Tuesday Critters: basketball bunny & skateboard kitty

Bini is a 5-year-old Holland Lop rabbit who lives in Los Angeles.

Bini holds the Guinness World Record for the most basketball slam dunks (7 times) by a rabbit in 60 seconds.


4 responses to “Tuesday Critters: basketball bunny & skateboard kitty

  1. Cat watching scary movie

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    • OMG!!! Hilarious! My best friend’s 2 litter-mate cats used to watch “Animal Kingdom” on TV religiously, perched side-by-side on the arm of the couch…and I have one cat who likes to sit right UP TO the TV screen to watch fast-moving commercials…and any “ticker-tape” news running across the bottom of the screen…..but THIS “horror-movie-watching feline” is far beyond THAT!!!! THis cat is REALLY “into” the storyline! Thanks for sharing. Unbelievable!

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  2. Love these smart animals!


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    Cat funnies. They are so cute.



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