Monsters: Parents tortured & killed 7 y.o. boy; fed his body to pigs

Are we in Hell yet?

In Kansas City, the bi-racial parents of a 7-year-old boy named Adrian Jones, starved, tortured, and murdered their son, then fed his body to pigs.

Tony Rizzo and Laura Bauer report for The Kansas City Star that on May 8 2017, Michael A. Jones, 46, the father of little Adrian, was sentenced to life in prison in Wyandotte County Circuit Court where he had pleaded guilty in March to first-degree felony murder in the death of his 7-year-old son. Under Kansas law, he will have to serve 25 years before he can seek parole.

Jennifer Hoevers, the woman who rented the home to Jones and his family and who found video clips and photos showing the abuse Adrian had suffered, said: “He got off light. And it makes me angry.”

Jones did not speak before he was sentenced. He did not turn and look at other speakers, including Adrian’s maternal grandmother, biological mother and older sister.

Adrian’s maternal grandmother Judy Conway had begged to see Adrian in the 3 to 4 years Jones had custody of the child. At one point in the sentencing hearing, Conway addressed Jones: “I hope for every breath you take for the rest of your life that Adrian is in your thoughts.”

In October 2016, Jones’ wife, and Adrian’s stepmother, Heather Jones, 31, pleaded guilty to first-degree murder and child abuse. She was sentenced to the same term of life in prison with no possibility of parole for 25 years for the murder conviction. She was sentenced to an additional five years and eight months in prison for the child abuse.

At Heather Jones’ sentencing, a prosecutor said the boy had essentially starved to death.

The little boy’s remains were found in November 2015 in a barn on property rented by Michael and Heather Jones in the 5200 block of North 99th Street. Police had gone to the house the day before to investigate a domestic disturbance. While there, officers learned that Adrian had not been seen in several months and might have been killed. Surveillance cameras were set up throughout the home and captured the abuse endured by Adrian for months.

During Michael Jones’ sentencing hearing, Detective Stuart Littlefield choked back tears as he described the horrific abuse that Adrian had suffered. Littlefield said he had never seen anything like it in his 23-year law enforcement career. He described how the little boy was shocked with a stun gun by his stepmother, Heather, sometimes for as long as 20 seconds. Littlefield paused for 20 seconds to illustrate how long that was, and said, “Imagine the screams of a 7-year-old boy. Twenty seconds is a very long time when you’re in agony.”

Littlefield said he was speaking not just for Adrian, but in honor of Detective Brad Lancaster, who began investigating the case before he was killed in the line of duty last year. Littlefield said, “Brad was Adrian’s champion…. Brad put everything into this case, but he was murdered before he could see it through.”

Detective Littlefield also said that he sometimes drives past other houses and wonders about other children: “Adrian is gone. We can’t change what happened, and we can’t bring him back. But we can change the future. There are children being abused right now. … We must find these children — for Adrian and for Brad.”

On August 31, 2017, Laura Bauer reports for The Kansas City Star that Adrian’s family members (grandmother Conway, biological mother and an older sister) are suing social workers in Missouri and the child welfare agency in Kansas for not removing the boy from his sadistic parents even though they knew about the abuse.

In Missouri, 10 state employees working for the Department of Social Services have been sued. In Kansas, the state and the Department for Children and Families as well as its director are named in the suit. Also named: the Family Guidance Center of St. Joseph, a Kansas City residential children’s home and workers at both.

The lawsuit says:

“They (the agencies and social workers) meticulously investigated and carefully documented every violent kick, punch, slap and injury inflicted upon A.J. (Adrian) by his sadistic father and stepmother, and generated stacks of records and reports chronicling the ceaseless, stomach-churning abuse.”

Attorney Michaela Shelton said that the only interventions consisted of having the father and stepmother sign a piece of paper “agreeing to stop torturing the child,” which is tantamount to a “pinky swear.”


34 responses to “Monsters: Parents tortured & killed 7 y.o. boy; fed his body to pigs

  1. The Social Workers & the Police that responded to earlier violence reports and did nothing but “report” = are almost as “Guilty” as the Murderers themselves.. This ambivalence by the “Officials” gave encouragement to the Murderers that “Nothing” – no consequences for any further crime.. The “Officials” are deemed “Complicit” in this murderous Crime..

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  2. Child killing by parents should be an automatic death penalty.

