Liberal tolerance: Actress Ellen Pompeo says she doesn’t want Trump supporters for fans

Ellen Pompeo Getting Coffee In Hollywood

Ellen Pompeo: Just a straight savage…

I will comply! Never was a fan of hers and never will be.

I’m also sick of Yahoo’s bias reporting. Ugh.

From Yahoo: While once upon a time stars were advised not to ruffle feathers by expressing political views (or other topics deemed controversial) for fear of hurting their brand, that time has passed. With Donald Trump’s controversial election win, which only a handful of Hollywooders were excited about (see: Scott Baio), and the unpopular decisions he’s made since he took office, we’ve entered what can only be described as the “take no crap” era. Celebs aren’t having it in any way, shape, or form.

While some famous folks have always clapped back at their trolls, we’ve seen even more come out swinging recently. And they’ve moved past the polite “unfollow me” response. Things have escalated to: Don’t like me or what I’m saying? Don’t be my fan. Don’t watch my show. Don’t go see my movie.

May we point you in the direction of Ellen Pompeo‘s feed. On Monday, the Grey’s Anatomy star didn’t pull any punches when she tweeted to her 1.3 million fans: “News flash… I don’t want Trump supporters for fans. Einstein.”

It started when the TV star, 47, shared a story about an 8-year-old biracial boy being the victim of an apparent lynching.

The hashtags that Pompeo, whose three children are mixed-race, used must have gotten folks riled up (again, she wasn’t pulling punches, using #gof*ckyourselvestrumpsupporters and #especiallythewomen). But she was in a “don’t come at me” kind of space.

Her blunt replies led to some followers questioning whether she was hacked. She wasn’t. As she explained, she’s just “straight savage when it comes to doing the right thing.”

Pompeo has become more politically outspoken than in her early days on her doctor drama. She was vocal about getting people to the polls prior to the election and obviously even more so after Hillary Clinton’s loss. Who can forget her headline-making tweet to Ivanka Trump about Jared Kushner? Not us. But, hey, it fits with the whole “straight savage” thing.

Olivia Wilde, who’s currently starring in 1984 on Broadway, has long been politically outspoken — and has protested several times this year, including outside Trump Tower in NYC in August after the president defended the actions of white supremacists, neo-Nazis, and the KKK in Charlottesville, Va. It was around that time that the actress — whose mom, Leslie Cockburn, is running for congress in Virginia — addressed “Trumpy Trolls” who had apparently been hassling her and threatening to boycott her work.

Not only did she tell them to go ahead and boycott her movies, but Wilde, who has 1.85 million Twitter followers, did so along with the middle finger emoji. Nothing ambiguous there.

Read the rest of the story here.


29 responses to “Liberal tolerance: Actress Ellen Pompeo says she doesn’t want Trump supporters for fans

  1. Let’s all make her wish come true. 😀

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  2. you got it, chickee

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  3. LOL Does anyone in the world actually give a rat’s ass what she or anyone else thinks about our political situation?

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  4. Who is she? Never heard of her.

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  5. No problem…

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  6. Yes, we must believe what these actors say. Because they’re….actors! They pretend to be someone else for a living and mostly contribute nothing of value to society. So, yep, we should believe them. And, if they sell some product on TV we must buy it! Because….they’re actors! They’re professional fakers! So we must believe them.

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  7. Okay, we can’t be your fans any more, but at least give us a list of your sponsors so that we can buy their products.


  8. Never heard of her.


  9. Just another ding bat actress who does not grasp the fact that the greater masses supported Trump. I wonder, did she make that foolish promise to move outa the U.S. if Trump won? Be a lot less whining going on if all who did, would.


  10. Glad you don’t care if we’re fans or not, since you lost relevance a long time ago. What was your last blockbuster/claim to fame again? yeah, I can’t remember, either.


  11. well time will tell if her fans that support Trump will fly away from her….


  12. Ellen who?

    Let’s paint her a nice lavender-purple. She can become a SMURF!


