American woman in Denmark attacks Danish man for wearing a MAGA hat

At a unibar near Aarhus University in Aarhus, Denmark, an American woman went berserk when she saw a man wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat.

Language Warning

She screams at the man:

“Doing this [wearing a MAGA hat], like, to the world, what the fuck is wrong with people? What is fucking wrong with you? You are a horrible human being! Horrible human being!”

She stands up to leave. The Danish man says:

“Liberal tolerance at hand.”

The woman gets even angrier and screams:

“I do not fucking tolerate fucking, fucking racist! You are a horrible fucking human being, and I hope you go home and feel fucking ashamed of yourself!”

The man asks: “For what?”

She yells:

“For fucking being a fucking racist! You fucking human piece of shit!”

As she leaves the bar, the man tells her that what she did to him is an illegal assault.

The man says he took legal action the next day, charging the woman with the hate crime of “politically motivated assault”.

H/t LiveLeak


31 responses to “American woman in Denmark attacks Danish man for wearing a MAGA hat

  1. She’s horrid and a foul wretched wench that looks like she needs a shower and a make-over! I hope you sue her ars for touching you totally unprovoked!

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  2. What the hell is a unibar? Is it like a unibrow? For people on unicycles? Those with one limb? Or, more obviously with a uni point of view?

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  3. The pharmaceutical companies must be making a killing now with all the proggies having to treat their TDS!

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    • Exactly.
      They now have a perfect test for whether a person needs immediate medical treatment (or psychological, or imprisonment, or perhaps — what I’d suggest here — a frontal lobotomy). Just expose the person in question to images of Trump, Fox News, MAGA hats, etc., and gauge their responses. It’s almost like a rabid animal to water, or a vampire to a cross. Hmmm…

      The scary thing is that the slightly-less-rabid subhumans will still respond to things as innocuous as over-40y-old white men, conservatives, Republicans, Christians, suburbanites, and other folks once held to be pillars of society.

      Why? Because we refuse to allow them to destroy society and convert it into some primal satanic cult where anything is acceptable, so long as it’s perverted in the sight of God. Because we disagree in our vision for the future of our country, our beliefs in the past, and our ideology for the present.

      Especially sad this leftist whore so negatively represented our country in a European vista known for its old-school liberalism. Makes us look nutty.

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  4. WOW-THAT hurt!!!! She’s the picture next to “the F-Bomb”! She used the F-word more times in one minute than I’ve heard in the last Month! Her Mom must be SO proud of her little girl. BTW–PLEASE put her BACK on her Tranquilizers! Isn’t it funny that SHE calls the GUY a horrible person? I didn’t hear HIM be anything but polite and courteous to her. Not ONCE did he call HER a F***ing ANYTHING. In SOME parts of America,she’d have been smacked down hard for that kinda behavior,so I guess she was lucky in that way. Sad that she felt she had to go “out of Country” to behave that way.

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    • truck . . . I can only hope that her little venture of going ” ‘out of Country’ to behave that way,” gets her arrested by the Danish police for a hate crime relative to verbal political assault. I don’t have a drop of sympathy. You remember that old adage . . . “The Ugly American,” . . . she makes an excellent poster child for that saying. What a POS. It makes me ashamed that she is an American; she seems to act like an escapee from a mental institution. Thankfully, he remained polite and never retaliated against her. I just hope that the police nab her sorry behind!

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      • Hi Auntie,
        No, “She” is NOT an “American!!” By taking on that persona it is patently obvious that she is a “Fascist!!!” Very LEFT and a loser…. You have to remember that to be an “American” you believe in Our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our System of Jurisprudence “As In-visioned” by our Founding Fathers!! Also remember that when Barac Obama won the White House “Americans” accepted that he was the duly elected President and did not throw “Hissy Fits,” declare that,”He Is NOT MY PRESIDENT” or Riot in the streets!! SO!!, THAT’s the Difference!!
        Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat.

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    • Yeah, a regular little “good will ambassador”. I’m sorry but people like this are a waste of skin. Rude, self-serving, illogical, profane and idiotic. Someone like her is a good argument for child abuse. She should have been smacked every time she opened her mouth. She has no respect for others so I have no respect for her.

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  5. Just don’t know what “Make America Great Again” has to do with racism. Clearly these scum are the traitors. They want to see this nation fall, and uncontrolled massive immigration is the perfect weapon. There can be absolutely no other reason for such irrational support of such an influx of foreign culture and influence, other than pure ignorance.

