Woman named Ciara Miller screams at veteran with PTSD service dog; blames ‘racism’

We seem to have an epidemic of women going berserk in public places:

  • Two days ago, I did a post on an American woman in Denmark verbally assaulting a Danish man for wearing a MAGA hat.
  • A day ago, I did a post on a woman bathing herself in the produce section of a supermarket.

Here’s another woman going apesh*t — a black woman screams and yells obscenities at a veteran for bringing his service dog into a restaurant, although the dog’s coat is clearly labeled “PTSD Service Dog”.

Service dogs are legally permitted in restaurants, but the screaming woman claims the veteran is not allowed to bring his dog inside. Her cucked boyfriend stands next to her, looking embarrassed.

A waitress is heard saying, “He’s allowed because he fought for our country.” The screaming woman then claims her husband was also a serviceman who died abroad, and continues screaming “It’s nasty to me! It’s fucking disgusting! There should be a separate section for the fucking animals!” and calling other diners names.

The vet and the staff at the restaurant try to calm the woman down and get her to leave, but she refuses. Eventually, she begins heading to the door, but turns back and ramps things up again, screaming “It’s my opinion, none of y’all are gonna change it! It’s disgusting, it’s gross!”.

Notice that throughout the woman’s screaming tirade, the service dog remained calm and well-behaved, thereby demonstrating who the real “animal” was that should be barred from that restaurant.

H/t Daily Mail

Update (Sept. 23, 2017):

The restaurant is Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware City, Delaware.

The name of the woman who screamed obscenities at a veteran with PTSD and his calm, composed service dog is Ciara Miller — and she is now resorting to the race card.

Miller tells TMZ that she went on the rant because she was called a “nigger” — which I don’t believe for a second. Even TMZ points out that Miller made no reference to racism during her rant.

From TMZ, Sept. 22, 2017:

Ciara Miller tells TMZ … before the camera started rolling, a woman at Kathy’s Crab House in Delaware called her the n-word and other customers hurled racial slurs at her for leaving because she didn’t like the dog being near her while she ate. She says that’s why she was captured on video screaming at them.

Miller admits she was grossed out by the dog, but claims she was leaving peacefully until she was accosted in front of her daughter by the woman and other people who knew the veteran with the dog.

Ciara tells us she has family members who served in the military with PTSD, so she understands the need for service dogs … but she still doesn’t like them in restaurants personally.

In the vid — which went viral after Kathy’s owner posted it online — Ciara argues with several patrons about the service dog, but doesn’t seem to refer to any racist comments.


52 responses to “Woman named Ciara Miller screams at veteran with PTSD service dog; blames ‘racism’

  1. She is lucky I was not involved. I would have sicked FIDO on her Snowflake ass.

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  2. The animal here was two legged, not four.

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  3. There is a looney bin for such as her.

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  4. “Service dogs” are the biggest scam. There are numerous websites where you can buy the certificates for animals with absolutely no training.


  5. TNB exacerbated by BLM.

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  6. Tales of three women:

    “The drink that was on me is now on you, you American, you.” F word omitted. More than once.

    “Hi, my name is ……, and I am addicted to rolling in vegetables.” “Hi, …….”

    “Dogs are unclean, Muhammad forbids them near us! Vote for sharia, make America a no-go zone.”

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  7. I agree. It is disgusting to have a filthy animal in a restaurant. They should have thrown her out.

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  8. Wow, both my Rotties woke up and came by my side. Normal people do Not behave like that.

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  9. I relocated to Victoria, BC at the end of February 1993, semi-retired at age 50. However, this plan went seriously astray before Christmas, 1999, as I was rear-ended in light traffic at least 5 times, maybe 6; we stopped counting after a serious one that required 2.5 yrs medical follow-up for PTSD. Despite the occasional stupid cartoons and crass ‘humour’ PTSD is not funny in any way. I have to contend w/it in some form several times a day, especially in traffic.

    I’ve a close friend in WA state who served 3 tours in VietNam in Army Engineers; he came home w/severe PTSD, but it was either not recognised or Veterans Affairs refused to treat it correctly. Twenty-odd years after his discharge Larry & his wife were accosted by their miserable landlord, drunkenly demanding their rent a week early. When the fool started yelling at Marilyn, Larry saw The Enemy threatening his family, so he went to their bedroom, came back w/his .45 and shot the creep twice. At his trial for murder not a single person appeared on behalf of the landlord; in fact, several relatives testified that he was an angry belligerant fool, and they were glad he was dead. In spite of this Larry got 16 years in Maximum for Murder 1.

    For me, this stupid woman is exactly the same as that fool landlord; she is VERY fortunate the vet and his dog had a million times more grace under pressure than she will ever know. If we’re lucky, she won’t be so lucky the next time.


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    • That’s quite a story. Sorry about your friend. Hurricane Katrina left me homeless and it took me a good 10 years to overcome my mild PTSD from the total destruction in New Orleans. So I know first hand the misery PTSD can inflict.

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      • Hello, MyBrainHurts! I’ve had a rather violent life at times, not because I wanted it that, just a lot of non-fatal accidents, although the RCMP said the last car I totaled, my 6 month old Audi in 1987, should have killed me. David Bromley, my employee who saw it all happen while driving ahead of me to work, returned to the site and met the cop, said ‘He sounded disappointed.’ So it goes. I’m alive ONLY by the grace of God and my two exhausted guardian angels [one takes a break while the other watches out for me, as I’m so ‘accident’ prone.]

