Hillary Clinton blames election loss on 42 scapegoats

Hillary gives new meaning to the expression “sore loser”.

Here are the 42 — and counting — scapegoats she’s blamed for her election loss (Daily Mail):

  1. (Former) FBI Director James Comey
  2. The FBI
  3. Vladimir Putin
  4. The Russians
  5. WikiLeaks
  6. Low information voters
  7. The Electoral College
  8. Anti-American “forces”
  9. Everyone who assumed she would win (but didn’t she also assume she would win?)
  10. Bad polling numbers
  11. Barack Obama
  12. White women
  13. The New York Times
  14. Joe Biden
  15. Bernie Sanders
  16. Bernie Bros (Bernie Sanders’ supporters)
  17. People wanting change
  18. Misogynists
  19. Television executives
  20. Netflix
  21. Facebook
  22. Twitter
  23. Content farms in Macedonia (fake news, fake information)
  24. Campaign finance
  25. The media
  26. Steve Bannon and Breitbart
  27. The Democratic Party
  28. The Republican Party
  29. Cambridge Analytica (a data-targeting firm that Hillary claims targeted voters to drive them away from her)
  30. Women protesters
  31. Matt Lauer
  32. White voters
  33.  Democratic documentary makers
  34. Benghazi investigators
  35. Voter suppression
  36. Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell
  37. The Supreme Court
  38. Fathers
  39. Husbands
  40. Boyfriends
  41. Male bosses
  42. Pizzagate emails

We sure dodged a bullet last November 8.

Can you imagine this “it’s always someone else’s fault” sore loser in the White House?


28 responses to “Hillary Clinton blames election loss on 42 scapegoats

  1. She is blaming everyone but herself. Now I know why so many people do not take responsibility for their own actions. It started in the late sixties and has grown as acceptable social practices for many years to the point where now just about no one accepts personal responsibility. May the Lord have mercy.

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  2. “The devil made me do it!” You’ll never hear a leftist/anarchist say that… Because, OF COURSE he did; he’s their champion, their savior!

    I’ve heard that it was largely (white) millennial women who left Billary and voted for Uncle Bernie and his “promises of sweet treats” that beat her. She could save face if she just went with some self-defecating [sic] humor and then went away. That’s how most defeated politicians have done it before. What she’s now doing (at who’s advice?) is diminishing her legacy — which limits the benevolent social good she could have done after her fall.

    I’m personally sick — ad nauseum — of seeing the media continually give voice to Billary, e.g., on PBS & CSpan, where I go for real news. Speaking of:

    Did anybody else see the anarchists attacks this week… Comey @Howard Uni and Pelosi @wherever ? OMG, their chickens have come home to poop.
    I actually felt sorry for Pelosi, it was that bad. “Dreamers” demanding ALL illegals be allowed to remain in country… Did she not see this coming, with all the push for “anything goes, so long as you vote for us”? And of course, for Comey it was “Black Lives Are ALL That Matters” demanding majority status. Both looked seriously shaken by it. Slippery slope, indeed.

    How long now before “Chuck & Nancy” come to the GOP begging for help with this Frankenstein they’ve created, this monster they’ve unleashed on our Great Republic?

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  3. And # 43 is the image she sees in the mirror every morning , I guess that one will not be on HER list .

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  4. The real reason Hillary Clinton lost the election: praying Christians brought her down.

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  5. Too funny, I was hoping somebody would compile a list!

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  6. Go ahead, try it!

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  7. I knew a guy whose nose was all swollen and red like that. HE was a heavy drinker and drug user,too…
    Okay,now-I’m confused. Does this list make her a SOCIOPATH or a PSYCHOPATH? I read the difference a couple of days ago,but my memory’s like a sieve these days….

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  9. Goodness, the last I heard from Greg Jarrett it was up to 27 reasons.
    She left off Bill Clinton and the person she Admires in the mirror everyday.
    She didn’t deserve to win. People saw her for what she is and always has been, a loser.

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  10. Apparently, she forgot to blame hubby Bill. (Publicly, anyway).

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  11. They better watch out & they’d better just hide, she’s already found out & im telling you why….She’s got a list & checking it twice, she’s already worked out who’s naughty & nice! Mrs Claws is trolling the town.
    Wonder what she has got prepared for their Christmas present?
    Maybe she’s added them to her body count hit list!
    & she wants to be the president!
    Can you imagine? Genocide on a mass scale of her imagined enemies.
    Ps. Why isn’t this criminal in jail yet?

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  12. Only 41? Make it 42 as she can blame me for flipping 2 life long democrats. One had never even voted despite being 45 years old. She voted this cycle and she voted Trump.

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  13. Bill’s not holding up too well. He’s starting to get that Keith Richards look.

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  14. That’s a lot of goats to “scape”!

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  15. Hillary… at least she’s entertaining:

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  16. Santa Claus


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