50% of Millennials would give up their right to vote to get student loans erased

dont vote dont complainFrom Fox Business: As the staggering national student loan debt tally sits at an all-time high of $1.33 trillion, according to the Department of Education, many Millennials say they would go to extreme lengths to wipe their slate clean.

According to a new survey from Credible, a personal finance website, 50% of all respondents (ages 18-34) said they would give up their right to vote during the next two presidential elections in order to never have to make another loan payment again.

Other extremes include a willingness to ditch ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft (44%) and giving up travel outside of the country for five years (42%) to have student loans forgiven (I hardly consider these expenses as an “extreme”e to give up).

Yet, only 27% said they would be willing to move in with their parents for five years or give up texting at 13%. Of the 500 Millennials surveyed, only 8.2% of them chose to keep paying off their debt and not give up anything.

The survey comes just as The Associated Press reports that tens of thousands of former students have been left in limbo as the Trump administration has delayed action on requests for loan forgiveness, according to court documents. The report says The Education Department is sitting on more than 65,000 unapproved claims as it rewrites Obama-era rules that sought to better protect students.

During his campaign, Trump proposed student loan forgiveness after 15 years of repayment. However since taking office, Trump and Secretary of Education Betsy Devos’ initial education budget have sought to eliminate current loan forgiveness programs.

In July, FOX Business reported on a similar survey from MoneyTips.com that found that nearly 42% of Americans think President Trump’s administration should forgive all federal student debt in order to help stimulate the economy.

Michael Dubrow, co-founder of MoneyTips, told FOX Business that while the survey didn’t specifically focus on Millennials (ages 18-29) a majority of them were “especially passionate” about it, nearly twice as much as those 50 and older.

“Even if older people are still paying off their loans, younger people paid more and borrowed more for higher education,” Dubrow said in an interview in July.


22 responses to “50% of Millennials would give up their right to vote to get student loans erased

  1. Stunning.

    What loyal FOTM reader/commenter lophatt once said is so true: What will happen to this country when we older Americans pass on? The future is frightening….

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    • I’m guessing by the time I’m old they’ll have a policy in place to exterminate those of a certain age. Either that or ‘just let them die’ by withholding so called “health care”.


      • Chem—hate to upset your day, but…the “extermination of the old by “with-holding health care” is ALREADY in EFFECT in OBAMACARE. It is HERE AND NOW…you don’t have to wait until “you are old.”


  2. Forgive me for saying this, but I’m okay with their trade; if their priorities are
    THAT skewed, I’d rather not have them voting for my future anyway.

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  3. There are two points:

    First, it seems to me that elections don’t matter—they’re all either bought or engineered marketing schemes. Elections where someone really matters wins—e.g., Rudy Guiliani, Ronald Reagan or Donald Trump—are, given the corporate takeover, extremely rare, and they will stay rare.

    Second, looking at it from the apparatus end of the matter, we’re all at the mercy of unelected bureaucrats, regardless: Every Cabinet level department—and every other department—has its own armed police and can levy its fines (and set those fines) at will.

    So these things are things that elections DON’T FIX. Remember: Roe Vs. Wade—just like Brown Vs. Board of Education and all the rest—were never voted upon.

    This is the greater danger, despite these Millenials (who really have very little going for them): It’s the State Vs. the Church here. The State WILL NOT grant infallibility to the Church: It wants infallibility for ITSELF. The State WILL NOT grant a vow of Obedience to the Church: It wants Obedience for ITSELF. The State WILL NOT tolerate a Pope who makes a difference: It has its own “Pope,” named George Soros, or Queen Elizabeth, or Lord Rothschild for ITSELF. And they have already seen to it that no election on these points will EVER be held.

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    • So-what I’m hearing is that voting changes nothing-it’s become little more than a symbolic gesture.
      There was a guy who wanted to build a bridge-a HUGE bridge. Everyone he talked to about his idea either stayed silent,or told him it was a crazy idea,it couldn’t be done,it could never happen for many reasons. He decided,”Yeah-they’re probably right,I guess maybe it IS impossible.”
      But this guy KNEW he could get it done,refused to give up,persevered and proved them all wrong. Since then Millions of people have used that world-famous bridge.
      What’s that saying? “If you believe you can change something for the better,you’re RIGHT. If you believe you CAN’T change it,you’re ALSO RIGHT.”
      My point is that even if it makes NO difference in the outcome,we owe it to America AND ourselves to at LEAST make the EFFORT. If these Millennials are willing to give up their Right and responsibility to Vote just to get their student loans cleared,I’m FINE with that-I don’t want THEM anywhere NEAR a ballot box. They’re willing to give their future to the Government,which means they don’t HAVE a future. They’re effectively worthless.


      • I said that I voted. I NEVER vote for anyone connected to the two wings of the NWO party. That said, I do it for form in that I know that it will not change anything. It is an act of faith and done with the full knowledge that my vote does not effect anything. That isn’t because I want it to be that way.

        As I’ve said many times. I want to be rich and get laid every night. I’m afraid I’ll have to live with disappointment.

        No matter how much one WANTS this, voting will not achieve it. A speedy trial and a first-class hanging’ might. Short of that we are spectators. They don’t care one whit what we vote for. In fact, they don’t run candidates that represent a threat to their little scam.

