Woman bathes in produce section of supermarket

Are Americans getting crazier by the day?

This video was taken on September 3, 2017 in a Kroger supermarket in Stone Mountain, GA. The description on the video’s YouTube page says:

“I just witnessed a woman slap two random people in store for no apparent reason. When approached by the Loss Prevention department, she immediately started to scream “rape and abuse.” When the police were called, she ran to jump in the fresh produce and began to bathe.”

H/t Clash America


35 responses to “Woman bathes in produce section of supermarket

  1. Sounds like it’s lock up time in the local mental health facility.

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    Another day in the weirdo section of America. When this happens it gives me the impression that she wanted her minutes in the fame .aisle. Time to take her to looney bin check out aisle. People are starving for attention these days. I guess ome people make big bucks to do these things?


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  3. Why? Because the sprinkler was near the cauliflower.

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  4. That produce is for internal use, not topical! Have you been ingesting or inhaling improper vegetation, including herbs, spices, and fungal growths?

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  5. “My Swiss Chard has a yeast infection”! Put down that crack pipe, now! Maybe her herbalist told her that Glyphosate is good for psoriasis.

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  6. Some one forgot her meds that day!

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  7. That’s not bathing. That’s gender identity #34–sex with produce.

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  8. She COULD be hypoglycemic-people do strange things when THAT happens….(don’t ask me how I know…)

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  9. All very sick, how far will it go? Read or ask for instructions from the user’s manual for the human body.

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    Ma’am, that is not the Jolly Green Giant, there is no such being, he was just a creation for commercial marketing!

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  11. The fruit basket missed her isle by just a few yards.

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  12. Was the man near her her husband? Talk about low-life’s!!!! Scum of the earth! I hope she doesn’t have children!!!!!!


  13. WTF is wrong with people? I’d have grabbed her leg and dragged her out of the store. Enough of this “pc” crap!

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  14. thank God she wasn’t naked….how does loss prevention prevent that mess?
    too bad the sprinklers didn’t turn on….she would’ve had quite a surprise

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  15. What might be ailing her doesn’t actually need to be caused by illegal drugs–we are prescribed far too many drugs by our doctors these days, that can cause side effects so awful as to make your hair curl! Some psych drugs can actually cause those same sorts of psychotic symptoms when the patient is removed from them too quickly! One ridiculous drug advertised on tv a lot even lets everyone know up front that one of it’s side effects can be “Hallucinations”–what??!!! I sit there listening to things like that, and I want to shout, “Stop prescribing drugs that have such severe side effects!!!” It’s complete madness, in my opinion!

    I thought the woman bathing in that produce section would be seen to be coherent–however, that woman really did appear to be psychotic, not in control of her behavior at all!

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  16. The dude should’ve washed her with prickly pears, or a pineapple. If I was one of the random people she slapped, I’d have found some habanero peppers & smashed them in her face.

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  17. Poor woman, she may have missed her meds, or have escaped from the metal facility.

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  18. “Clean up, on aisle 9…”

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  19. Damn that cut off my Food Stamps, evicted me from the slums and took my kids away.
    I know I will act crazy get locked up and get 3 hots and a cot.

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  20. On a related note, the other day I caught my second idiot in a year peeing in public in our parking lot at work in broad daylight.

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  21. So Kroghetto!

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  22. Wasn’t she just in a restaurant, bitching about a service dog?

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  23. Well…I thought in my CA produce aisles, I’d seen EVERYTHING—like the nearly naked (I live near a LAKE) on a weekend tourist-shopping spree in the local market( bikinnis on a 75-yr old strolling down the store aisles…..or, sans bathing-suite, the same aged-woman, raw, in a wet T-shirt and underwear or WHATEVER……the local “stoned” street walkers–both male & female….the local WalMART/ KMart shopper outrages….seen IT ALL!—I THOUGHT! BUT I’ve NEVER EVER seen someone bathing, prone, up on the shelf, in the mist of the veggie aisle!

    UGH! I’ll wonder about my “fresh” produce from now on! ANOTHER good reason, besides poisoned Mexican or Chinese produce, to keep growing my OWN container/small patch vegetable/hanging planter gardens(w/mostly waste water) where ever and whenever possible! (This year I’ve eaten ONLY my own tomatoes—-made tomato JAM out of the excess…mmm/w spices/home-grown herbs..all cooked down/served on bread/crackers over cream cheese—a great lunch or snack!) , spinach, lettuces, peppers of ALL kinds, (pickled tons of them to serve w/winter sandwiches & soup ) onions, & several varieties of Japanese Eggplant, Zuchinni, white grapes out the wah-zu—including jelly-making, many herbs, 2 kinds of citrus, & figs—excess figs made into a spiced “chutney-like” spread….AND…I add…my own excess hen eggs made into either custard or a custard pie, or an egg quiche, or other preserved custard spread for toast, etc….I am a really BUSY woman….with demands of my own career, my aged parents/in-laws, and my grown kids and their families…..but I STILL, in a desert, pretty much trust only my own ingenuity and limited time to grow at least HALF of what I eat for the year…..I want to cut my risk in half…or whatever possible in my circumstances. These days, that counts for SOMETHING with all the craziness like this woman on this post, & then ADD in the lethal germs brought to us from 3rd-world country imports. AND…PS….I first started this quest to NOT save me….but to save my pets when we found that Chinese chews and Chinese pet foods were killing our dogs and cats….we switched to rice (mixed with some of our daily human-consumed protein/meat) and (home grown) vegetables and scrambled (our own) hen eggs to feed our dogs and cats…..They loved it, gobbled it all up….and we loved the “pet food bill,” which fell to almost nil……(for 3 big Labs/ Lab mixes, at that time).

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