Naval Hospital medics Allyson Thompson & Joanie Barrett give the finger to babies, call them ‘mini Satans’

Two female staffers at Naval Hospital Jacksonville in Florida, not only took pictures and a video of themselves making a baby dance to rap music, giving the finger to a days-old baby, and calling the infants under their care “mini Satans,” they actually posted them to the social media site Snapshot. An outraged classmate then re-posted them to Facebook, which went viral.

Naval Hospital Jacksonville called the images outrageous, unacceptable and incredibly unprofessional, and has notified “involved parties,” i.e., families of the babies. The hospital said on Facebook:

We have identified the staff members involved. They have been removed from patient care and they will be handled by the legal system and military justice.

The U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery promises that an investigation is underway, and that “Once the investigation is complete, appropriate actions will be taken.”

News videos blurred out the face of the staffer making the baby dance to rap music, but this video identifies the miscreant staffers as Navy medic Allyson Thompson and Joanie Barrett.

Navy Surgeon General Vice Admiral Forrest Faison “applauds” those who reported the inappropriate images. He said:

“Unprofessional and inappropriate social media behavior is inconsistent with both our core values of honor, courage and commitment as well as our medical ethics, violating the oaths we took for our profession and office. This type of behavior also has a negative effect on mission accomplishment and good order and discipline.

I have directed immediate mandatory all-hands stand downs within 48 hours at all Navy Medicine commands to review our oaths, our pledges, our reasons for serving, as well as Navy Medicine’s policy regarding use of personally owned phones and other recording devices. Further, all commanding officers will be tasked to ensure no additional patient photos exist on social media and to take immediate action to remove such content. I applaud the individuals who took a stand when they witnessed this inappropriate behavior online. They chose not to be silent.”

H/t CBS47 Action News Jax and FOTM‘s stlonginus


30 responses to “Naval Hospital medics Allyson Thompson & Joanie Barrett give the finger to babies, call them ‘mini Satans’

  1. No child is born a “mini Satan”. They are only “raised” to be evil.
    These “nurses” are, themselves, evil for even implying it. They should be drummed out of the service, dishonorably, and never allowed back into the medical field anywhere in the US.

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  2. White trash has no place in the military. Under the UCMJ they should be incarcerated with 3 years hard labor. After that a dishonorable discharge. It makes sick to see what has happened to my beloved military.

    They should also be sued by the parents of those beautiful white babies.

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  3. Another reason for home birthing. It was good enough for the pioneers.

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    • Amen to that idea, even if thinking about it does make me a bit nervous–however, before modern day hospitals women did have babies at home, so why not?! At least you would be in charge of taking care of your precious child, as well as possibly having help from family and even from friends you trust–not stoop-shouldered crazies like those women! I do hope they throw the book at them, and rid the military of them once and for all! As a mother, I’d be completely outraged, and in need of being kept away from those idiots who did that to my child!!!

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      • My sister had all of her kids at home, and no problems either. With all the toxic interventions out there it’s usually safer to home birth, especially if the mother does not have narrow hips or any health problems. The hospitals make too much money on interventions (like C-sections) and the resulting complications to stop. It’s never about the ‘child’s health’ but about money.


    • Think of all the infections they’re spreading with those fake press-on nails, too! Are those also ‘regulation’ fingernails?

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  4. Classless.
    And it reminds me of the trouble we “elderly” baby boomers are going to face (if not already there) with having nurses who are no longer going through two to four years to earn their LPN or RN degrees and their associated increases in social and emotional maturity, but rather who get a 6-month certificate from a fly-by-night “school”, that then allows them to get jobs doing slightly less than a real nurse, at an inflated salary compared to their education and experience, but which then saves the hospitals $Millions… which is how the phenomenon came to be in the first place. BTW, those savings don’t get passed on to the patients; they go straight to the administrators’ pockets.

    It’s one thing to have essentially an apprentice take care of my car or home appliance, like the one who recently butchered my engine bay cover while replacing a battery. It’s another altogether to have an apprentice care for me or a loved one in a life-or-death situation (or with things even less critical).

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  5. Outrageous I hope they spend some time in the brig and get dishonorable discharge and face civilian prosecution…..

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  6. More evidence of a Satanic stronghold.

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  7. When I first saw this picture on another forum, I had to bypass it, it made me ill.
    I am happy you have exposed who these white trash heathens are.
    I am also surprised the military allows her to wear those ugly fake nails while on duty.
    They do not deserve to be members of the US military and the last eight years has degraded it to such low points. I hope they get their asses handed to them and lose everything. Makes me wonder what else they have done.

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  8. What’s wrong with these people? no reverence for life! Abusing chilren becomes new norm?

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  9. Here are two dindu hippo teaching aides who filmed themselves abusing an autistic child

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  10. I’m all in favor of the First Amendment, even in jest, but this is unacceptable for this reason: It’s crying fire in a crowded theater. True case: Here in NYC some years ago, one yellow cab cut another off in traffic. The offended second yellow cab caught up to him and gave him the finger. A Taxi & Limousine officer witnessed this and gave both cabbies tickets. The offended driver fought his case in TLC Court, and lost. The reasoning was this: The judge said that although he commismerated with the offended driver, the finger salute compromised public safety, as no one could predict the other person’s reaction to that—which happens to be true.
    All professions and jobs have their inside jokes—even in the military. But something like this goes beyond the pale, regardless of intentions. And I am very liberal and tolerant when it comes to free speech. In this case, the smallest, youngest and most delicate among us were offended, and someone MUST step up to the plate and bat for them!

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  11. Obviously this branch of our military doesn’t do enough vetting and clearance before they put some in jobs.

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  12. These nurses are just as evil as Cassandra N Salvo, a nurse in Orlando Florida. These cunts need to be taken out and shot against a wall and left to rot in the sun. Even worse than these cunts are the ones who make child pornography.

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  13. Americans sick behaviour. The whole world is tired of them.


    • They’re Satanists or wiccan’s, and THAT my boy is world wide. Read John DeCamp’s book “The Franklin Cover up” or “Thanks for the Memories” by Brice Taylor before you condemn all Americans for the sins of the NWO satanic followers.

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  14. I worked for the Navy as a civilian for many years. I am an Army vet. I was drafted and I am not ashamed to say that I did not enjoy my involuntary enlistment. Nonetheless, even then, the standards were MUCH higher.

    I went on to work for a contractor who does work for the Navy after retirement. So, I would estimate my exposure to them to be about 45 years. This behavior does not surprise me in the least. Oddly, those affiliated with the Navy seem very “proud” of themselves for some unknown reason.

    What I saw was a bunch of self-serving people constantly focused on their next promotion. They were long on hype and short on talent. While there are, of course, exceptions to this, I have no problem with my assessment in general.

    While I do not like the concept of a draft, ever since the military went “professional” this slide to the bottom has been in full swing. They accept virtually anybody and, once in, all they have to do is avoid serious crime unless they can do them without getting caught, and hang on for promotion and retirement.

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  16. These are probably mind controlled drones, and if they aren’t satan-ists I would be surprised. They’re projecting their own selves onto these innocent babies.
    I would be afraid to let any one of these WITCHES (they probably do practice wicca- a tool of the devil) near my newborn! God only knows what else they may have done privately. They should be investigated and drummed out of the navy.
    And, if you think the services aren’t without mind control, you got another think coming. 😛
    Yet another reason to choose home birth!


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