Another Friday Funny! Redneck panhandler

You know you’re a redneck when . . .

Pic taken in Hardy, Arkansas.

H/t maziel


12 responses to “Another Friday Funny! Redneck panhandler

  1. First clue: Never go to a family gathering looking for a girlfriend.

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  2. Do you know what’s a mile long and has one tooth? The unemployment line in West Virginia.

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  3. OK…I’m game on this “game”….but please remember, that I was born in central PA, finished growing up in that teeny, narrow part of Maryland where you could be in MD…but arrive in either PA or WVA inside of 10 minutes either way….just cross either the Mason-Dixon or the Potomac River, and if you threw in another 10 minutes South of the Potomac, you could pass through the WVA Panhandle and be in VA. AND be it know that I’d move to WVA in a heartbeat out of CA TODAY and never look back—BUT—there is an old “joke” that applies to this post: Q: What state has a family tree with only one branch? A: West Virginia.

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    • That’s three times as bad as having one that looks like a cactus.

      By the way, I’ve been in that area many times. For some reason I always had a lot of fun there.

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      • Thanks, LO….after 35 years in the West….I STILL miss the way of life in (in a straight line) Central Pennsylvania, Western Maryland, and the Valley of Virginia….my “stomping grounds.” I miss the food, the religious observances and the reverance for our country’s history/historic observances……the traditions, esp. when families establish traditions and meet and greet yearly in reunions—most of them covering 200 years of history or more….I miss the regard people have for their neighbors…NO MATTER COLOR OR CREED….without political BRATS interfering…..I miss the one-room churches in which I grew up (and later raised my children on an Indian Reservation in Utah when we worked for Indian Health Service…)…..I miss the small local schools where ALL parents came to “back to school night” or “open house.” I miss having a PTA where EVERYONE joined instead of JUST the teachers and 5 parents…..out of a population of 1500 pupils…..I miss a place where the family gathers at 4 or 5 PM for “tea” and crackers…the local evening paper…the radio news….to share and regroup before sharing a dinner together…and then…maybe going on to an evening event together…….NONE OF THIS HAPPENS here where I live in CA…….It might not happen anywhere ELSE in America today…but if it doesn’t….that is what is AILING US THEN. That CRAZY North Korean Dictator doesn’t have to destroy us….we’re already on the road to our OWN destruction—inflicted upon ourselves, anyway…..

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  4. Did he co-star in ” Deliverance ” ?
    Does he play a banjo by chance ?
    That is toooooooooooo funny

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  5. Unfortunately, we cannot fully determine his ‘redneckicity’ because his mouth is closed. But there is certainly enough circumstantial evidence to draw a conclusion.

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  6. I think I located a teaching tool for the Alpaca-necked professor:

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  7. OMG—is it Roger Clinton??

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  8. It’s A Small World After All…………. LOL..

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