Baby butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Enterprise Rent-A-Car

kristen bell

Libtard actress Kristen Bell is a big supporter of baby butchers Planned Parenthood. She is also very vocal about her disdain for President Trump.

She starred in a TV show called “Veronica Mars.”

In April she stated that she knows how her fictional character would “take down Donald Trump.” From my post:

“When we sat down with Kristen Bell earlier this month, she revealed exactly how her alter ego would react to Trump — and her plan of action for unseating him from power.  “Veronica would definitely fly smart and under the radar and infiltrate,” Bell told The Huffington Post. “She would run for office immediately.”

Remember, Veronica always stood up for the underdog and called out injustice where she saw fit. Whether it was exposing corruption in the Neptune Sheriff’s Department or outsmarting her privileged 09er classmates, if there’s anyone who could go toe-to-toe with 45, it’s Veronica.

Joking that a Trump-inspired storyline might be the perfect fit for the series’ long-awaited next chapter, Bell quipped, “That’s a good idea. Oh, my god, that’s very topical.” 

Bell is also a rabid anti-gunner. She ALWAYS tweets nasty words for the NRA, gun owners, and republicans after any gun incident (oddly, she doesn’t tweet about the regular shootings in Chiraq).

This TDS-infected actress is now representing Enterprise Rent-A-Car. Watch her commercial here.

Remember that next time you rent a car!


7 responses to “Baby butcher supporter Kristen Bell shilling for Enterprise Rent-A-Car

  1. Tell Enterprise why you won’t be renting cars from them. Here’s their contact form:

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  2. Why would I even bother to look at the commercial. Never saw her show and I think I heard her name once. As for enterprise. I will certainly avoid patronizing their business. And even if they fire her I want them to know, that for making that decision in the first place, I won’t be coming back. Other vendors should take notice. In advance.

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  3. Kristen Bell is clueless, ignorant, and useless. She lives in a toxic bubble.

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  4. Shame and disgust upon “Enterprise Rent-A-Car”. May they experience their due deserts.

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  5. Perhaps Enterprise is the ‘preferred conveyance’ for trafficked body parts coming out of Planned Parenthood torture chambers?

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  6. Her shit-eating grin says it all.

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