UK Islamic school: Kill apostates, transgenders, homosexuals, adulterers!

The video above was taken surreptitiously in an unnamed Islamic school — one of 126 full-time Islamic schools in England. (The number, of course, is even larger for all of the UK.) The video confirms what we know about Islam:

  • It is blood thirsty: The punishment for apostate Muslims, homosexuals and adulterers is death.
  • Muslims don’t believe in friendship or co-existence with non-Muslims. There is only “hatred and hostility forever,” until all non-Muslims are converted to Islam.
  • Christians are vile and disgusting.

This is what the female teacher in a burqa said:

(1) About apostate Muslims who want to “get out of Islam,” the woman asks “What are we going to do?” and answers her own question:

We kill him. Kill the one who rejects Islam. Yeah, kill him. You have to kill him, do you understand?”

(2) About adulterers, the teacher asks “The judgment for adultery, what is the law?” and answers:

Stone him, until he dies. And the one who is not married? Lash him lash him. Yes, with 100 lashes.”

(3) About transgenders and homosexuals:

“If someone makes themselves like a man — a woman like a man — the punishment is kill. Kill them. Throw them for the highest place. We are not going to be like animals, living like animals. Or to be like . . . homosexuals. We have to take the judgment. The judgment is to kill them. The punishment for homosexuals is to throw them from the highest point and then stone them. So if you throw someone off a mountain, you are reducing them to the lowest of the low, because they are falling off the highest place.”

(4) About non-Muslims:

“It is not enough that you worship Allah. We have to also in our heart hate what displeases Allah and love what Allah loves. You have to hate what displeases Allah, especially when living in this country with non-Muslims. Vanity, we are free from you, and whatever you worship beside Allah, we have rejected you and there has appeared between us and you hostility and hatred forever, until you believe in Allah alone. You understand, sister? Islam is keeping away from disbelief and from the disbelievers — the people who disbelieve. Any questions? To be a good friend, to give them all our secrets? No, you understand? You don’t have to be friends with them. That is not allowed, because loyalty is only to the Muslim, not to the kaffir [non-believer; non-Muslim].

(5) About Christians:

“The message the Quran came to confirm the truth in the previous scriptures. We feel nothing sometimes going past the church. We look at it in disgust and think, ‘What are those people doing in there? What they say with their tongues is so vile and disgusting. It’s an abomination.‘ He [A Muslim] shouldn’t be indifferent and say things like ‘You go to church, I go to the mosque. Let’s all stay together like one big happy family and all be united as humanity.’ This is false! It doesn’t work. This concept is a lie, it’s fake and it is a farce.”

(6) During the discussion portion of the class, a young woman in the audience said:

The Quran says we made people different to know one another. And if you communicate with the other and you show the beauty of Islam, then maybe people could come into Islam.”

The teacher’s response:

“It does not mean that we should oppress them. It doesn’t mean that we don’t give them rights. It doesn’t mean that we don’t help them. But it doesn’t mean we should befriend them.

Another woman said:

There are some conditions that can take you into disbelief — to take the British citizenship. Whether you like it or not, for these people, you are selling [out] your religion. It’s a very serious thing. It’s not allowed to give allegiance to other than Allah.”

The teacher said:

“It is not befitting for a Muslim that he should reside in the land of evil, the land of the kaffir.”

To that, I say:

“If it’s not befitting for Muslims to live in the land of non-believers, then why don’t you just leave? Go back to your Muslim country!”

If YouTube takes down the video, you can watch it on Live Leak.


24 responses to “UK Islamic school: Kill apostates, transgenders, homosexuals, adulterers!

  1. Well this is extremely disturbing, though not surprising. Islam is a blight on this earth. Yet more and more we’re bending to their ways, allowing them to infiltrate us so they can one day kill us- kill us in such brutal and sickening ways that we will cross the street and bow down to them because we are less-than.
    I strongly recommend watching the speeches of Brigitte Gabriel on Youtube, she is a Christian who grew up in Lebanon. From there you can find more videos that shine a light on Islam and their true purpose.

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  2. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    This is a good example – these people will not change to integrate. They are like wild animals – you cannot retrain them.


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    • ‘retrain them’? …. they can’t even be housebroken!
      Send them all back where they belong…. in the world’s biggest sandbox.
      They most certainly do not belong in civilized societies.

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  3. The video tells us what the Globalists (controllers of the media) don’t want us to know. However, how long can we be unaware of what is happening right before and to us?

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  5. Anyone who makes even a minor study of this would know this is true. Their embrace of Islam is like their embrace of Communism, deadly.

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  6. At least they can say they want to kill you in English now! UK education is clearly improving…

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  7. This is the kind of evidence I like to archive somewhere. Copy downloaded. Thanks for sharing. Kind of along the same lines, I just came across an article from 2011 that was written by a “recovered Muslim” who does a fantastic job of putting this all into perspective. The article was re-posted on a blog about a week ago:

    This is definitely another “keeper” so far as I’m concerned.

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    • Another great thing to look up is personal interviews with muslims that had near death experiences (ditto agnostics). They all converted to Christianity soon after their experiences that’s for sure!! Jesus is the only way, it makes sense when you start seriously delving into these other religions, they are false because they do not lead anywhere, or else they advocate violence.


  8. Reblogged this on necltr and commented:

    Whoever tells you that Islam is a religion of peace is not telling the truth. Just for a start, read Chapters eight and nine of the Qur’an.

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  9. islam IS NOT a religion. It is a way to control people and it has a religious component.

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  10. They are confusing allah with God. Allah is satan. In the Bible, they do not say to stone or kill your enemies, they say to love your enemies. These people who are muslims are brainwashed. It’s a cult, not a religion. ANY religion that says to kill others who are not ‘believers’ is a satanic religion.
    Anyone ever read “The Satanic Verses” by Rushdie?

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  11. Psst, progressives… You’re not the only one who lies their way into taking over.

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  12. She says, “We are not going to be like animals, living like animals.”
    This begs the question, “What’s up with the goats, then?!”

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  13. Koran, e-book or paperback, Amazon, B & N.


  14. Mohammad received his first “revelation” in the cave at Mount Hira when he retired there to contemplate/meditate from a spirit being that filled his heart with fear and he ran away. He thought it was a demon but his wife convinced him that it wasnt a demon but an angel that spoke to him in the cave. And so he received more “revelation” from that spirit who introduced himself as Archangel Gabriel. I personaly belief it was Satan who spoke with him, telling terrible lies in his ears.

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