Size 26 Tess Holliday leads an army of curvy models at London Fashion Week to promote “body positivity”

tess holliday

Tess Holliday promoting “body positivity”

Feminism is not a girl’s friend. There is nothing, absolutely nothing, “positive” about being obese.

Tess Holliday is 5’5” and weighs 260 pounds, according to  Per the CDC BMI calculator, her BMI is 43.3she is obese. Her normal weight range should be 111 to 150 pounds. How in the world did having almost 50 percent body fat become celebrating “body positivity?” Make. It. Stop.

From Daily Mail: Women ranging from a size 10 all the up to a 26 have walked the runway to kick off London Fashion Week in what is being hailed as its first ever ‘curve catwalk’.

With the average UK size a 16, fashion bosses have regularly come under fire for casting waif-like models to advertise their clothes.

But on Thursday evening, seven women of all shapes and sizes took to the stage to showcase their wildly different body shapes in Simply Be’s ‘size inclusive fashion show’ – wearing t-shirts emblazoned with their dress sizes across their chests.

Among them were size 26 model Tess Holliday and size 22 Callie Thorpe, both of whom have been outspoken about the plus-size debate in the past.

Holliday was this week forced to defend herself after being accused of ‘promoting obesity’ during an appearance on Loose Women.

The mother-of-two, from Mississippi, said: ‘No one is celebrating obesity, I am celebrating being the first model my size in the world to be in an industry where everyone said I couldn’t. I am celebrating existing in my body and loving myself, when everybody said I wasn’t worth anything.’

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24 responses to “Size 26 Tess Holliday leads an army of curvy models at London Fashion Week to promote “body positivity”

  1. As more and more Americans get fatter and fatter, we can expect the “fashion” industry more and more to cater to them because they want to make $.

    But it’s one thing for the “fashion” industry to make attractive clothing for fat and obese women who complain there aren’t attractive plus-size clothes, and another thing entirely for the industry to flatter those women by portraying obesity as something good. It isn’t.

    Extra weight takes a huge toll on health, increasing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease, stroke, many types of cancer, sleep apnea, senile dementia, and other debilitating and chronic illnesses.

    The medical consequences of extra weight greatly add to U.S. health costs. An obese person costs an average of $1,400 more in medical expenses a year than someone who is at a healthy weight. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that medical-related costs of obesity may be as high as $147 billion a year, or roughly 9% of medical expenditures.

    Lastly, obesity is an offense against God: He didn’t make us that way.

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  2. Interesting. Or maybe I should say FINALLY!!!! My first thought is that even the size 10 in this article would not be allowed on a regular normal fashion show, not because of her arm, but because she is simply to large in the hips. Is she fat? Not by a long shot. I was a size 16 in my teens and weighed approximately 135 lbs. Was I fat? No, maybe a little over weight but not fat. Then I dropped about ten lbs. and could wear a size 12 pant or skirt but I still had to wear a size 14 top to cover up my chest and to have blouses that were long enough in the sleeves. Of course all that changed with age and pregnancy. Now I am fat, don’t care, and just keep purchasing larger clothing. We can’t all be the size of Barbie. In fact they have proven that Barbie is an impossibility. Hey a lot of us women have known that for many years. Does that mean I approve of Tess’ gold velour dress? Nope, it would have been much prettier had it had more length to it and more fullness. For those women who would wear it, more power to you. May the Lord have mercy. PS: I have known this lady all my life whose top weight was maybe 110 and that was probably when she was pregnant and very short. Not sure if she is even 5′. She has been on high blood pressure medication for well over forty+ years (she is 91 now) and is now on dyalasis (she goes three times a week to have her kidneys flushed) because of taking blood pressure medication for so long it ruined her kidneys. She also had and still has heart problems. The nursing home insists that she weigh at least 100 lbs. and when she drops below they force food on her. Were her health issues caused by being over weight? Nope.

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    • Good grief, MA in MO. No one, surely not I, ever said ALL health problems are due to obesity, or that being thin is a guarantee of good health. But we have a mountain of evidence that being overweight is linked to a whole host of illnesses. To ignore that and then deliberately confuse the issue by bringing up your thin, sickly friend, is to do everyone — including you — a disservice.

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  3. When did models become ugly and tattooed?

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    • It’s progressive or something…

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    • DAH! Zorro….in CA when did all the mothers, fathers, instructional aides, campus security, and half the teachers….become UGLY AND TATTOED??? That’s what I SEE every day around me…and then, ….I overhear the kids in my art classes discussing it all the time…as in….”When I’m 18 I’m going to get the same tattoo that my mom has…..etc etc….”

      Back when I was so young and “innocent” socially and religiously….I agonized over PIERCING MY EARS when I was a jewelry designer /salesperson for a nationwide jewelry firm…..I THOUGHT I should display the jewelry that I promoted/designed/sold! BUT, I agonized about my body being a temple to the Lord….that I would arrive unto my God one day upon the death of my Earthly body, with an “alteration” upon his creation……

      I just don’t “GET IT” today about all this body altering—tatoos, sex changes, “trans-genus” tatooing….so on , ad nauseum….ANy one besides me think that we’ve gone WAY BEYOND Sodom and Gomorrah….ready for the final “blast” (from whence-ever it comes?)


