench said that the American Pow’s should be tried as war criminals. She also ripped up small pieces of paper that had been slipped to her by POW’s with their names written on them. Scum of the earth, and crappy actress to boot.

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    • I believe The Traitorous Bitch actually handed over the slips of paper to the communists, rather than just tearing them up. The POWs involved then received ‘reeducation’ from their benevolent overseers.
      There’s no way to know how many lives were lost that way.
      When she finally dies nobody will ever need to water her grave. After vets get through ‘watering’ it, nothing will ever grow there.
      She’s a bitch. A worthless bitch. She belongs in Hollywood with all the other commie bastards.
      Did I mention that she’s a Bitch?

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    • We also,watched it as best we could. I was a little disappointed that Burns, being the Clinton liberal that he is, was a little easy on LBJ, Kerry, and McCain. But I had figured he would.

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      • Vietnam: A Television History– the Remake. Seriously, it was just like PBS’s best from 34 years ago (right down to Ho quoting the Declaration of Independence), only there was more of it, better production values (HD, of course) and a cool Baby Boom exploitation sound track.

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  6. I was absolutely smitten by a young British actor James Fox in the 60s that I groupied him and sat through that horrible movie called “The Chase” with Redford and Fonda.

    Well, Fox at least grew up. He walked out of Hollywood to save his soul. He came back after a decade, no longer the gorgeous dashing lead, but a mature, dignified British gentleman and a professed Christian.

    Redford and Fonda never grew up.

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  7. This last role must have been the hardest of Fonda’s life since she hasn’t had a soul for decades.

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  8. Fonda and Redford are a draw for dropping deuces; not buying movie tickets

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  9. kind of intriguing when your next door neighbor knocks on your door and ask you to have a sexual relationship with her….


  10. Just shoot the stinking traitorous commie bitch.

    Those Gook AA guns she sat smiling upon killed two people that my mom grew up with.

    And yes, I said GOOK.

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    • I’m sure you’ll get at least a couple of negative responses to this, but I personally understand completely. At another time in my life, in another place, the word ‘gook’ was actually one of the more complimentary words used.

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