Rocklin charter school won’t allow parents to opt out of “transgender” teachings

robin stout rocklin superintendent

Rocklin Superintendent Robin Stout

Solution: Disenroll and/or homeschool.

I told you about this school in August when a kindergarten teacher led a “transgender” discussion in class, to introduce a child who was “transitioning,” without notifying parents of the discussion. Many parents were outraged.

Looks like the school is doubling down on denying biology and moving forward with the “transgender” agenda.

From KCRA: The school board for Rocklin Academy Charter School voted late Monday night in favor of a literary policy that allows controversial books like “I Am Jazz,” which is about a transgender girl, to be read in class and won’t allow parents the option of opting their children out of that lesson.

However, the school will “endeavor” to notify parents about such controversial topics.

Hundreds of parents packed the charter school board meeting for the Rocklin Academy Family of Schools Monday for a passionate debate about gender identity and its place in the classroom.

Some parents proposed a new policy requiring the charter school to let them know if controversial topics, like gender identity, would be discussed in class and allow their students to opt out.

“For them to say that they can teach my child about transgender without me even knowing about it is wrong,” said parent Chelsea McQuistan, who has two children who attend Rocklin Academy Gateway and a third who is about to enter kindergarten.

“Gender and sexuality are not the same thing, and I think we end up in a place where parents can opt out of anything they find offensive, which is subjective,” said Jen Hansen, another parent in the charter school.

The debate was sparked in June when a Rocklin Academy Gateway transgender student brought the book “I Am Jazz,” to her kindergarten class. She then asked the teacher to read the book, which is about a transgender girl’s transition, to the class so other students knew what she was going through.

Some parents said their children came home questioning their gender after school. “This book was outside the curriculum and I see it as a controversial subject to discuss with a kindergartner,” said Wendy Sickler, who is the parent of two kids at Rocklin Academy Gateway.

Ankur Dhawan’s daughter was in class when the teacher read “I Am Jazz” to students and was taken aback when she told him about it.

“I’ve struggled with the question of parental notification quite a bit. But when I put my need against the child who’s going through that transition, I realized it’s not the same thing,” Dhawan said. “This child needs us to come together as a community and respect their dignity and their character.”

California law allows parents to opt out of sex education, but gender identity doesn’t fall under that category.

“It’s like race or religion or ethnicity. It’s a protected class but it’s not sex ed so parents actually don’t have the opportunity to opt out and it would be illegal for the school to make it possible to opt out,” said Elizabeth Ashford, who works for Fiona Hutton and Associates, the public relations firm hired by Rocklin Academy to serve as spokesperson.

“It does not prohibit an opt-out provision for school districts, so for them to say that is just disingenuous,” California Family Council Director Greg Burt said in response to Ashford’s statement.

The school board heard more than three hours of comment before they voted late Monday to not to change their current literature policy, which allows the inclusion of transgender characters, and “endeavor” to notify parents about controversial topics.

“The school is going to endeavor to do that,” Ashford said. “If they can’t get to it ahead of it, they will try to inform the parents after the fact.”

The board also struck down a proposal to allow parents to opt out of gender identity topics in class.

Rocklin Academy said 14 families have chosen to disenroll from their charter schools as a result of this issue, and they expect more families to withdraw in the wake of the board meeting.


23 responses to “Rocklin charter school won’t allow parents to opt out of “transgender” teachings

  1. I will bet the girl that brought the book to school was her parents/parent’s idea. I would even question the parents/parent on who they are and their life style. I would be furious at this crap!!!!!!!!!!

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  2. Time for the parents to take their children out of this school. I know that is easier said than done.

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  3. so much evil….so much is wrong with souls, health, and mindsets of people in positions of authority today…
    seems like a prerequisite to be in a position of authority, one must be corrupted.
    you find this evil is corrupting innocent lives everywhere you go…satan is spread far and wide

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  4. Just more indoctrination. The parents have no say. If the schools elect to ignore the parents the parents should decide not to fund the schools.

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  5. Unbelievable! Please President Trump help! We can all live together but we should not be forced to put this kind of teaching in our children’s mind! Who’s the parent??

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  6. If they don’t like what is being taught then they should dis enroll and when the school start to lose money then it will change the lessons

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  7. If I did have a child at this age and was faced with the situation, I know I would at the least, home school my own child in the true moral aspects and realities of sexual perversions, transgenderisms, and normal sexual attractions. Then assuring him or her there would be no repercussions of expressing disapproval, disgust, and just rejecting the teachers and schools teachings. It would be they who would have to my child out.

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  9. Any ‘parent’ who would allow or approve of such genital mutilation on an underage child should be neutered and incarcerated for life.
    Any ‘doctor’ who performs such procedures on those children should be summarily executed, in the most painful way possible.
    The school superintendent and teacher involved should be decertified as they are not fit to educate anyone.

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  10. Deuteronomy 6:6-7 6And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart: 7And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children, and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house, and when thou walkest by the way, and when thou liest down, and when thou risest up.


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  11. I would hope for more than 14 families to remove their children, hard or not. When a parent loses the right to monitor what their child is being exposed to, time to move on.
    The superintendent looks guilty of the very thing she is cramming down the children’s throats.

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    • Bravo, Glenn….exactly. VOTE with your feet…..walk away…..these parents and children should LEAVE this charter school and find another charter or public school to their liking/values….or at LEAST one that respects their right to parent their child at home in sex education and anything connected to that. I am a teacher in a public school and have to walk the fine line in all of this……and, what I do is to go by the OFFICIAL STUDENT ENROLLMENT RECORD….if their name on my roll is “DAISY” but they are “transitioning” by choice, unofficially, to “DANNY”….I ADHERE to my OFFICIAL enrollment record…….AND do not use any gender-specific references to them…..I call them by enrolled name or nuetral references…like, “see that THEY all got the hand-outs at DAISY’S table..”

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  12. Something about it will be better for them to have a mill stone tied around their necks and thrown into the sea than to have offended one of these little ones.

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  13. 41 families have pulled 73 children from the elite Sacramento-area Rocklin Academy charter schools as the board continues to defend a kindergarten transgender lesson several parents say traumatized their 5-year-olds and that parents weren’t told about beforehand.

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  14. This insanity could not be happening, without the media being behind it,.
    So, will somebody, please remind me again, as to , exactly who it is that owns the media, in America,.
    I keep forgetting,..


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  16. Chula Vista, CA elementary school district implementing Welcoming Schools Program. I AM JAZZ book is flagship of the program. We are homeschooling this coming school year. Following is link to recent review of the book by medical professional. Kids need to receive accurate and complete information and clearly the topic is not age appropriate for elementary school.

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