Libtards at The “Spew” try to analyze North Korea

I can’t take it either.

h/t Weasel Zippers


12 responses to “Libtards at The “Spew” try to analyze North Korea

  1. Oh my, Oh my, do they even know where North Korea is at?

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    • MA in MO . . . . I’m thinking “probably not,” you must remember this crowd is rather light weight in the brains department, unless you are talking about the “token conservative” voice amongst this gaggle of nitwits.

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  2. What an appropriately named group.
    Definition of “spew” (verb): Vomit; to ooze out as if under pressure.

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    • Dr Eowyn . . . thank you for this much needed reminder on the definition of the word “Spew.” When I first saw it, I must admit that definition did not come to mind . . . I thought perhaps it was a newer derogatory word, such as “cuck.” Now that I am clued in, the word “Spew” fits this gaggle to a tee or tea (which ever one of those fits this situation.) Thanks for broadening my vocabulary . . . I love it!

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  3. Ah, The View… pretty much this:

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  4. You can’t fix ugly or stupid!

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  5. Can’t stand to even look at, let alone hear the voices of those two idiots. When Ted Danson started shacking up with Whoopie is when I lost all respect for him (not that I’d had a lot before that, but…)

    Anybody remember when Clinton made one of his first acts of “foreign relations” (aided by a visit by Carter) the gifting of $4 BILLION to N Korea (along with the transfer of information on how to build ICBMs, IIRC) — in order to “appease” that rogue nation? Wow, that turned out really well.
    {} Although, to be honest, I’d thought it occurred at the end of his second term… and that it was “only” $3 Billion. Memories…

    And speaking of idiots spewing idiocy, found this in a linked article:
    “If Pence were president we wouldn’t be able to live in hopes of the next flip-flop. The Republican Congress would be marching through its agenda behind a committed conservative who, you may remember, forced so many Planned Parenthood clinics to close when he was governor of Indiana that it triggered an H.I.V. epidemic. Better insane than sorry.”
    WHAT?!? Only from the NYT. Closing PP caused HIV to rise? OMG.

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  6. Even Whoopi the slow must remember “Yellow Journalism” from US history
    in high school. Usually highlighted with the agitation to start the so-called
    Spanish-American War in the late 1800s. Miraculously Yellow Journalism
    disappears in US history textbooks before the first of the good wars against
    the bad Germans, World War I. World War II is the pinnacle of War Goodness celebrating the devastation of Germany and enabling
    communism to control half of Europe. Does Whoopi have a clue
    we may be subject to more Yellow Journalism promoting endless
    wars for Israel in the Middle East and now Korea?

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  7. And these dopes influence millions of stupid viewers!

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  8. One really does have to question Whoopi’s intelligence . . . here she is aging, and you can tell from the hair grow out next to her scalp that she is extremely grey . . . so then we see the blackest of black dreadlocks which have been affixed to the real grey hair. What person of reasonable intelligence would not check their appearance. After 30 to 49 years of wearing that hairstyle . . . maybe it’s time to give it a rest!

    Joy Beyhart’s voice makes me nauseated just hearing it. Then upon hearing it, having took at that ugly mug is enough to give one heart failure.

    The only time I watch these misfits is when a snipet of their show is featured to show the absurdity of it all. Years ago, I tried watching it, but soon became sick of them, so it they disappeared from the air waves, it would not hurt me.

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  9. Someone should do a study of this. The “news” is forever trotting out “experts” on whatever their bosses want pushed. The “expert” usually has a PhD (probably wrote his thesis on the sex life of the German cockroach), but, what the hay, he’s a “doctor”.

    The corollary to this are people watching shows like this for “intellectual” value. Wha……? When I’m perplexed I can tell you that the first person I want advice from is Whoopi Goldberg.

    If Whoopy isn’t available, I go to Colbert. There must be a name for this. The stupid seeking advice from the stupid AND self-absorbed.

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