Hurricane Harvey animal rescues

You don’t need voice narration for the video, so make sure you mute the sound!

God bless the kind Samaritans!


8 responses to “Hurricane Harvey animal rescues

  1. Very touching and sweet! Poor little dears!
    But what’s up with the weird voice?! Had to mute.

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  2. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    This posting is an excellent contrast to many of today’s leaders who use weather modification and geoengineering to destroy almost all of humanity and most of the earth with us. Lord, save us from our limited intelligence and even greater lack of worship of You! Losing ozone layer, fatally excessive increase of methane, nuclear power plants on the rim of fire, destruction of acquirers for petro-wealth no matter how obtained …

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  3. I’ve been seeing that THIS year there’s a LOT of help being offered for people’s animals and pets-far more than in previous years.I met a Trucker a while back who was hired to take a whole truckload of horses,cattle,pigs and even some dogs and cats to a safer place,on a ranch in Idaho (I think that’s where he said) and he was on his way back for more. He said he was doing it for just the cost of fuel. Pretty cool.

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    • When we hear of stories showing such generosity . . . it almost makes me believe that our country can make a comeback. God Bless all those who helped to save both people and animals.

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  4. That was so sweet![except for that strange sounding voice, that is!] It was touching to see how glad that man was to find that some many of his animals had survived the hurricane–I get misty-eyed easily over things like that. God bless them all.

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