Baylor U. professor & M.D. Carol Baker: ‘Let’s just get rid of all the whites in the United States’

On May 9, 2016, in Atlanta, Georgia, the National Meningitis Association ( hosted a panel discussion, “Achieving Childhood Vaccine Success in the U.S.,” before its “Give Kids a Shot” Gala. The panel addressed a range of issues including parents who opt out of childhood vaccine requirements, physicians who stray from the recommended vaccine schedule, and the role of the media in creating or removing barriers to vaccination.

The panelists were (from left to right):

  • Paul Lee, M.D., Director of the International Adoption Program and Pediatric Travel Center at Winthrop-University Hospital in Mineola, New York (moderator).
  • Carol J. Baker, M.D., Professor of Pediatrics, Molecular Virology and Microbiology at Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, Texas.
  • Dorit Rubinstein Reiss, PhD., Professor of Law, University of California, Berkeley’s Hastings College of Law. Reiss favors legal liabilities for parents who opt for non-vaccination, and is noted for her support of California Senate Bill 277, which reduced exemptions to vaccination requirements for enrollment in California schools and daycare centers.
  • Arthur Caplan, PhD., Professor of Medical Ethics at NYU Langone Medical Center.
  • William Schaffner, M.D., Professor of Preventive Medicine and Infectious Diseases, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine.
  • Alison Singer, President of Autism Science Foundation.
  • Paul Offit, M.D., Director of the Vaccine Education Center at the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Beginning at the 53:35 mark in the video below, Dr. and Professor Carol J. Baker speaks, with surprising inarticulateness and incoherence for a professor who should be used to public speaking — sentences and thoughts begin, then trail off to something else entirely. (Dorit Rubinstein Reiss is an even worse speaker — furtive, incoherent, inarticulate — and she’s a full professor of law at UC Berkeley!) At the 53:58 mark, Dr. Baker says:

“The fight, the battle is being fought — one family, one physician, one health center. That’s why we’re doing as well as we are.

We’re talking about the minority [of vaccine refusers], and strategies against the minority. So I have the solution: Every study published in the last five years, you look at vaccine refusers, I’m not talking about people we can talk them into coming to terms, but refusers. (54:28 mark) Let’s just get rid of all the whites in the United States, because Houston is the most diverse city in the entire United States. There are seven Asian languages spoken in that city. I’ve been in the [racial] minority for more than 20 years in the city of Houston. The majority of them are what we all ‘Hispanics’ — it’s not a race or an ethnicity, it’s a political designation. A lot of them are from Central or South America, Mexico. Guess who wants to get vaccinated the most in Houston? Immigrants! It is the ‘well educated’ — in terms of pieces of paper and the paper on the wall — [who are the vaccine refusers], people that have been here for a long time, and it’s very unfortunate and.

But I think we need not lose the big picture. The big picture is there are physicians out there — family practitioners, pediatricians, internists — talking one on one with either the older child — I don’t know when a child stops being a child. For me, I was 30, I wrote my mother and said ‘Hey, I’m a grown-up’. They’d already given me an M.D. degree by then, so it’s a good thing I was grown up.

I think that we need to do things as an articulate media-trained group to encourage that conversation, and encourage our health care system to value what vaccines do. Give people enough time to talk to individual families. Most hesitant people, it’s absolutely right, someone said it earlier, some families are having ‘pre-natal visits’. That’s the time to talk about vaccines. This war is fought one on one, with individual families. We need to support those policies that give health care providers, nurses, I mean nurses are really really important, they’re the ones who are probably giving the shots, and if they’re not on board with accepting vaccines, then do you think they’re gonna be supportive of you recommending a vaccine? You have to have your whole [health care] practice situation on board.”

“Let’s just get rid of the whites in the United States” – Carol J. Baker, M.D. & Professor.

But not one person — on the panel or in the audience — challenged or asked Dr. Baker what she meant by that.

Instead, beginning at the 1:03:06 mark, a fat blonde woman in salmon pink, who identifies herself as a public health nurse in New Jersey who audits immunization and works with pediatrics, suggests that medical insurance companies deny coverage for children whose parents refuse vaccines. The woman says:

“My question is legally, would it be possible to go to the insurance companies that cover vaccines, if a parent refuses to have vaccines, would they be willing to not cover the medical care for a child.”

