Because feelings: “Non Gender” option could be added to Washington state birth certificate


The article mentions how this would be beneficial to intersex people, which is true. Yet we know darn well this is about satisfying the transgender agenda.

From Seattle Times: Washington natives soon might be able to change the gender designation on their birth certificates to one that is neither male nor female. Call it gender X or the more clinical term: nonbinary.

Currently, people born in Washington can request a new birth certificate indicating a gender different from the one recorded at their birth on the original certificates.

They can switch genders on their licenses but only between male and female. If the state Department of Health’s proposed rule changes go into effect, there will be another box to check beyond M or F.

The state is in the first stages of proposing a nonbinary option for people who feel they are neither male nor female or both.  “What we are trying to do is just have birth certificates align with people’s gender identity,” said the department’s Christie Spice.

On Aug. 22 the Health Department filed paperwork to begin the process. The rule changes would:

  • Formalize the procedure for changing gender designation on birth certificates.
  • Create a “Change of Gender Designation” request form similar to the one used by the state Department of Licensing.
  • Establish a list of medical and mental health providers who can attest to the gender change.
  • Add an option for a “nonbinary” sex designation.

The Health Department periodically reviews rules, Spice said. Officials recently reviewed procedures surrounding changing gender designation on birth certificates. They thought they could improve the process.“And at the same time we were getting growing requests and interest from the public about having options for sex designation,” Spice said.

The changes would not affect birth certificates issued to newborns. It’s only for individuals waiting to change their own certificates and would apply only to people born in Washington.

Seth Kirby, director of Tacoma’s Oasis Youth Center, said many of the transgender young people his center counsels deal with paperwork that has gender designations, from school records to medical forms.

Having those forms match their gender identity is important to them, he said. “Often we’re asked the question, ‘How would I go about doing this?’ And it really varies from state to state, country to country,” Kirby said. “So having clarity about the process is always useful.”

Adding a nonbinary option would be useful as well, he said. “That’s a tool and a resource that people then can rely on as they think about the steps in their process,” Kirby said.

The Family Policy Institute of Washington plans to oppose the proposed rule, said the group’s policy director, Chris Plante. “A person’s gender, in nearly 100 percent of people, is binary, determined at conception by the individual’s biology,” Plante said. “To ensure integrity in our public records, official documents ought to reflect this biological reality.”

Gender identity does not refer to sexual orientation or to people with indeterminate gender. Some people are born as intersex, meaning they are neither female nor male or they have biological elements of both. Sometimes genitals are ambiguous. In other cases, intersex individuals can have internal or chromosomal elements that make them different from males or females. The state has a process to note intersex newborns on birth certificates, Spice said.

A recent poll for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender advocacy group GLAAD found that 12 percent of millennials identified as something other than male or female.

Louie Borgen has a Washington birth certificate that lists the 19-year-old’s gender as female. “I’m uncomfortable with the fact that is says female,” Borgen said. “I don’t identify as female.”

Borgen presents as what many people would describe as male in appearance. “I feel like if I had to pick male or female, I would pick male but that feels just as scary and weird as picking female,” Borgen said.

The Tacoma native and restaurant worker would welcome a nonbinary option. “I would be just as uncomfortable with having (a birth certificate) saying male as female,” Borgen said. “A nonbinary option would be awesome.”

Theo Calhoun, 20, is a University of Washington Tacoma student. Born on a U.S. military base in Germany, Calhoun’s birth certificate reads female. Calhoun describes their gender as trans masculine. Though the new rule would not apply to them, Calhoun would choose the nonbinary option. “I think that would be awesome — very ideal,” Calhoun said.

If the state adopts a nonbinary option, it would be a stamp of approval, Calhoun said. “It feels important to see nonbinary reflected in a formal way,” Calhoun said. And, “For other people to see that nonbinary people exist in the world.”

The Emerald Ridge High School graduate saw themself as nonbinary even before they heard the term. “I can remember being in high school and understanding that there were straight people and gay people and then feeling like no one like me really exists,” Calhoun said. “I thought I was the only one who felt the way I felt.”

Calhoun considered changing the gender designation on their driver’s license to male. “I have all the paperwork to do it but I haven’t sent it in yet,” Calhoun said, “because it doesn’t quite feel right.”

Read the rest of the story here.


27 responses to “Because feelings: “Non Gender” option could be added to Washington state birth certificate

  1. Okay-what’ll they do if EVERYONE chooses the third choice? No longer will Law Enforcement be able to use Gender as a descriptive tool for identifying suspects or “people of interest” in investigations. By nature,the information on your Drivers License is ALL verifiable by specific documents or public records;How would they verify/prove THIS? I think they need to just stick to the GENETICALLY PROVABLE options. Maybe the reason there’s such a struggle to force America to embrace the un-natural as natural is because it’s just WRONG to slap God in the face like this. To restate the obvious,it’s my belief that people should be who they are,through their Genetics,NOT through what they FEEL like they are on a given day. There MUST be a REASON people are identifiable by their Genetic make up,which,so far,cannot be altered.

