Strict gun control in Chiraq: One person shot every 2 hours and 18 minutes


Below are the shooting numbers for this past weekend. Expect the final tally to go up by Monday morning. It always goes up.

From MyFoxChicago: Nine people have been shot dead and at least 27 others wounded in Chicago since Friday evening.

Four of the murder victims were shot on Friday night in the Brighton Park neighborhood on Chicago’s Southwest Side. In that attack, three men and one woman were shot dead in a car. The woman was pregnant. Chicago police said that shooting was gang related and that three of the victims were gang members.

The website “,” which tracks violence in Chicago, said that on average, a person is shot about every 2 hours and 18 minutes in the city. On average, two people are murdered every day.

So far this year, more than 500 people have been murdered in Chicago. The vast majority of the killers used a gun.


19 responses to “Strict gun control in Chiraq: One person shot every 2 hours and 18 minutes

  1. Well, if you are honest with yourself, they are correct. If there were no guns it would be impossible to shoot anyone. The problem is that this is never going to happen. A moot point. And even if it did these people are resourceful. They would simply use knives, bats, bow and arrows, maybe even IEDs to accomplish their goals. The culture and ethics must change.

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  2. Lol, where’s the blm protests and riots?

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  3. When will the Mayor realize what a world-wide laughing stock he is with his “strict gun control”? I just can’t believe he proudly proclaims this with a straight face…..OH,that’s right-he uses the “Hillary Method”,and blames all the surrounding PRO-gun States for HIS failure.

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    • If gun control, the kind where the right of the people to keep and carry guns is restricted or denied, is the answer, then why isn’t the Mayor and Hillary Clinton disarming their armed security to LEAD BY EXAMPLE?

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  4. Seems to me that with all this lead flying around, you would think that maybe a stray round or two would find ‘Deadfish’……
    I guess all the homo bathhouses there have adequate security in place.

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  5. Chicago has a problem but it’s not my problem. I don’t live there and don’t do business there. Obviously, their gov’t can’t solve it, community activists are apathetic and the citizens seem to like the status quo. Until someone grows a backbone to tackle it or the city goes the way of Ninevah this was the
    last Chicago article I’ll ever read.

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    • judging from Obama’s last eight years,rather than solving their problem,they prefer to make the REST of the US JUST LIKE THEM,so as to “normalize” their problem into something culturally acceptable.

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  6. It is unfortunate that the National Guard is not called in to rein in the wholesale slaughter that is going on in Chicago. Thank God I do not live there, my grandparents keep moving West, thankfully for me.

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  7. Like I keep saying, lock ’em in and it’ll solve itself.

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  8. This death toll in Chiraque is almost catching up with the rate of live sacrifice in MezoAmerica by the Aztecs (called even by their neighbors as “the Dog People”—-and these are the fore-fathers of our Mexican neighbors).

    Look it up and figure it out….b/c of religious days/sacrifices, which could reach 60,000 killed during the weeks of these ceremonies….added to the “regular” sacrifices…..even my students figured out that, statistically, it meant something like a person killed for every minute of every day and night, year-round, non-stop….or even MORE than that…….which is why the temple cities perpetually smelled like rotting blood/corpses when the Conquistadores landed……(bringing with them their EUROPEAN SPANISH LANGUAGE that they forced upon the conquered…..this is another topic for another day…..).

    Wonder if this blood bath/rot has affected Chiraque air quality yet?

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  9. I just wish people would suddenly realize why those in authority in so many places in this country want to disarm the populace. It has to be obvious by this time that disarming us is not to make us safer, for sure. So, what’s the motive behind it then? It’s so obvious to me, that it’s to make certain that we can’t fight back if&when those in charge decide it’s time to rid themselves of the plague of the ‘unwashed masses’ around the world, whom they seem to consider as being nothing more than nuisances.

    If the problem was simple murder then of course murderers can find other means with which to dispatch their victims, no question. However, having their vics unable to fire back in the face of being attacked by those thugs who seem to have no problem at all obtaining guns, just makes the populace sitting ducks. To allow that to continue being the case, in my opinion, is nothing short of causing those behind the ban on guns[which in this country should be recognized as illegal, if the standards contained in the Constitution, which is the LAW in this country, are applied] being complicit in their murders. They have the blood of all unarmed citizens killed by thugs with guns on their hands as surely as though they’d shot those vics themselves, in my opinion.

    After all, if the populace in general where accorded the right to ‘keep and bear arms’, as allotted to them by the Constitution of this country, this subject wouldn’t even be a subject at all–just ask any Texan.

    ” I will extol thee, O Lord; for thou hast lifted me up, and hast not made my foes to rejoice over me….
    … Sing unto the Lord, O ye saints of his, and give thanks at the remembrance of his holiness.

    5 For his anger endureth but a moment; in his favour is life: weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”[Psalm 30: 1,4&5 KJV]

    I wanted to include that verse containing the words, “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.” due to how God helped me through those words when things in my life looked so bleak that I feared I’d never see ‘the light of day’ again–they still help to remind me that, no matter how bleak things look to us right now, after the ‘weeping’ ends, God will bring joy back into our lives once more–He’s promised us that He will, so yes we seem to be beset with more troubles than we can ‘shake a stick’ at, and the world appears to be suffering from a full-on psychotic break right now, but once the morning arrives God will give us reasons to rejoice yet again, and even more so than ever before[ Amen 🙂 ]

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  10. “the ban on guns[which in this country should be recognized as illegal, if the standards contained in the Constitution, which is the LAW in this country, are applied] ”
    I’m convinced that it’s in the nature of Liberals to re-interpret rules,laws and RIGHTS,to “adjust” them to fit THEIR agenda. They’ve done this since they started. This is how they gained such extensive Political power. But how did they re-interpret the Second Amendment to give the Government ANY control over our Right though? There’s no other way to read it but as the Founders MEANT it. It’s explicitly worded to exclude Government’s intervention or interaction,because I suspect the founders could foresee exactly what we face today,and at least gave the Government enough credit to expect them to follow the the law. (They obviously weren’t expecting the GREED of the typical Career Politician.)

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  11. This form of “gun control” works. Rahm and the rest of the parasites are alive.

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  12. If they used 2 hands for better gun control, they could kill each other off, faster, and also cut down on the killings “meant for somebody else”.

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    • Forensically speaking, if they transitioned to shotguns instead of hand guns the fatalities could rise to above 80 percent. hand guns and rifles aren’t very efficient in killing save for cns/circulatory shots, shotguns are far more effective. I don’t, however, expect them to ever carry shotguns because of the inability to conceal them easily under clothing. They could make an appearance in drivebys and blackouts (a blackout is where the assaulters purposefully eliminate everyone in a residence) if they were smart, but thankfully they’re not smart.

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  13. Dear, dear Saints….take a deep look into history and see that the Aztecs sacrificed only the members of captured tribes……..just like today’s “gangsta” warfare in the urban cities….ONE TRIBE against another…..”sacrificed” for a “sacred” tribal “code” of ethics and behavior. There is NOTHING new under the sun. ONLY decades, centuries change but the motivations of people stilll remain the SAME.

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