Breaking! Pic of BlackLivesMatter & Antifa convoy to help in Houston flood!

H/t John Molloy


14 responses to “Breaking! Pic of BlackLivesMatter & Antifa convoy to help in Houston flood!

  1. Thanks a great big bunch! I needed that chuckle. It cracked me up and got me coughing and spitting at my computer screen.

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  2. This is something I’ve been thinking about for some time and it could easily be a weapon used against Antifa. Just show up at a protest where Antifa is present and start soliciting for donations to help other less-fortunate people and be sure to get it on video because it’ll be a lot like that long, empty road. For contrast though, you would need to solicit Trump supporters as well.

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  3. LMAO……thank you!

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  4. Lol- yesss.

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  5. HA!-HA! I loves it!!

    I was in need of that. (My Brother — the angriest MoFo in the history of the world — just told me yesterday that he’s worried about me and praying for me because I seem [to him] to be engulfed in anger. Wot? Me? Angry? I’z jus’ warmin’ up, Boss :o) )

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

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  6. This is obviously a trap set by police to unfairly target antiful and black labs matter members.

    Side note:
    The demonstration/counter protest in Richmond wasn’t nearly as bad as the media had hoped for. Seems the police didn’t ask the counterprotesters to remove their masks. They arrested them and took them to jail. Along with several counterprotesters that were arrested for weapons charges. They were warned in advance thet this would happen but the idiots did it any way. The confederate group had no arrests despite the fact that many of them openly carried firearms (legal in Virginia) and despite the fact that the counterprotesters ATTACKED THEM. And no one was shot. The loony left demands that they be heard but at the same time demand that the people that they are committing hate crimes against, not be allowed to have their say. Hypocrites.

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  7. Thanks—I needed the laugh.

    The nihilist destroys for the sake of destruction. He cannot build anything up. That is why he is evil. And stupid.

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  8. AWESOME, ha ha ha! Though I was hoping that it was true, but alas it isn’t. All those groups are good for is dividing the country, just like the evil one does.


  9. A. They are not being paid.
    B. Even if they were paid, they wouldn’t show up to anything that involved actual work, especially to help their fellow man.


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