Black man agrees with President Trump on ‘SOB’ NFL players

I love this man!

His name is Henry Davis.

And here’s a bonus, equally good video — from the inimitable Paul Joseph Watson. (Language warning!)

H/t FOTM‘s bongiornoc and Clash America

See also “NFL rules say players should stand for national anthem; ratings drop“.


37 responses to “Black man agrees with President Trump on ‘SOB’ NFL players

  1. NFL Rapey Roster…

    There Are 44 NFL Players Who Have Been Accused of Sexual or Physical Assault

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  2. Where is everyone “taking a knee” for all the aborted babies, some 60 million of them? Oh Yeah, they’ve been out there, outside the abortuaries, praying the Rosary and getting assaulted by pro-choicers and police, and the news media has better things to do than report on it.
    Kapernick is most likely angry at the fact that his mother is WHITE.

    But I see the Game of Cultural Marxism going on here, and it’s funded by George Soros and cheered on by Hillary Clinton.
    The only knee Soros, Clinton and Kapernick, et al., should take is a good solid one TO THE GROIN. Ditto John McCain for sabotaging a second (and most likely last) attempt to repeal Obamacare.
    So which is worse—the learned criminals who fund and encourage this, or the DEMENTED CRETINS who do what those learned criminals want them to do?

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  3. Well, now we have proof that the State religion is football (BIHN). There is hope outside of sports. My dog fetches. That’s OK with me, she’s a dog. I suppose, however, that if people keep ignoring what’s going on around them, they’ll be cattle soon. Do cattle fetch?

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  4. Am I mistaken in thinking that black players should instead be taking a knee to ask forgiveness for the grossly disproportionate rate of black-on-white crime in America?

    Professional sports in America are about the most polished form of mind control yet developed, as white and black fans alike will internalize this amazingly grotesque distortion of reality and so yield up a significant part of their identity.

    What argument is there against there being near-perfect mind control when (according to reliable analysis) there are less than 11 minutes of NFL play action in a 3 hour 12 minute telecast? Jackass crackerbarrel commentary insults the viewer throughout. And then there are nearly 50 minutes of commercials (incl the 2 min of in-game promos) in which reality is again grotesquely inverted by portraying typical white American males as feckless irresponsible jackasses, while women, blacks, and especially Asians are portrayed as the strong-willed, competent replacement and future face of America.

    Any man who would sit through 3 hours 12 minutes to watch less than 11 minutes of play is already so brainwashed that apparently no level of insult registers. Think of it–some men watch two games on Sunday to see less than 22 minutes of “action” during which muscle bound apes in Spandex chase a ball around the field. Real men are doers, not voyeurs.

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    • Amen to that. Living your life vicariously as a spectator is not for those who really love life. Besides, these little dramas are nothing more than contrived “race problems” for use politically. It’s obvious.

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  5. I like the Paul Joseph Watson video-he’s far enough from the action to really SEE what’s going on and say it in REAL (non-PC) language..

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  6. There is always going to be some Uncle Tom; coon; buck dancer or house slave around


    • True George
      Sounds very racist to me, maybe he’s just a dude who sees things as they really are and not like the perpetual victims of failure who dont know how to put a mirror to their face when looking for someone to blame……………..

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      • Perhaps it does sound racist…..
        The protest is not about the flag it is about the right not to be targeted and brutalized because a cop is pissed off…..


        • How do you explain Chicago? Or Detroit? Baltimore? All black on black murders.

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          • Poverty breeds violence another subject altogether


            • In many cases, but your self-serving point runs both ways, as the violence and incivility of too many inner city blacks is the root cause of their poverty, which isn’t actual poverty at all, and not the other way around.

              Inner city blacks like any people can rise above this savage state, but it’s the Democrats and those who control the media, music, and film business who very much believe blacks are inferior and intend on keeping them so as political cannon fodder.

              The greatest fear our perception handlers have is that we wake up and come together as Christians regardless of race.

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              • Perhaps not, perhaps..nowadays there is still an opportunity to get out of poverty but the individual have to have the mind set a plan of action and to follow through with those plans….. that can be developed through the attitude and outlook; many Teachers and those in a youngster’s life can help with that until the person can start to think for themselves, then they make their life’s choices….
                Now those who are a product generational welfare and depend of gov’t usually are the ones who follow the same cycle. I’m learning that some Democratic agenda doesn’t work in the long run. Family planning centers are murder factories. Gov’t give the female the say so and cuts the male figures out of children’s lives
                I’m also learning that Christianity have been used to destroy the black family; Islamic families are more united and in general Muslim people have more unity….