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    • Zorro . . . I certainly agree with that. If a parent is so lacking in paternal or maternal instinct so that they do nothing but protect the child in their care . . . they should be put to death. A life sentence where they could possibly get out after 25 years is a trifflin’ sentence. I hope that all other inmates in the institutions they are sentenced to are informed as to the egregious nature of their acts; thank goodness, many inmates will make someone convicted of crimes against children live a life of 24/7 hell.;

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    • If that were implemented, there would be so many in our government that would be gone. I would NOT be surprised if that poor little boy was the victim of satanic mind control, this happens so much more than is EVER reported (see books “Thanks for the Memories” and “Starshine” {written in novel form but experiences were true} by Brice Taylor, also “Franklin Cover up” by John DeChamp). The only positive thing here is that the poor little one is free from his evil tormentors. I would also not be surprised if his evil parents were not also mind controlled by whatever satanic cult they are in. This happens so much, it’s beyond horrific. I doubt it’s a coincidence that the detective on the case happened to die “in the line of duty”.
      These prison sentences are a JOKE!!! They should be stuck in there for the rest of their unnatural lives. If they are mind controlled, they need serious deprogramming. Many of these cult members sacrifice their own children. I’ll spare you the details of how they get rid of the evidence. This is all positively gruesome. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ for the protection of these innocent children and mind controlled slaves. Project Monarch wasn’t halted, it went underground.
      My soul weeps for the poor victims of these satanic crimes.

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    • Tens of thousands of parents do that every day around the world, but we call it “abortion” instead of “murder”.

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  3. “Child killing by parents should be an automatic death penalty.”
    Government agents allowing child killing by parents should be an automatic death penalty. A slow painful death..

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    • Agree Joe…except…I think it should be a swift AND painful death to these people: psychology( and sociology) of the human mind and behavior shows us that primacy and regency are the prime motivators in punishment serving as a “deterrent.” We’ve “evolved” to the disgusting point that a convicted child killer gets 25 years….parole in 10…..and even IF convicted to death….is able to languish in the system for 30 or 40 years for the appeals while the victim and the crime are “forgotten.” I endorse a firing squad of peers (I think Utah is the only one with this still on the books…still?)….to take place within a year of sentencing….all appeals must make that deadline and be decided, or…OH WELL….sometimes a year is LONGER than some child-abuse-victims actually LIVED and breathed on Earth.

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    • It’s simple to see that these so called “child protective’ agencies in Kansas City are all infiltrated with mind controlled satanists, and would not be surprised if the chief of police and or sheriff is in on it too. They usually place their agents in positions of power to squelch any real changes or investigations.


  4. They to the parents what they did to this little boy, an eye eye and a tooth for a tooth, our judicial system is so fucked up it is unbelievable, these two shitsticks will go to prison for the tax payers to feed and house for ever when they should be taken out and shot.or the pigs…

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    • Where I live in So CAL…. parents convicted of torturing their 2-yr-old (she is deaf now, nearly blind, neurologically damaged, was burned, whipped, beaten…she is in a “safe” house now….) were given a seemingly “light sentence” somehow—as my county jurors are wont to do……(probably b/c most people in my county are offenders of SOME KIND or another) ….MYSTERIOUSLY …back on EARTH ….in their “regular PEER” community of their neighborhood…..their home was burnt to the ground….so….EVEN if they “get out of jail free,” they have NOTHING to come back to in their same neighborhood….they will NEVER live there again. Their neighborhood “peers” without the benefit of lawyers who “weed out” “law and order citizens” from the jury pool….rendered a decision.

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      • There are boatloads of satanists in California. Read about Brice Taylor’s experiences there. But it’s not just in California, it’s all over the place.
        I knew a woman who was smack dab in the middle of a Northern Ca. satanic town, she said EVERYONE was one, even the local cops. She said when she finally realized they were readying her for being a sacrifice (apparently even the devil prefers blondes), they were giving her slow poison and disguised it as street drugs (same diff I know), she got the hell out of there, just threw her stuff into the truck, grabbed her dogs and her husband and ran. She was paranoid for years that they were after her still.


  5. Oh yeah. Let’s keep on keeping God and morality out of the public forum/venue. We are reaping what the lefties have sown for the last fifty years.

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  6. that poor child!
    cps is useless! they are only interested in stealing children with whom they can put in foster care to damage or adopt out and make bonuses…they are not interested if children are already being abused because they believe no one would want to take care of them. like everything else in this world, even cps is backwards…they traffic children, not protect them.
    the so-called “father” and step-mother received life sentences with the possibility of parole…very kind sentence.
    I would have given them life without parole in solitary confinement and have pictures of the child’s abused and severed body wallpapered all over their cells and video playing 24/7 in their cells of the abuse and murder they did to him and tell them to re-live his hell for the rest of their miserable lives.

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    • Sadly, this is correct. Cps is very corrupt, and agents gain monetary incentives for removing children from homes. Seems only on very rare occasion are they removing children from a legitimately bad situation, but like this case, leaving them with horrible excuses for parents. When they do remove kids, it is mostly from parents that have opposing views from gov’t, and the kids are placed into homes with very unsavory characters.
      Don’t get me wrong, I am quite sure there ARE those situations that are properly handled, but more often than not, they aren’t. The town I live in, with population of about 245,000, and large university, has the reputation of the worst cps in the state

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      • so much evil in this world….our only refuge is the Lord Jesus Christ

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        • Very true, both accounts. The ONLY thing that helps ease my mind on these things, is knowing these poor kids are now safe with Jesus, and won’t know further suffering. But how my very soul is pained to read/hear about such things. I can’t even begin to fathom what evil is in a person’s spirit to bring them to do such things, not only to another person, but their very own flesh and blood. I just don’t see how someone can be so vile towards such an innocent being.
          On another aspect, I fully believe and regularly state, that many or most people in the world have absolutely gone certifiably crazy. I mean truly crazy..
          About a year and half ago, 5-6 blocks from where I was living at the time, this poor young girl was very brutally killed by her dad. Neighbors stated she never fussed or cried, but on the day of incident, they heard her crying. He had repetitively beat her and slammed her against the apartment wall, even to the point of the wall caving in. Police later found him walking the streets naked and confused. He was a schizophrenic, who had previously sought help at a local mental health facility, and was denied treatment.