  13. Well Ellen, no problem there. We haven’t been your fans for a long time. She really needs to get that chip off her shoulder about racism and read about it. She will be surprised just what group, Dems, were hanging blacks. She will find what party fought for equal rights, Reps, and which party voted against it 100%, Dems.
    If she would actually read up on the President, she will find awards and honors he got from blacks for fighting for them. She will realize three of his first hires were a woman, a black man and a gay. If she read further she would find the true reason Trump bought MarLago was because he found out it was a closed club and didn’t allow, gays, blacks and Jews. He said that wasn’t right, bought the club, and opened it to all.
    She is just another POS repeating what those with an agenda is saying. She is nothing but a useful tool. Wake up Ellen, you look like a fool.


  14. Golly, I guess I no longer have the privilege of being her “fan”. What a moron. It’s one thing to chase every fashion, idiotic or not, but opening one’s mouth and showing the world how ignorant one is confirms my suspicions.

    She’s a total tool.


  15. “…we’ve entered what can only be described as the “take no crap” era. Celebs aren’t having it in any way, shape, or form.”
    Exactly, because that would be direct competition to the crap they make.

    I actually feel sorry for these folks. The whole Trump election has caused a surfacing of what appear to be several psychological problems that have no doubt been carefully hidden from the public’s view until now. They seriously need help. I will try to pray for them whenever I think of them, which is rarely.

    As for Yahoo’s bias to the left/anarchy and Trump bashing, it’s the same with msn and the news they choose to “report” — they’re usually just hand-picking other secondary sources to whom to send viewers to thus regurgitate the views they want to perpetuate; the primary sources, such as the AP, and sometimes reporters for the secondary sources like the NYT, are themselves quite biased, and changing, deleting, or adding facts to original stories so as to re-shape the ideologies so presented. It’s fiendish. Psychotic.

    You can see this easily by watching original events (that are then “reported”) as they occur live (or recorded) via CSpan and a few other REAL news sources (I happen to like CBN news, EWTN, and a few others I see on TBN). Just compare what was actually said and done in the live feeds and videos versus what was reported to have been said and done by first the AP, then repeated ad lib by the NYT and other sources, then picked up on by the likes of Yahoo and msn. It’s truly astonishing to consider the AP has been so intoxicated with hatred for Trump and the right that they would so blatantly change the facts just to perpetuate their own hatred-filled ideology, but it happens daily, hourly.

    It’s the same when watching the local and national news on T.V. Pathetic.

    This was and still is actually being done with the Pope as well… EWTN finally had to start telling viewers, “Listen to what the Pope says, NOT to what the media tells you he said.” But sometimes even then, Pope Francis gets off the path of accepted doctrine occasionally. It’s a mad, mad, mad, mad world.

    Worse, Armstrong Williams this weekend reported that Google and Facebook are going to start producing their own news feeds. With their own biases.

    What’s the solution? Write to complain. I often do, to msn. I doubt they care.
    And then just stop reading and listening to their crap. Spare yourself… Of course, you can also write or call your local TV stations to complain, but unless you present them with the truth for a FAKE news spot, especially if you can do so in a public venue — e.g., a social network site — where they’ll feel the public pressure to conform to reality, they likely also won’t care… They want to sell ads, which requires an audience, so they follow the current sputum. “Attracting flies to crap” and all that. Facts & evidence be damned.

    I do continue to read AP headlines via their app, but only while tempered by having seen the REAL news live or recorded via sources I trust FIRST. If I’m going to read pabulum and re-writes of facts, I at least want to get them from the originating new-speakers, and not the flunkies who merely repeat or link to them. Take it all with a grain or two of salt.


    • It’s really very instructive. They are making a big push. This shows who works for who. Those who whore for The Empire must cuck for Soros and his owners. Those who still want to be their own master are in direct opposition. There is no “common ground”, how could there be?

      Building potential and utter destruction are opposites.


  16. See, just watch your standards develop:

    Wouldn’t you like to bring one of these girls home to meet Mom?


  17. Don’t know who she is and don’t care!


  18. I heard of that show…..once. Never seen it. Was it any good? Oh, never mind.


  19. MoreFreedomLessFreeloaders

    She also hates her own race and culture. She even posted a photo of her mulatto kids with the caption “in the future all of the babies will be brown”. Everything she posts is anti-white and pro-black power lunacy. She is a self loathing, self hating yet narcissistic sack of brainwashed leftist s**t!

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  20. Living proof you can be white trash and have $35M. Hell, they pay fetchers that much. She doesn’t even have to run. She just has to be her obnoxious self.

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