At some time, while we were sleeping, the United States was taken over by insane tyrants.

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  1. Our culturally enriched people never thought this day would come because they have been taught that wolves don’t exist.

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  2. “My question is legally, would it be possible to go to the insurance companies that cover vaccines, if a parent refuses to have vaccines…”

    Single payer would be able to do what they want. Power. Control.

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  3. You hit the nail on the head……the people of the US have been sleeping. Under law, patients receiving vaccines are supposed to be informed by their doctor of all possible side effects. I wonder how often that’s done?

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    • The parents of minors receiving vaccines are given a “consent” form, which lists side effects. Usually the form is given in a very hurried situation, as the child is getting the vaccine, so their is no time to read. The form does list side effects but they are limited.


  4. isn’t baker white? so, why doesn’t she take her own advice and leave?
    my goodness…so many deranged people on the board…I wonder how many of these people are associated with bill gates and the clinton foundation…?
    every person on that panel gives me the creeps and not one of them cares about the health and well being of children. They see children as commodities and profit…children are their paychecks.
    baker made it clear that people who are “immigrants”, meaning non-english speaking, poor, and uneducated welcome vaccines because they come with a host of govt benefits…
    and people who reject vaccines are educated and white.
    across the racial board, people are waking up to the propaganda of toxic vaccines…the united states has a vaccine court that’s paid out billions (from taxes paid through vaccination) to a fraction of the families with complaints for a reason…vaccine manufacturers have immunity from liability for a reason…people are seeing their children who were once healthy and thriving receive injections and go downhill without stopping and they are stuck with the healthcare bill for life….autism is skyrocketing, allergies are skyrocketing, learning disabilities are skyrocketing, spontaneous abortions are skyrocketing, infertility is skyrocketing, cancer is skyrocketing…big pharma puts whatever they want into those syringes and we have no recourse and they have no accountability.
    carol baker and her ilk (especially paul ‘give a baby 100,000 vaccines at once’ offitt) are just evil, greedy, sociopathic satanists…
    Since they love vaccines so much, I say line them all up and give them ‘a dose of their own medicine’.

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    • “isn’t baker white?”

      Jews don’t consider themselves “white”. At least 4 of the 8 members of the panel discussion are Jews (Reiss, Caplan, Singer, Offit). Carol Baker’s surname isn’t Jewish, but we don’t know if it’s her married name, and I can’t find much personal information on her.

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      • it is difficult to find anything on her on the internet, outside of being a doctor…good points

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      • I noted the same. And I would add that here is an example of the assertion I made a couple months ago, that at according to Darrel Hamamoto, some Asians seem to be on board as “servators” helping administer this totalitarian NWO agenda. Case in point, Senator Pan, and here, Paul Lee.

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      • You must also remember [they] use Irish surnames to blend in when it is convenient to do so. You are absolutely correct in your statement of how they think of themselves racially.

        I think a race war is coming in two years or less. Unless people want to be put in gulags, you’ve got to wake up. The signs are in your face.

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  5. Well I’ll be…I remember when Baylor was a Baptist university. It appears that Satan himself is now walking their halls.

    These vipers prey upon the ignorant and naive. If only white people are refusing the vaccines, then Ms. Baker is fighting a losing battle. The minorities taking the vaccines are the ones who will suffer illness and death, something I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. And they are talking about children.

    I wonder, does this evil white woman, along with the other white people in the room, want to make a good example, and be the first to go? I highly doubt it!

    Satan is alive and well on planet earth.😈

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  6. Funny thing that some of you have talked about “Satan” tonight, b/c my husband & I had this very conversation just now, too. We decided that we have SEEN the face of Satan, and we now know what he looks like and what he is up to in our midst: I am reading an OLD book (I buy older books for pennies from an online source—free shipping, too) published before Obama’s second term. In chpt. 6 of D’Souza’s book, ” Obama’s America,” he writes,” ….”We can expect more if he is granted a second term (Obama). Freed from the demands of re-election, he may be even MORE polarizing, further fracturing the fragile bonds that have held this country together.”