          I have to think that this is one of satans full onslaught attacks on innocence prior to the return of Jesus, and judgment of the world. I believe things like this will become very regular and common, even as they already becoming so…

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  7. They didn’t get enough time, and I won’t be around when they get out. Someone else will have to handle that.

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  8. every social service system and every social service employee are sick sadistic devils i spent all of my teen years in foster care and am surprised i made it out with my sanity intact i was even slept in the same room as eric huff for almost a year…..those so called social workers should really be called misery brokers because misery is there stock and trade they feed off of it and live for it i would all most say that misery is there god the more misery they generate the more evil/power full they become ….look at the power they weild they have there own corrupt little court system and can decide who is a good witness or a hostile witness{ hostile by the way is code for a truth teller or some one who would damage there case by polluting the trial with the truth thus poisoing the outcome in their oppinion…}but they are inus like a gigantic tick allmost completely bereid under our skin so it will be a painfull process to be rid of of them…..

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    • God’s blessings upon you Ray Jones. I pray for every child in our corrupt and evil cps systems: God please watch over and protect your little lambs. A millstone around the neck and an eternity in hell for every person who harms one of your precious children.

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    • You should write a book. Seriously. Sometimes writing things can be therapeutic too. I’m so so sorry you had to become involved with those evil things, I can’t even imagine being at their mercy. And then thinking of all these innocent children and babies in their clutches.
      Just pray to God to help you and all these poor victims.

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  9. This makes me recall a conversation with a friends father, who was a forensic psychiatrist for the State of New York. He was called in to interview and report on perpetrators of horrendous crimes against children and serial killers as well. I naively as a college student (former) atheist asked if there was one thing they all had in common. He looked at me squarely and said, there was only one thing, The Devil.

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  10. To keep this comment short and civilly acceptable, they should be taken out and shot!

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  11. The only possibly punishment for anyone that kills a child should be death by slow torture.

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  12. For the State that hanged “In Cold Blood” murderers Hickock & Perry, I cannot understand why this Kansas judge did not sentence both Michael A. & Heather Jones to the same. Hopefully, Jailhouse Justice shall rule.

    Here in New York, the remains of a sexually abused and starved little girl were found in 1991. NYPD detectives vowed never to rest until “Baby Hope’s” killers were found. It took 22 years, but they found at least one of the killers of little Angelica Cristillo.

    Crimes like these cripple the judgment of the ordinary man—but not God’s, whose Vengeance upon the unrepentant Shall be swift. May God Rest the souls of little Adrian and Officer Lancaster, and little Angelica.

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    • I remember in the late 80s a little girl was tortured and killed by her adoptive “parents” and this song was written for her:
      “Dear Mr. Jesus – Child Abuse (Viewer Discretion Advised)”

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      • This was about little 7-year-old Lisa Steinberg, illegally adopted by psychopathic monster (and lawyer) Jeff Steinberg, who beat the poor girl to death. Due to some glitch in the law or its administration, he served a maximum of 15 years in jail before being released.

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        • Probably working for Obama or Roy Epstein or Clintons or Podesta or….


        • thank you Steven. I could not recall the poor little girl’s name.
          What a shame he only received 15 years in prison for what he did to that child!


          • Not trying to belittle this incident at all, but also just to show how screwed up this world is (as if none of us knew already)…
            One of my coworkers told me yesterday, a family incident that took place. Her nephew walked in at home to find his stepdaughter engaged in inappropriate activity with a boy (boyfriend, I am assuming) and told her that he was going to tell her mom (his wife) about it. Well, apparently the daughter turned tables on him instead and told her mom that he had been molesting her. So now he is sitting in jail, waiting for it all to be sorted out.

            in general, as parents, we are and have, failed our children on so many levels. Too many people don’t see, understand, nor care. I honestly believe there are very few years left of this world, but what will this world look like after all of innocence (and innocents) has been wiped from the face of the earth?

            The New Testament indicates prior to Jesus’ return, the love of most will grow cold. I think we are getting near to that.
            I think it was about 3 yrs ago, this man killed his very young son (18 months I think) for somehow interrupting his watching of tv football. People have become so self absorbed to such an extent, they will do even things like that… Surely God’s righteous judgment can’t be far off.


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  14. Dr. E, I’m not positive, but I SWEAR I saw that photo of that Heather Jones before. It’s been awhile but I swear I saw her in a line up photo online before, maybe on yahoo.


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