Prince Harry makes devil hand-sign?

The devil’s horns hand sign looks like this:

Anton LaVey, founder of Church of Satan, makes devil’s horns hand sign

Sideways, the devil’s horns hand sign looks like this:

Last Sunday, Sept. 23, 2017, First Lady Melania Trump and Britain’s Prince Harry attended the Invictus Games in Toronto — a Paralympic event that Prince Harry helped found for veterans and those in the armed services.

Before the games, Melania and Harry met in a 20-minute meeting. Posing for the cameras, Prince Harry held his right hand in an odd posture.

It wasn’t accidental, but deliberate and sustained as you can see from the NBC video below showing Prince Harry holding his right hand in that posture for a full minute. Now why would he do that?

Was Prince Harry making the devil’s horns with his right hand?

What do you think?

H/t Indy100


29 responses to “Prince Harry makes devil hand-sign?

  1. He is a Texas Long Horns Fan.

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  2. There’s plenty of pix on the web of Harry making all kinds of Masonic hand signs–nothing new here.

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  3. My first thought was Masonic- I know they often pose with their hand inside their coat, but I’m not familiar with this finger pose.

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  4. Masonic Organization = the original deep state.

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  5. Harry’s so “hip”, and he’s the Devil!

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  6. The alternative (if so) isn’t much better…

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  8. I would not make that assumption. I’ve held my hand in a similar fashion at times – it’s a very supportive position for a finger that has been injured or has arthritis. When my hand is throbbing, I’ll hold it in any position that lessens the throb, however long it takes for the throbbing to subside.

    Might he be? Yes. Must he be? No.


  9. They are both members of the same Tranny Hive.



    Hi Doc:

    Yes, Harry is part of the Illumiati. I’m sure that’s what he’s doing.

    I guess the poor prince hasn’t read The Trump Prophecies by Mark Taylor, the evangelical retired firefighter who says he was told by God in 2011–and I believe he was– that Trump would be president and that he, God, by means of Trump, would restore America to its founding principles, one nation under God, not satan. Should we recommend the book to Harry?


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    • The only one who will restore the world is Jesus Christ when He comes back. I don’t place hope with Trump or any other mortal.
      Don’t forget, the evil one and his minions can impersonate beings of Light. In fact the name “Lucifer” means “Light bearer”.
      I’m also wondering if Trump is controlled opposition. He needs to actually get rid of Obama care by defunding it, then stop the ‘smart meter’ roll out plan, it’s incredibly dangerous and people are ignoring this fact (see Barrie Trower). Until he gets rid of Odumbo’s Agenda 21 plans I do not trust him.

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  11. Harry met with Melania for 15 min before the photo. The hand sign is telling the world that he plugged Melania one finger was up her butt and the other in her coochie…..


  12. When I first saw this picture in the papers, I thought what an odd pose. Now it is clear. I don’t remember ever seeing another man do this.

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    • Glenn47 . . . I was rather dumbfounded at seeing Harry use such an unnatural hand sign. It is not a sign that one would casually pose one’s hand in. I am sick at the implication, but it’s there for all to see. I must admit Harry was my favorite of The Royals, but now . . . not so much!

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      • He’s a Satanist. Why are you rooting for them? SMDH.

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      • Lulu, Harry and “Randy Andy” and the rest are known to be short a few chromosomes. It is likely that an examination of the royal family would result in a full homo erectus.

        This stereotype, deprived from long experience with, ugh, “limited breeding partners”, has been more the rule than the exception. They are surrounded by handlers that sort of point them in the desired direction and step in if they pass gas indiscriminately.

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  13. See, this stuff goes on all the time. It’s like paying Obongo to hate us and play golf all the time. Paying him to love himself.

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  14. I happened upon this video today and thought you guys might find it interesting too. It’s not new, it’s from July 2016, and the maker of it goes by the name Victurus Libertas. I started watching him when the whole PizzaGate scandal exploded.

    Queen Admits She Is “Not Human” Published On Royal Website – Screen Capture Before Taken Down

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    • Pretty strange to put it mildly. I’m wondering about when Antichrist shows himself, if the scenario will be an “alien” faking (really demonically possessed probably) or alien landing on earth. Many will be led astray according to Revelations. Not sure but also heard that the Antichrist will be a “peacemaker” and will broker a peace pact with Israel and the rest of the nations. Then halfway through it’ll be broken and antichrist et al will persecute the saints (Christians) and cause Armageddon to be fought. Then of course Christ will defeat antichrist and his armies and all’s well that ends well!
      I doubt that these are really ‘aliens’, but more likely demons in disguise. They’ve taken over the physical bodies of these monarchs etc. This explains the large amounts of satanic mind control that is occurring at the highest (lowest) levels. Also explains why Obama had flies and rats near where he was speaking too.
      Say the “Our Father” as often as you can! This stuff is going down now!
      Pray to the Lord for discernment so you will know when it’s the bad one and not a manufactured “Second Coming”. Many non believers will be led astray (atheists), how easy would it be to do that by faking an alien presence?
      I’m wondering why they put that up on their website….now that’s a good mystery to be solved. Or maybe it’s a planned ‘oops’.

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    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    It tells me that he doesn’t respect our First Lady and owes her an apology for his immature behavior. Maybe he is showing his respect for his muslim London mayor and trying to gain some points with him. He never has grown up – just one spoiled brat.



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