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  6. Too much CNN; that broadcasting should not be viewed before 11:00 p. m. And after 11:00:01 p. m.

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  7. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Product of American academia, culinary/biological scrambled brains.

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  8. He should have sold her to a Muslim.

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  9. Ugly American crunt.


  10. I will go out on a limb here and write, with casual observation and with decent intuition that liberal, lefty progressives use foul language more often to make themselves understood than conservative, right, traditionalists do.
    So there 🙂

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  11. Even though the Danes will fall to Islam like most of their fellow European countries, it’s refreshing this twit may hopefully get some jail time and have time to reflect on her actions. She’s now found she can get away with her foul rants here, but not in Europe. Will she be able to learn from this lesson by correlating it to her US political ideology and world history to have any type of positive outcome?

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  12. More from the ‘Tolerant’ Left

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  13. She needs to be locked up quickly before she starts foaming at the mouth and bites someone!

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  14. I bet she didn’t go bonkers until after he told her he wouldn’t bang her with Smorgenflourd’s pecker.


  15. Please, keep us updated on where this story goes. Would love to hear the ending.

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  16. Cindy, sadly, there is no ending to this story. It just repeats over and over and over. The faces may change but the tune stays the same.

    I spent 35 years working in a steel foundry, which is conducive to some of the saltiest language imaginable, especially when summer temps inside can often soar to over 150 degrees on the melt shop floor. And I am now 57 years old, with my parents having passed away only a couple of years ago, and yet I never used a single cuss word in front of them. How can this apparently semi literate, probably financially sound young lady use such vulgar language in front of a crowd of people that she doesn’t even know? To say that I would never allow my daughter to speak like that in public is putting it mildly.

    Honestly, when I heard this, my first thought was not to be ashamed for my country, but to be ashamed for this young woman’s parents. I am sure that they will see this, and no doubt even if they are the classic liberals, they will feel some sense of moral failure, for the way that they raised such a classless piece of work. Sadly, her prospects for the future are dim, along with many thousands of those just like her. What employer would hire someone who lacks the emotional self control to avoid attacking a total stranger in a foreign country over what head gear they are wearing?

    I have to say, as much as I feel sorry for this young woman, she needs to spend a few weeks in a Danish prison, considering just exactly what to do with the rest of her life. For the path she is on is obviously not working to well for her right now. She is lucky she was not in the states, where such behavior would not have gotten her the threat of jail, but a possible beating.

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  17. Just yesterday, I saw someone wearing a “Make the U.N. Great Again” as the annual U.N. confab got under way.
    “Make the U.N. Great Again.” Make the U.N. Great Again.
    AKA, Munga! Munga!

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    • As far as I’m concerned, the UN has NEVER been great. Never.
      (It never would have passed the resolution defending S. Korea from the N. Korean and Chinese invasion if the Russian delegation hadn’t missed that Security Council meeting in 1950, for example. There are also numerous instances of UN ‘peace keeping forces’ engaging in crimes such as rape, etc.). I won’t even go into all the crimes committed in NYC by delegates and staff, all protected by Diplomatic Immunity.
      The wording on that hat should read:
      “Make The UN Great……. Finally! …. or shut it down”
      It never should have been permitted to have its headquarters in the US….
      Greenland would be nice….. or a deserted island somewhere.


  18. I think she’s getting to visit the local jail for what she did at 50sec into the video — throwing her drink at the guy (likely in his face), not for the foul language.
    Not to sound masochistic, but many women see that kind of thing in a movie, read about it in “women’s magazines” or books, or hear it at “empowerment” seminars, or just from their girlfriends at the bar… and decide it’s a swell idea to try themselves in order to “express their power” and “impose their will” on others… without first stopping to consider the possible and even likely repercussions. For example, what happens to the guy who does the same thing to a woman? Equality means equality. And civility should still mean something as well.

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  21. OMG; She has to be watching CNN…………..


  22. Now you see what long suffering American men have to put up with.

    Typical American leftist woman can not even put a thought together without an F word or commiting an act of violence on someone or calling them a racist. Trump may have some negative qualities, but he is not racist.

    American leftist tactics on full display: Name calling, getting in your face, hitting you.

    If your name was Alex Jones, she would have spit in your face and charged you for a soda.


  23. Good I hope she goes to jail ,an American goes to Denmark and starts shit . A Danish man comes to new York and gets mugged over a hat ? I live 5 miles from NYC and the assholes we have here in America are complete assholes .this is what we are trying to get rid of but no other country wants them.

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