Libtard and TDS-infected Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie flops

jennifer lawrence

Hypocrite Jennifer Lawrence: So concerned about “human activity” and “climate change” she flies by private jet.


Why is this idiot still living in the USA? The world didn’t end upon Trump’s election. Do as you said you’d do and get your butt outta here!

From Yahoo: The gonzo horror movie Mother! has had an impressively terrible weekend at the US box office, where it has suffered a triquetra of indignities, namely mass walkouts, an F grade from audiences and lacklustre ticket sales.

The film, which has inspired an abundance of explainers attempting to decipher what it all meant, grossed just $7.5 million at the box office despite a significant marketing campaign, making it the lowest wide-release opening of star Jennifer Lawrence’s career, and the latest film to enter into the pantheon of movies graced with an “F” score from exiting audience members.

Twitter is abuzz with tales of walkouts during screenings both in the UK and US, with reaction to the film appearing split down the middle – some calling it a masterpiece, others proclaiming it the worst film they’ve ever seen.

The film also received an “F” grade CinemaScore from exit polling at select cinemas across the USA, putting it company with critical darlings like Steven Soderbergh’s Solaris, William Friedkin’s Bug and the Australian horror flick Wolf Creek, all of which received F grades upon their respective US releases.

Right-wing Americans have also been gloating over the film’s financial failure (you bet we are!), following an attempt at boycotting Lawrence for comments in which she tied together Donald Trump’s election, his stance on climate change, “Mother Nature’s wrath” and Hurricane Irma.


13 responses to “Libtard and TDS-infected Jennifer Lawrence’s latest movie flops

  1. Haha, hopefully this is the beginning of the end of her overrated career.

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  2. “Lawrence…tied together Donald Trump’s election, his stance on climate change, Mother Nature’s wrath and Hurricane Irma.”

    Shame on Jennifer Lawrence for trying to score political capital out of her fellow Americans’ miseries.

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  3. I love it when a plan comes together!

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  4. I am tickled pink over her failure to bring in the “paying customers.” It is well deserved since her comments over American citizens D-E-S-E-R-V-I-N-G the damage and carnage of hurricane Irma . . . Ms Lawrence deserves to have everything taken from her, her fame, her money, her ability to fly on private jets . . . . . . she is after all a schmuck!

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  5. Bahahahahahaha………….

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  6. Once again. People are voting with their wallets. You can spin something anyway you want. But ‘thinking people’ will still see right through it. I say keep on putting this manure out. Use up all of your resources. And then fergetabout it when you are destitute. I’ll be the first NOT TO HELP.

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  7. Kharma strikes again!

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  8. Who is Jennifer Lawrence?????
    ….and why should I care?

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  9. “Secret SATANIC Messages In Movie ´´Mother´´ ”

    sounds like she married the god of the underworld, i.e. satan
    and there is a picture of “god” in flames holding earth with his left hand and the flames on the side of the earth look like flaming horns (baphomet burning influence over the world)…
    the whole video has interesting points and observations, esp. the ending.

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