Racist much? HBO actress says at Emmys that she’s “rooting for everybody black”

Issa Rae is an actress, writer and director. She created the HBO show Insecure. Never heard of her nor her show. Apparently she’s popular within the Hollyweird community.

Now she’s popular for being racist, too.

Imagine the outcry if a white person said they were rooting for white people.  But she’ll face no consequences. Liberals love their double standards.


8 responses to “Racist much? HBO actress says at Emmys that she’s “rooting for everybody black”

  1. Even if political correctness (yes, left/libtards) is involved…

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  2. This would be front-page and leading TV news if a white actress had said “I’m rooting for everybody white”.

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  3. This is too bad. I discovered a web series “The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl” awhile back from which HBO’s “Insecure” is based. I thought it was clever and funny (and not as dirty as “Insecre” is): https://youtu.be/nIVa9lxkbus

    I was actually impressed by the way the prototype show (ABG) handled race relations, and Issa’s character (based on herself, we’re led to believe) is totally relatable. “Insecure” is another show entirely. While I enjoyed the first season, Season 2 is more of a black “Girls”: raunchy, promiscuous, salacious, and not funny. But Issa Rae has definitely sold her soul: she is Hollywood’s newest “It” girl.

    Not every POC is crazy about Issa, though: https://youtu.be/P5M_VnsHi70

    And: https://youtu.be/0N7nmXrg0xY


  4. I actually thought those “equality laws” applied to everybody. Silly me! Only whites can be racist!

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  5. Yet another headline concerning a ‘celebrity’ I’ve never heard of. Apparently, blacks can say or do anything they want anymore.
    I do believe this country has been Fundamentally Transformed, which was what their goal was in the first place.

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  6. They should all be glad they ain’t gotta count on my vote.

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  7. At least Issa Rae came out and said it. This is the truth: SOME (not “all”) black people are the most blatantly racist people on this Earth.
    But I get it: She has an umbrella of political correctness.

    You know, it’s funny—as in “peculiar”: For a group of people who just hate “the damned White Man,” these people will do almost anything a certain group of persecuted people tell them to do, if you know what I mean.

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  8. Issa Rae Says She Was Rooting Only For Black People To Win Emmys-Seconds Later Karma Hits Her


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