                • Oh but yes, by all means…Muslim families are so much more united. What, with all those honor killings they promote. The family that slays together, stays together.

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                • You just outed yourself.


                • I’m curious about your comment, uh, why do you think Christianity has been used to destroy the black family? If you read “The Rockefeller File” by Gary Allen, the devil worshipping Rockefellers are the ones who implemented the welfare system, and they are pure evil and they’re not Christians! They knew ahead of time what would happen. That’s why they paid UNMARRIED women to have babies and get welfare, especially in the early days of it. It destroys the family. Christianity is about PRESERVING the family. Islam is about DIVIDING the family. Look at the women, they’re treated like PROPERTY in muslim majority countries. They can’t even DRIVE. And that whole Saudi ‘let women drive’ is just eyewash. They sexually mutilate their boys and girls. They make women cover up. Have you read the Koran? Check out They’ll explain the numerous contradictions of it. Have you read the Bible? I urge you to, because Jesus Christ did not advocate the deaths of those who do not believe. Mohammed was different, he did. And he was a warlord. I hope you can find the way out of the wrong path that is Islam. Look on youtube and see the interviews of those who were not Christians and see what Near Death Experiences they had! Even muslim fighters and killers who had NDE’s converted to Christianity as soon as they had the chance.
                  I hope you do too, for your own soul’s sake. May the Lord show you the way to the real truth.

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                  • I’ve haven’t read the Rockefeller file but I will….
                    Yes Mohammad army went around converting by force and expelled the Jews from Medina. It’s been a while since I looked at
                    For the record I’m not Muslim; I’m just making an observation. I am in close contact with Christians, Muslims and Jews and I can tell you the fundamentalists from all three are the same; treat women like property, the women have to dress modest, and all three claim to preserve the family. The one thing that separates Muslims is that millions prey at the same time facing the same direction….lots of energetic focus that can do a lot if focus on one goal (but that’s another matter).
                    Look at the history of this country and see what was done under the name of Christianity there you will have the answer to the question you posed….


            • Thanks True—and there’s something else going on here in the evaluation of national education—teachers, schools…etc… that NO ONE pays attention to or acknowledges…..ALL THE FAILING national “TEST GRADES” no MATTER what governmental admin./party in office & their “Timely” “program of the day,” no matter what measure, no matter what “ism” promoted…..ALL of the failing grades are related ONLY TO POVERTY….not to teacher preparation, not to geography, not to expertise of teachers (new to old), not to distriibution of ability (IQ)….but ONLY AND ALWAYS ONLY to the poverty level of the participants in the testing. The Feds and the psychologists and sociologists etc etc have known this for half a century. In my experience of a lifetime of teaching in the public schools of America in many situataions…mostly poor in CA….I can say that the TONS of money poured into, OR NOT, our public education systems can not, never will, conquer the poverty OF poor parenting, poor economy, poor culture in the homes of my students.

              You want a personal example…just to make sure I’m not “spouting off” in an area that I’ve never experienced” My husband and I once LIVED in the ghetto in which we worked….he , a licensed psychologist, for “Volunteers of American” and ME as a teacher down the street elementary school in our GHETTO housing area. A child in our own apartment building was a student in my school and I ended up turning his mother into social services b/c he fell asleep daily in my room….he was underfed, fragile, & I found through contact in our building that mother was NOT spending her welfare check on her water/sewage bills…or food…or much other…( my student was using a child’s plastic pool for a bathroom) but, instead, to buy her boyffriend “mag wheels” for his muscle car……amongst other things.

              I don’t know if I could do the same “time” today as I did back then..I had an infant child of my own at the time….later, I added my second child…..I could not live in the “ghetto” now…….although, I think I do it in a different way (I’ve stood up against ADA law violations in my school—which ended up in administrative changes…..). But, all the same….I totally understand that poverty breeds the multiple problems that we wrestle with in our ed. system today—and beyond…..AND….I AM NOT STUPID….I DO NOT THINK THAT THROWING MONEY AT THIS PROBLEM WILL CURE IT…..only ACCOUNTABILITY of the PARENTS of these kids will make results….you can NOT give these irresponsible people MONEY without giving them the same sort of “benchmarks” that we require of our teachers and students in the public ed. system…..

