Keeping the divide going: AMC developing series based on BLM book, “They Can’t Kill Us All”

they can't kill us all

More fiction coming to your TV…

Ferguson was a liberal-funded protest. Baltimore race rioters were given permission by then mayor, Stephanie  Rawlings-Blake, to burn, riot, and loot their own city. Instead of waiting for the facts of police shootings to emerge, race agitators destroyed their communities.

Now a book about the riots from the BLM movement’s perspective is coming to TV. More fiction, no doubt.

Another show I won’t be watching.

From Deadline: AMC has put in development a drama based on Wesley Lowery’s bestselling nonfiction book They Can’t Kill Us All: Ferguson, Baltimore, and a New Era in America’s Racial Justice. It comes from Brad Weston’s Makeready and writer LaToya Morgan (Into the Badlands, Turn: Washington’s Spies).

Published in 2016 by Little, Brown & Company, the book was acquired by Makeready last fall. It examines how decades of racially biased policing in segregated neighborhoods with failing schools, crumbling infrastructure and too few jobs has led to the high-profile cases of police brutality in Ferguson, Cleveland, Baltimore and elsewhere and the birth of Black Lives Matter movement seeking justice for the deaths of Michael Brown (police officer Darren Wilson was cleared by Obama’s DOJ), Tamir Rice (a grand jury declined to indict due to the fact that Rice drew what appeared to be a real firearm) and Freddie Gray (the trial against Officer William Porter ended in mistrial. Officers Nero, Goodson, and Rice were found not guilty at trial. The remaining charges against the officers were dropped on July 27, 2016).

Written by Morgan, who is under an overall deal at AMC, the potential series also will reflect current events and race relations through the stories and voices of fictional characters. Morgan will executive produce with Makeready founder and CEO Weston and creative heads Pam Abdy and Scott Nemes.

Lowery, a reporter at The Washington Post, was a lead on the paper’s “Fatal Force” project, a database that tracked 990 police shootings in 2015. The project won the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting in 2016.

They Can’t Kill Us All joins the growing development slate of Makeready’s television division, headed by Nemes, which funds development and can deficit finance series, with Entertainment One handling international distribution. The slate also includes a series adaptation of Rocket Men, Robert Kurson’s upcoming book about the Apollo 8 odyssey; the Untitled David James Kelly project, with Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Davisson’s Appian Way; Old City Blues, by screenwriter Arash Amel, based on the Boom graphic novel; Catching Out, from writer/executive producer Amy Harris and executive producer Chloe Grace Moretz; and the Jonás Cuarón-written drama Undocumented America, based on manuscript by journalist and DACA recipient Karla Cornejo Villavicencio about undocumented immigrants illegal aliens across America.

Morgan is repped by Echo Lake Entertainment, CAA, and Rob Szymanski.


11 responses to “Keeping the divide going: AMC developing series based on BLM book, “They Can’t Kill Us All”

  1. Golly, I wonder if they’ll also give statistics on the numbers of blacks killed by other blacks each year? They should if they truly believe in their own moniker. And yes, I’m being rhetorical with my question.

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  2. Meanwhile in Philly: medics responding to a call are attacked and tires slashed. It’s gotta be those white supr@mists!

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    • Reminds me of a book I read called “Lights and Sirens”. It’s about a guy who became a paramedic. Anyway, his buddies got called into a bad part of town. The one ‘gang member” thought he was going to die, he was sick. The one medic said that he had the flu and basically acted like it’s not a big ’emergency’. Because it really wasn’t. It’s the FLU. In other words, he didn’t coddle the wimp. So, the next night they get another call from the exact SAME area. They go (different medics this night), and then the get into the room and some “homies” shut the door behind them. The one guy looks at the two and says basically that neither of the two guys were the one who ‘dissed’ him the night before. So they let them go, without killing them, which is what I imagine they were going to do.
      Shows the mentality of these sorts of dregs of society, doesn’t it?
      They better watch out, or it’ll end up like the cab service and pizza deliveries…no service for warring ‘hoods.

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  3. “They” can’t kill us all? “They” don’t need to! Black people are doing the job themselves by murdering each other and by killing their babies. There’s none so blind as he who will not see. 🙈

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  4. Hommies participate in fratricide. Let them kill themselves, those in the movement will not be missed. Piece loving blacks avoid this nonsense.

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  5. Was a movie in the ’70s already…


  6. They Can’t Kill Us All ?
    To which I say…….. Wanna bet?
    Good Riddance……


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