Yale replaces “freshman,” “upperclassman” with gender neutral terms


No doubt feminazis would love to replace woman with womyn.

From Fox News Insider: Yale University has kicked off the new school year by officially scrapping the terms “freshman” and “upperclassman” and replacing them with the gender-neutral terms “first year” and “upper-level students.”

“It’s really for public, formal correspondence and formal publications … we’re not trying to tell people what language to use in their everyday casual conversations,” Dean Marvin Chun told the school newspaper. “We’re not trying to be language police.”

Chun applauded the “modern” terms, saying he hopes they will be used exclusively in all communications by next academic year.

Rumblings for more inclusivity began last year, and by spring administrators began using the new terms.

Cornell University, Columbia University and Dartmouth College have all inched away from the old labels in official documents as well.


11 responses to “Yale replaces “freshman,” “upperclassman” with gender neutral terms

  1. A rose by any other name……………………..

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  2. Whoever controls the language controls the debate, of course. Yale seems to be a bit late to the game.
    But the real damage Yale University has bequeathed upon America is Skull & Bones, which has almost succeeded in destroying America with giving George H.W. Bush to the world.
    These Connecticut bluebloods may not be inbred, but they just as well should be!

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  3. That Judge Judy eyeroll GIF from the previous post has been relevant for every news story I’ve read today, lol.

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  4. Because any intelligent person knows those terms only apply to men, much like hu-man-ity.

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  5. That term “upper-level” won’t do,in this context. It would make those of”lower levels” feel less worthy,less valuable. The only FAIR way to handle this is to make ALL students “Upper Level” students. (sarc)

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  6. How about “Pre-vert” and “Pro-vert”.

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  8. of course they are telling people what to say in everyday language. This is the start of it….

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    • Quite so. Couple that with the “hate crime” legislation and you can see where this is headed. They will determine not only what you say, but how you say it.

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      • They’ll TRY to determine that,but as long as there is wrong mindedness in the law,they’ll have good people who don’t “see it that way” refusing to comply with their First Amendment violations.

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