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              • Thank you for the validation and from what you described what that mother was doing I’m glad that you made the call, that mother was very neglectful. Personally I thing too much money is spent on schools and not enough is spent to help people turn their lives around. Then again the person is the only one who can do it if they choose too.
                Most people want a good living environment for their children, you were right to leave the ghetto behind…..

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        • “The protest is not about the flag”

          Then don’t use the National Anthem as the instrument of their protest. Protest “police brutality” on their own time and place. The players are employees of a private business. As such, they have no right to protest about their pet peeve on company time and before TV cameras, making millions of TV viewers and ticket-payers in sports stadiums their captive audience.

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          • actually the National Anthem is the very instrument used as a protest. Remember Jimi Hendrex used it at Woodstock to protest the Vietnam War. Plus employees of a private company has every right to protest, not only for better working conditions also to protest against the company’s political stance….millions of dollars at stake, then the company better start making sound decisions or risk losing profit; but there are some things more important then profit…..


            • Yeah, that Hendrix protest via his guitar was courageous. Took so much out of him, no doubt. My guess is the LSD helped him as an instrument.

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            • You have committed a logical fallacy.

              The fact that Jimi Hendrix misused the National Anthem to protest doesn’t mean that doing so is legitimate. He, like the NFL players, are all in error.

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              • Jackie Robinson wrote this in his autobiography “As I write this twenty years later, I cannot stand and sing the anthem. I cannot salute the flag;…..”
                It is legit the real error is that there is no national unity if a segment of the population feel they have targets on their backs for authorities to abuse….


                • “a segment of the population feel they have targets on their backs”

                  A “feeling” unsupported by empirical evidence. From the New York Times:

                  “arguments suggest that the use of deadly force by police officers unfairly targets blacks. All that is needed are the numbers to prove it.

                  But those numbers do not exist. And because of that, the current national debate over the role of race in police killings is being conducted more or less in a vacuum…. Without reliable numbers, the conventional wisdom is little more than speculation. Indeed, some recent research suggests that it may not even be correct: One study of police data in St. Louis concluded that black and white officers were equally likely to shoot African-American suspects, while another experiment found that both officers and civilians in simulated situations hesitated significantly longer before firing at black suspects than they did at whites….

                  ‘The notion that cops want to shoot anybody is a lot of baloney,’ said Dr. Klinger, who has interviewed some 300 officers involved in shootings. ‘But white officers are much more reticent to shoot a black man than a white man because, all things being equal, they know the social context in which they’re operating.’

                  By that theory, officers are more careful when confronting black suspects because they know a fatal shooting will open them to controversy.”


                  • The question is do the various Police Departments be willing to be part of a study? Until a study is done then there will never be numbers to support the allegation. But if you’re talking raw numbers it shows more whites being shot by cops then blacks. But it just isn’t killings it is abuse (beaten up, most likely to be stopped..etc)
                    No I don’t believe a Cop starts the day with the agenda to kill someone, but on some videos it shows Cops escalate a situation instead of de-escalating it….
                    I really don’t have the answers…..


  7. I will never be convinced that black people are serious about all of this white privilege and black victimhood until they stop killing their babies and each other.

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    • I agree. It isn’t going to get fixed. Think about that a moment. Is Whitey supposed to ride in there and put everything “right”? What would that look like if it were even possible?

      From their perspective it would mean being able to be as lawless and unruly as they liked with no consequences. No one is forcing them to kill each other or anyone else. It isn’t anyone’s fault but theirs.

      How is Whitey going to fix it when Whitey can’t even fix that gaggle of snowflakes? They are all in a rush to sell their souls to Satan for the NWO. No, I say we just strengthen the society we have. If they want to become productive members of it, fine. If not, they suffer the same consequences as anyone else. No exceptions.

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  8. Fix the feral, 3rd world, violent lifestyle. Get married, have kids and raise them and stop blaming everyone else. This country has been completely transformed to offer you every imaginable opportunity and somehow you still can’t get off the collective starting block. Live a reasonably disciplined, responsible life and you more than likely will do just fine in these great United States. Take a look at the old Chris Rock routine about how to avoid being jacked up by the police. It’s almost painful to watch.

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  9. I think that the status of the NFL as being “non profit” (tax exempt) is BULLSH*T too.

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