    Almost daily, this sounds to me like what our country has devolved to….a constant roil of discontent from one faction to another: adopt the mantel of VICTIM and then take to the streets….kill or assault others….burn your neighborhood down…..WHATEVER…..THIS is NO LONGER the Amercia that I’ve worked for to leave to my kids….everyone else’s kids…..IT”S UGLY and VIOLENT and full of GRIFTERS.

    This book also visits the phenomenon of “White guilt” that helped bring Obama, so totally unsound/unqualified to office…..and the resounding adoration “thrill up the leg” devotion to his oratory….which is still fueling his adoring public, who can’t believe/accept that their “savior” or his anticipated “replacement” (Hillary) is GONE…..(as well as —among other things—the thing that always drove ME crazy—Obama’s change in accent and dialect according to whatever audience he was addressing——and…….Hillary wasn’t chopped liver in this talent, either, on the campaigne trail. )

    Being “cheap” sometimes pays off…b/c….as I’m reading this book….which was written with projections about what our world would look like IF Obama was re-elected (as he was)……and now that he was and he has come and gone……the projections were so eerily spot-on…….ALSO….it is the most diligent historic reporting about Obama’s past…what we can find of it…that was NEVER vetted when he was installed as an Illinois state rep…and then installed as a Federal Senator….and then elected to the presidency. Also….it totally exposes Obama’s book “Dreams of My Father,” which, glorifies his alcoholic, violent, wife-beating, radical, polygamist father……and his ideals…the man Obama deified, chose as an example for his own life…..

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  7. Could it be the “educated refusers” are refusing because they understand the hazards and the lack of efficacy of vaccines?

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    • That is exactly correct. But every single one of these “doctors” or whoever, know full well not to get into the efficacy debate because they know they will lose, and lose badly. The only thing they can do is maintain the brainwashing line that vaccines are good, save live, and nobody should be having any bad thing to say about them. It was, what, 2 years ago? That the measles outbreak occurred at Disneyland. It came to light soon after, that a large percentage of those who got it were already vaccinated. The only people who get the flu, are those getting the vaccine. All of these brainwashed supporters have forgotten that your body is quite capable of defending itself against these things, and we don’t need these poisons like Mercury injected into our bodies.


  8. People have to stop taking their kids to pediatricians- take them to a Chiropractor, or a Naturopath or even one of those ‘medi help’ places, or a nurse practitioner, but stay away from those so called ‘child specialists’ the pediatrician. They are pushing evil and don’t even know it. Dr. Robert Mendelsohn knew of what he spoke of, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic” is a great read, so is “How to Raise a Healthy Child IN SPITE of Your Doctor” is a good gift for new parents.
    Dr. Sheri Tenpenny did a great talk about the push to also force vaccines on all adults (check out her video on or on her own website
    I would not be surprised if every single one of those doctors are mind controlled.
    I’m writing to my elected officials to try and get these laws they are trying to chip away at our rights overturned, has some great resources and also activism to get involved. We can’t give up people. Vaccines are one of the ways they’re disabling our health and crippling our kids. They want the Georgia Guidestones to happen, and we all know the real face behind it.
    Oh, also almost forgot. This actually might backfire on them. I was talking to someone I know, and they were telling me about a nurse that works in a Children’s hospital. She is forced to get the pertussis vaccine (whooping cough) every THREE months to keep her job. She’s not doing so well as she’s forced to get the flu vaccine as well. My friend said that she’s looking very bad and is getting sick all the time, and she’s reacting to the shots.
    Hopefully there will be a backlash of these nurses and other health care types and they will all out REFUSE en masse to be poisoned by these shots!