        Anyhow, at age 8 my oldest daughter went out w/her mum to see a movie; when they returned their cottage had burned completely, even killing her three pets. She’s NEVER recovered from that total loss, and at 47 still has HUGE problems. You are fortunately stronger and better equipped to deal with the event and to process the healing, more power to you. Be patient on yourself, it may take decades until you are ‘yourself’. People today wonder why I must leave any group of people when they chat casually, albeit the talk is harmless, my brain starts to feel as if it will explode. Very weird.

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  10. Being a “silent majority” American living in fly over land, this is the kind of %^*% that just infuriates me. I try to be a calm, reasonable person but I’ve finally had enough of these outbursts from people, what the hell is happening to people? This woman has clearly lost her mind and civility towards other people. Shame on her and may she be blessed enough to never need a service dog herself.

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  11. If I owned that restaurant I would have thrown her out of there so fast she wouldn’t have had time to bounce. He should keep a roll of duct tape handy for the likes of her.

    Mouthy, obnoxious scum. Enough is enough. If these idiots won’t show any basic human respect they should be taught a lesson. Just like peer pressure is causing our culture to collapse, peer pressure can be used to turn this around. Nobody should feel afraid to say what’s on their minds when confronted with the likes of this.

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  12. Girl forgot her meds. Absolutely insane.

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    • I’ve known a dozen people diagnosed as ‘crazy’ who got good help, so as long as they take their meds and stay in touch w/their care provider, they are just as normal as one of us. Well, maybe count me out, as I’m half-nutso half the time and want to go crazy the rest of the time, mostly if I meet this type of wo/man, as they are crazy-making to other people.

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  13. WTH? I can’t get over the tall guy that was with the big mouth… Does he actually LIKE her?! And I wonder, does he continue his relationship with her after this?! Haha!

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  14. Side issue: this is what comes of our germ phobic society. Combine that with no self control, and far too little societal disapproval of the lack of self control and this is where we end up.

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  15. I hate to have to say this but the longer I live the more nasty ass women I keep running into . this drama queen is so typical. Society just continues breaking down, with all of these defective humans running around! So sad😑

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  16. I think she was just another angry black racist looking for any excuse to open her oversized mouth and spout her venom. Her picture should be posted in every restaurant so they can refuse her service.
    But since she is a member of The Protected Class, it will never happen.
    …. and I don’t for a minute believe her story about her husband. He wouldn’t have to leave the country to get killed to escape her. Just go to Chicago and wait on any street corner……

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  17. Obama, progressives and the last 8 years built that…

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    • EXACTLY, Anon…..”Build it, & they will come.” That’s exaclty what we are seeing here & almost everyday in our nation’s streets. Obama wore a “666” on his forehead for 8 yrs & BUILT the nation of the “entitled” & malcontent “victims” & bullies who feel free to unleash their fowl mouths & uncouth, uneducated, uneducable, “feelings” & actions upon anyone & everyone.

      This is why Trump was (marginally) elected. WE STILL hang by a thread in this country today: If he can not supercede this progressive mania that swept this country into the near DUST BIN of history——the down-spiral of Socialism into a third-world country (after all…..the baby-boomers will ALL be RETIRED or DEAD SOON..& THERE “goes” the economic neighborhood for Socialists…..) We have to understand that, unless Trump and supporters can “run them off at the pass,” REAL Progressive /Socialist/ Racist/Activist will win in the next election– I PREDICT Ellison or the likes–a RADICAL ” cousin” of Hillary or Sanders…or their clones (seeing as they BOTH have one foot in the grave even NOW, let alone in another 3 or more years). I keep beating this drum & I’m afraid no one is listening……

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  18. Well, 35 seconds into the video, and I see nothing a good, swift swing of a Louisville slugger couldn’t fix. But perhaps I’d enjoy even better calling the police out to arrest her and drag her out, hissing and screaming… let her see the consequences of her actions. Something her parents may have fallen short of. But then we all know she’d start screaming racism and misogyny and police abuse. So we’re back to the baseball bat therapy. Self defense.

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  19. How very sad our veteran and innocent dog had to experience something like that.
    People like this witch has become so empowered the last eight years, it keeps escalating. And yet, she will be the first to say she is being stifled.

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  20. The woman now claims she’s a victim of — you guessed it — RACISM.
    Scroll up to end of this post for update!

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  21. Nothing worse than an unsolicited opinion from a self-righteous arrogant dingbat. Strange that such irrational outbursts tend to originate from the same ‘kind’ of people.


  22. Blacks have been incited to hatred of and violence toward white Gentiles
    for decades by the so-called Civil Rights movement pushed by non-stop
    shrill propaganda from mainstream media. The aim is to destroy
    the culture and economy of European-American Gentiles so
    a small parasitic, hostile elite can rule absolutely. End result
    will be another “India”, a nation of impoverished mongrels.


  23. You might want to ask these guys about it.


  24. Yep, eight years of Obongonism brought us this:

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  25. Stupid Bitch! And people wonder why there’s a problem with Race! Because this is how these people behave, come on really, anytime and every time they see an opportunity to act like jungle idiots they do! Burn businesses, steal and loot when given a free pass! Wtf ever, act like a human and you might get treated like a human. Makes me sick!


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