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  4. The Dippiest Generation…

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  5. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The millennials don’t realize that when they take a loan for education – it is just another vice the government has around their neck. After the loan, comes the universities with their liberal professors who brain-wash them into thinking the government and the universities are trying to help them get ahead. In addition, the universities should not take a dime from the government because of the number of endowments the colleges has. They are rich; but, look at the universities they are like a resort for the liberal professors.

    What should happen is – the interest for each loan should be much lower if they want to help the students.

    Time for the educational system to get behind the students in that the teaching system needs to do a better job and if the student doesn’t pass muster then he should go to summer school to catch up. The case is that – no student should be left behind; but, the if student leaves without being capable of reading or writing – that should never happen, ever. Yes, you can push him out into the world, and if he cannot read or write – what good is he to himself and to the world.


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    • commonsentsjane . . . Bravo for your comments. I completely agree about the tragedy of today’s young people getting out of school when they cannot read. If you can read, you can conquer everything else, but if your cannot read, you will fall flat on your face out in the real world.


  6. Steven’s comment is enlightening. We should not forget that at least part of the strategy is to make people so disgusted with government that they demand a “change” that has already been prepared for them.

    Secondly, we must train ourselves to quit going to government for solutions or fixes. In essence, we are “worshipping” government instead of God. God has provided the answers. You won’t find solutions to problems, both real and imaginary, by going to the TV set or Hollywood either.

    The reason they are so hard pressed to destroy Christianity is that it holds the antidote for this sickness. Those who seek to control must eliminate their opposition. They are doing everything their twisted little minds can gin up to accomplish that.

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    • lophatt . . . thank you for your mindful comments. I could not agree more. If the powers that be can remove God from the hearts and minds of men . . . then you have won the battle! Soros and his ilk are banking on that as the way to institute a One World Government.

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  7. Can you imagine these lamos in the job market. Obviously, they put very little value on “their promise to repay a debt that they voluntarily incurred.” If this is the easy-sleezy way they go about life, no matter what their profession . . . I would not want them “working for on, or on me” This is basically just plain pathetic.

    Thank you for bringing this clip to us.

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  8. There’s a lot here, but basically, it’s pretty simple. We have thousands of years of accumulated wisdom, based on Christian teaching. There is NOTHING better or more important than that.

    The concept of “voting” has no meaning any longer. I still do it, out of form, realizing it is meaningless now and hopeful that, someday, it may mean something again. The basic problem there is that these parasites don’t work for us. They work for the “new rulers of the Universe”.

    If higher education is too expensive, we should refuse to do it. If employers want educated people let them pay for the privilege or provide free education. Otherwise, it is still possible to educate one’s self.

    As long as we hold to our faith we have “won”. If we can pass that off to our offspring we will continue a while longer on this good Earth. If not, it will truly be the end. That means for those with nothing but slavery and no faith to look forward to.

    It should surprise no one that we are in a battle. Those who would be first will be last. Evil always seeks to control. Good seeks to liberate. We must continue to pray for the strength to die to the things that interfere with our growing in Grace and for the intervention of the Holy Spirit to guide us through this turmoil.


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  9. Just like healthcare and just about anything else. If you want the price to go up let government handle it. If you want the price to go down let the free market, entrepreneurial perseverance and innovation lead the way. You want to kill something? Tax it. The cost of college skyrocketed when the Government started guaranteeing loans. They were trying to make sure everybody got a college education – whether they were suited to it or not. Just like when the government DEMANDED that banks loan money even if the people can’t afford to pay it back. Remember the housing bubble? We’ve ended up with a bunch of room temperature IQ’s in job’s where they’re not suited. And a bunch more that can’t get jobs because the system is plugged up with people that the government is desperately and futilely trying to push up the ladder.

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    • Great observation. The ones they hire who are too stupid to do the jobs are supplemented by others equally dull. Then they point to the inefficient mess and declare it a “success”.

      To pay for this the banksters create “money” out. of thin air and “Loan” it to us at interest. Then “Your Gubment” guarantees the loans given to deadbeats and us taxpayers get to bail them both out. Perfect!


  10. If voting changed anything, it’d be illegal.
    Trump, I wish you would reverse Obama’s plan to force everyone to have wireless meters next to their houses, places of business/worship, or apartments, but nothing like that is even happening. I am starting to believe Trump and most of the ‘elected’ congress are just controlled opposition anyway. The devil is the master of deceit. Ron Paul would have been the best and probably only not corrupted candidate.
    Don’t forget, Trump ran for president years ago…and he used to be a democrat. He’s also no angel and I heard he’s involved with the Russian mafia. Not sure if it’s true, but he could defund Obama care if he wanted to.
    It’s all a smoke screen, probably.


  11. Morality cannot be legislated. It must come from society, being taught by parents and grandparents, who are in turn are/were taught by good morals by reading (and following in works and words) the teachings of Jesus Christ.
    The more secular and non-Christian our society becomes, the closer it comes to destruction.


  12. So,what do we get for paying off these loans? They get a free education and the ability to make large salaries and are debt free. Why should they walk Scott free? Doesn’t teach the snowflakes much of responsibility.
    That is like me buying an expensive car and you paying for it, I reap all the rewards and you get nothing.
    This is the wrong message.


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