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    • chemtrailssuck,
      Before 2008, I believed there wasn’t a problem with vaccines. I even had my oldest 2 children vaccinated and never connected the behavioral and health dots (night screams, no eye contact, allergies, ear infections, asthma, pneumonia). I just thought they were “sick”, esp. my second daughter. Poor thing, she was constantly sick with asthma, ear infections, and was taking a host of antibiotics, and had pneumonia before she turned one years old. I was sick of the antibiotics and suggested to the doctor that she get ear tubes.
      I liked her pediatrician. He had a great bedside manner with the kids. But, not once, out of all the vaccinations my daughters received, did I receive any material that explained side effects from vaccines, nor did he ever discuss or correlate the side effects of the vaccines with their problems. The medical industry made a lot of money off of my second daughter. It was only in 2008 while I was undergoing a check up at the doctor’s office, and the doctor recommended a whooping cough booster shot, that I realized there was possibly a problem with childhood vaccines. After receiving the injection, I developed a large lump at the injection site and that lump stayed there for weeks. I remember calling the doctor multiple times to let her know of my concerns with my arm and the vaccination and she brushed it off as no big deal.
      It was a big deal to me. That experience precipitated my research into vaccines and my horrific discoveries about them.
      No thanks to my daughters’ pediatrician, I came across detox and supplements and probiotics and in conjunction with stopping the vaccinations, my second daughter hasn’t had a bout of asthma or ear infections or any respiratory issues since 2008. My oldest daughter had night screams as a baby and only in her late teens has she regularly been able to make eye contact, but she has been afraid to grow up and emotionally clung to wanting to be a child. I believe she has Asperger’s. She is now a freshman in college, unfortunately, not in california because of the state’s ridiculous new vaccine requirements. We moved her away to a Christian college where she is thriving and learning her own independence and even working on getting a campus job, hopefully, she starts this week.
      My youngest two children have not been vaccinated and there is a world of difference in their behaviors and health. We found a pediatrician that we believe has the child’s best interest and a wonderful bedside manner, but we hardly see him because our kids aren’t sick and because we don’t do well child or vaccine visits.
      I agree about not seeing the pediatrician, unless the pediatrician understands all the hazards associated with vaccines and other chemicals (like chemo, etc.) and is a big believer in parental rights.
      There are other choices for health care: alternative doctors, naturopaths, chiropractors, holistic doctors, functional medicine doctors. For now, parents have choices other than pediatricians (a lot of holistic doctors are being murdered). I read an article last week where a pediatrician stated if his patients did not get vaccinated he would contact CPS and report the family….simply, outrageous draconian mindset.

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  9. I just posted a large comment and it never showed up. Very strange…
    Anyway, the synopsis of what I wrote is:
    Take your kids to a Chiropractor, or Naturopath, or a Nurse practitioner or even a medi help type walk in place, anything but a pediatrician- they’re the most dangerous. Read what Dr. Meldelsohn wrote about his own profession, “Confessions of a Medical Heretic”. Give new parents “How to raise a healthy child IN SPITE of your doctor”.
    Also get involved, write to your so called elected officials (check out for activism updates in your state. Do not give up!
    Look at Dr. Sherri Tenpenny’s great talk about how they want to vaccinate forcibly all adults, her talk is great, it’s on
    This also may backfire. My friend’s friend is forced to get the whooping cough shot (pertussis) every three months! She’s starting to look very sickly, she’s reacting to the shots now, as well as the flu shot every year too. These nurses etc need to refuse this and go on strike. They have to organize if they can and all refuse this slow poisoning of their systems.
    I would not be surprised if this woman and all of them (including the coughing man) are mind controlled. This is how they are pushing all this through, via mind controlled people.
    Did you notice that she seemed to slur her words a bit? She seemed to be drugged.

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  10. It’s interesting that she had the biggest problem with the people who are “well educated.” This woman actually cherishes ignorance. What a sterling example she sets. Does she have children? Does she want her own children to grow up to be stupid and ignorant?
    I nearly lost the use of my left arm after I got a flu shot in 2010 (I got the shot in my left arm). I had to turn to alternative medicine to regain the use of the arm. I will never get another vaccination again and urge others not to. First, most vaccinations aren’t even against deadly diseases. The vaccine against measles, mumps, and rubella is ridiculous. The chicken pox vaccine is too. Parents used to look forward to their kids getting these diseases so the kid could get it over with and acquire lifetime immunity. Assuming that this vaccine even works, people will never acquire lifetime immunity and will have to have booster shots for the rest of their lives. Also, these diseases are more serious in adults. There is big money in vaccines now that the vaccine companies are immune from prosecution for injuries caused by their products, a fact that none of my doctors ever told me in all the years I had been foolishly allowing them to inject these poisons into my body. We must spread the word and fight big pharma.