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  3. This reminds me of the old joke about a job application. On one line it said “Sex ?”. The applicant answered; “Yes, but with some animosity”.

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  4. Seattle driving things…

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  5. I was just in Seattle Monday. Saw lots of snow flakes. It’s too early for snow.

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  6. Non gender. Is that a thing, instead of a human?

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  7. We have to stop with this insanity and enabling those with some mental problems to control the rest of us. We are not doing them any favors and we are certainly making things so much harder to run the country. We have to have a way to indentify people’s original birth sex.
    By giving them so much voice instead of ignoring them, they are becoming powerful. Many young think this is just a current fad they need to participate in.
    People need to pull up their big boy pants and stop this now.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I think you have hit on the crux of this matter. A very few people who are unfortunately mentally disturbed are controlling the masses. It is a phenomenon that will not stop just there, there will always be another envelope to push!


  8. ‘How stupid can you get?’ is a question, not a challenge.
    Pull down your pants or lift up your dress. Take a look. Are you an innie or an outie. That should be the ONLY definition.


  9. Just don’t understand the point of trying to pacify these nuts. I guess, just to many of em done been allowed a free rein.


    • Well Kevin, I actually think this is by design. If we are constantly responding to idiocy like this they are effectively in charge. The Global Odor boys and girls are running their social engineering programs on full-tilt boogey.

      The more chaos, discord and confusion the better for them. They have ready participants in this generation that they’ve raised and nurtured. They are idiots. They don’t care. What is important to them is belonging and acceptance. They don’t even care that what they claim to want (actually their owner’s want), makes no logical sense.


  10. These “people” desire to,be “special” and “different”. Mommy and daddy told them they were so they are!
    Tattoos and piercings were the “thing” 20 years ago. Then everyone had one or two or twenty. No one was special, they had to find a new way to stand out, be special.
    How does one get attention?
    Be edgy, hop on the gender fluid bandwagon!
    Get all the attention you deserve!


  11. I just filled in a health form and it had four boxes under ‘gender’ – one was non binary or no gender …. Other than the obvious ridiculousness that post modernism leads too, this being on a health form was comical, they say they ask what gender (should be sex) because men and women are different, and have different health needs, so these details need to be recorded because these different health needs have funding in different areas and need to be tracked, quantified, pondered over, make lots more beauracracy for. But if now gender is now a feeling, how do you separate those health needs, do different feelings have different health needs? Do feelings grow a prostrate or a cervix at will?

    A side note, on the same form it asked for ethnic group, labelled oddly, I’m in New Zealand and it looked like this
    Other European
    Other Asian
    Other Pacific Islands

    What is Other anything? I’m sure this is a “lets fawn over indigenous people cause it suits our agenda at the moment” narrative.

    I am curious to know what kind of boxes Americans have on their forms?

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    • Oh, it’s the same here. Multiple “definitions” if you will. Usually “white” or “Caucasian” are at the extreme bottom (in the shame area). I have always been sensitive to these assaults and their devious nature. I have never seen so many of them in so many different situations and places as I do now.

      They truly are pulling out all the stops in an effort to redefine our future.


  12. Same kinda crap here but multiply it by 50 states, 3,033 counties and 33 city-county governments. Each with their own agenda. The big cities New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit and a few others account for the looniest behavior. Delete them, and Crime, Sexual Devience, Poverty, Welfare, etc. would effectively be halved for the rest of the country. Hell, you could almost do that if you gave Califailure (or the people at least) to mexico.


  13. This current social environment reminds me of nazi Germany in the late 20’s/early 30’s gender confusion. Joel Gray portrayed this period perfectly. I wonder how e-harmony and match are adapting to this environment?


  14. Today a 7th-grader entering my classroom muttered to another student in a conversation that I overheard…” Sexual preference is open to choice, it is not a “set” situation.” Hmmmm.

    Sorry for my rigidity on this…but, XX is not able to become XY…or visa versa…NO MATTER WHAT modern plastic surgery can or will do. I am so glad that I raised my kids already….and it was before all this sexual fluidity .,..and that I don’t give a fat rat’s ARSE about this present socially-created “situation” of surgically exchanging body parts.

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  15. Here’s the follow on to this:

    First they mutilate, uglify, and hate themselves, then they project all that on men. All the while they’re screaming insults, they’re calling men mysogenists. If you call this into question they just scream louder.


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