      • Personally I think its a cult of mutilation. It also is a way to join others in a belief that their God-given bodies are worthless I notice this a lot lately with homely girls. They could improve their looks but instead, they exaggerate their faults in order to shock.

        Sorry if this is hard to read. I’m still chasing the text all over the page because of the ad.


  4. Fat Power!! (That’s pretty much it… )

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  5. People like her force me to stay trim because blubber looks good only on a whale. Obese people are a problem to airlines and other travel. Even vehicles are not made for obese folks. They just make excuses for their obesity. I was a fat kid and my mother put me on a diet, glad she did. Took 3 days for my crying to stop because my stomach required lots of food. Now, I have remained tiny from then to now. I have had no health issues and when I see obese people I realize how awful I looked. I am 71 and wear a size 2 or 4, thanks mom. These people suffer big time in summer heat making normal people freeze because the a/c is too high. I feel sorry for them because this is quite suicide.

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    • Three days to stop crying?😞 That’s so sad, but yes sometime that kind of tough love has to happen. I use to be a size 2 to 4. Now I’m 8 to 10. Just a few too many snacks on my part. The good thing about being your level of skinny is it offers some leeway before you fall into the fat range, so it can’t just sneak up on you like a size 8or 10 can.

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  6. 260? No. 360? Possibly.

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  7. Besides the obvious social re-engineering going on, I don’t know how people this heavy can clean their backside properly.

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    • At 300 lbs: “To wipe my butt it takes every inch of my arm. The flap of skin/fat hanging over my privates gets moisture under it and then it grows yeast and the skin just rolls off. It is very hard to clean under it enough. It is a self imprisonment.”

      650 lb. 16-year-old: “I can’t walk. My life is basically me sitting in bed, eating. I can only move my arms and head. I am physically unable to move my legs or body…. Defecating is hard. Since I can’t get up to go, I have to just go in my bed. Getting it out is the hard part. I have to push very hard because my butt is so large that the waste gets stuck sometimes. After that, I can’t clean it myself, because I can’t move. I have to get my parents to lift up one of my legs and clean it. The waste sometimes stays there for days, or weeks. When I urinate, it’s essentially the same.”

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  8. As I have shared in the past, my late Mother suffered from life-long obesity. It is a real medical condition with real-life consequences. (Mom lost over 80 pounds thanks to a cognitive-behavioral program called TOPS, Taking Off Pounds Sensibly, and kept it off for the last eight years of her life.) She was not as obese as Holliday here, but she was obese.
    I do commismerate with Holliday: She is entitled to her self-respect, and I am not necessarily against obese people having their day in the Sun, also. However, she must learn everything she can about proper nutrition, and that would include watching her simple carbohydrate intake (the Main Villain here) and proper supplement intake—essential for successful weight maintenance and continued good health.

    That being said, I have a peculiar disdain for many obese people I have in my Uber or see on the street. Every day I turn my head, only to see someone built like a planet. It is grotesque. Do they know what to do, or is the effort to win their battle seemingly not worth it? That being said, again, I am not against these people; But I am against the politicization of fashion (and everything else). Holliday is not a cause of the politicization of fashion; I would say she is a casualty.

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  9. What seems truly audacious to me, is that these women refer to their condition as being “curvy”. Marilyn Monroe was curvy…these women have rolls, and lots of them.

    Have all these people been brainwashed? Are they mind controlled? A little of both, perhaps? They all use the same language, the same idiotic reasoning, and all have the same blank faces. And they expect, or rather, demand, everyone to think the same way they do.

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  10. Let’s stop calling morbidly obese women, “curvy”, OK? Love yourself, but don’t lie to yourself.

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  11. These obese people suffer the very saddest form of delusion. They feel they need to reinterpret the world’s definition of “Beauty” so THEY can convince themselves they’re beautiful. They need to accept the reality of their bei8ngs and,if not losing weight,develop OTHER parts of themselves that can help them feel worthwhile-their sense of humor,their charm,integrity,intelligence,skills,talents,knowledge,friendliness. Many of us value THOSE characteristics FAR more than a slim body.

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  12. She can strut and bloviate all she wants but basically men are hardwired to seek out a female who would be physically capable of bearing children. That elemental need excludes the women who are less likely to continue the species due to certain abnomalities such as excessive fat. Call it for what it is; fat girls want easy access to free sex and are frustrated that they don’t have it. This will take a couple of 1000 years of reconditioning.

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  13. She looks like ‘The Bride Of Michelin Man’…….
    Theme music would be ‘The World Turned Upside Down’……
    just the way the libs want it.


  14. This is like everything else in their social engineered plan. Instead of admitting your sickness and seeking help, they “declare” it to be acceptable and demand that everyone else agree.

    It’s the same for the gender confusion invention. Trust me, if you have female parts, you’re a female. Get over it.

    The antidote to this is people standing up to them and saying “I don’t care what you say, you’re nuts”.


  15. My opinion: what else can you do when your that weight other than ppl ogle at you? Seriously…instead of being ogled at without getting paid for it, might as well have a large platform and talk body positivity, get ogled at while wearing “high” fashion. She is capitalizing off this movement since now there are ppl willing to watch and listen.


  16. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This young women (26) has a beautiful face – but tattoo’s detract. And spend less time on her face and devote more time to shedding the pounds.


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  17. Another mad step which might deter some folk from taking steps to improve their health. These people should think about the damage they are doing


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