Hillary Clinton exploits scantily-clad young girls to promote her new book

That woman has no shame.

Hillary Clinton will resort to anything — even child porn — to sell her new book, What Happened.

Cristina Laila of Gateway Pundit alerted us to Hillary tweeting and touting a video of young people pimping her book in her local bookstore, Scattered Books in Chappaqua, New York.

This is the video:

Note the inappropriate, pedophile-bait attire of the three young girls:

  • Short shorts (left) and shoulder-baring top (right) of the two pre-pubescent girls.
  • Crop top, bare-midriff and short shorts of the teenager (middle).

Here’s contact info. for the bookstore:

Scattered Books
29 King St
Chappaqua, NY 10514
Ph: (914) 529-8013
Email: info@scatteredbooks.com
To write a review on Yelp, click here.

See also “Hillary Clinton blames election loss on 42 scapegoats”.


17 responses to “Hillary Clinton exploits scantily-clad young girls to promote her new book

  1. The woman has no limit to how low she will stoop to sell and make money; even the exploitation of kids. But that should be of no surprise to us after the scandal of “pizzagate”.
    She is truly evil incarnate. A hideous woman, inside and out.

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  2. Hillary is like the old Warner Bros. cartoon, where the Devil says to the scientist about his wife, “Isn’t there enough trouble down here without her?!”
    I know women really HATE being irrelevant, but Hillary, you are history’s longest BROKEN RECORD.

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  3. The book signing party at Comet Ping Pong will be a hoot…

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  4. Why am I not surprised or even shocked? I’ve come to expect such tactics and I am afraid I’m becoming jaded. Am I alone in this, guys? Do any of you find yourselves growing callous toward junk that once made your blood boil?

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  5. Are those real girls?

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  6. Hillary laughed demonically when Gaddafi was tortured and killed.
    Hillary has lost any vestige of humanity. Nothing would surprise
    me about her behavior.

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  7. “Daddy, please read me a story tonight, but not the one with that Mr. Podesta.”

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  8. She is not different than her degenerate, rapist, pervert husband. They both went on trips to Epstein’s island.


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