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  11. …..or just the Carol J. Bakers, much easier, logistically.

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  12. And it’s made ’em nuts, too…

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  13. “Get rid of all the whites”?? I’m sure they realize that would be like a train with out an engine. Any how I personally have concluded, as the “well educated” have, (not that I have any credentials) that trusting government recommendations is fool hardy, and it is certainly a red flag when they make ‘any thing’ required.

    I just recently had my eyes opened to how close we actually have come to the globalist goal with obama care itself. I just recently became retirement age and found that can not enroll in a plan with out filing a federal tax return. I have not filed in several years because of being on disability for the past few years. It really was alarming to me to realize that the i.r.s. is now the administrator of health care, I suppose that is unless you are independently wealthy. I will just have to make do.

    People will be made to do exactly what they are told or be denied health care, just as many will do nearly any thing they are told for their pay check.

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    • Sorry ,Kevin, abt you just now finding out @ Obamacare being policed/ administrated by IRS. Anytime you put “IRS” and “your health care” into the same sentence—it should strike GREAT FEAR into the hearts of ALL!

      Worse yet—-It was Chief Justice Roberts, with his deciding ONE vote, who CHANGED the face of American health insurance/health care & sent us into this misadventure. He did so by legislating fr the bench—changing the law as it was written in Congress, in order to make it constitutional (without, I add—sending it back to the Senate to FIX—which would have given the, then, one-vote-up-Republicans a chance to strike this totally Democratic conceived/written bill DOWN….so, therefore, as I said—Judicial Legislation—which should NEVER happen).

      Obama FIRST tried to get his minions to craft the bill/sell it himself by saying there was a “penalty” for not buying a MANDATORY Obamacare (mostly those youngsters who never ended up buying it, as they knew they would not) b/c he was afraid the Supremes would strike it down as unconstitutional if it were ever associated with a tax that was applied unevenly to citizens and the “mandatory” nature of it (Congress is in charge of the purse strings & can levy/collect taxes…not the Executive & pretty sure, too…the Dems were NOT crazy about being associated with a NEW, large, tax). But it went to the Supreme Court anyway for these reasons, and Roberts saw that imposing a penalty through a bill enforced by the Executive Branch, esp a “product” deemed “MANDATORY” (when only Congress can collect/administrate monies) was a shade “off.” So ROBERTS himself called this penalty a TAX (which is also “mandatory,” like federal income tax, )& legal if imposed/collected the legal way—& deemed it Constitutional…..w/necessity that the IRS collect/police this “tax,” in order to keep it LEGAL and able to be enforced through the Executive branch.

      THIS was my big beef against Obamacare in the first place—-number one—that it is a TAX & they don’t necessarily OWE YOU ANYTHING of ANY QUALITY BACK AT YOU for this tax…..they could DROP government healthcare/health insurance tomorrow & still find a way to tax you—even EXPAND the “penalty” into a ‘handling fee” for checking up on you to make sure you are finding your OWN “continuing health care.” EVER EVER see a government TAX disappear? And, of course, just the whole damned thing about the 3,000 pages of regulations written up by Nancy& Harry……JUST the people whom I “want” telling me what to do with my Dr. & when & how much & what for…..NOT! AND…did NO ONE EVER THINK in those exclusively Democratic ivory “health expert” towers that half of what they wrote regulations about might be passe in about 10-30 years….WHO would have “thunk” 30 years ago that heart or lung transplants would be so successful & therefore….more numerous? Kidney transplants are now almost routine….how about those sex change operations? How about the evolution of genetic testing before cancer treatment, which can target the correct therapy? That bundle of hogwash written up by the Dems in their secret rooms for Obamacare have a shelf life of limited years…..and THEN WHAT?????? Our Congress meeting over and over again to rewrite Obamacare to keep up with medical science? OR—-our insured citizens living in limbo w/conditions that are “now” curable….but the insurance industrry can’t budge b/c of the ball and chain of Obamacarre regulations holding it down??

      Obamacare is not only destructive to our governance, our national debt—and therefore even our national security….but it was and is just plain STUPID and short-sighted. It was NEVER “health care,” but was always & ever true to Obama’s 8-year goals for income -redistribution in this country…..and potentially to our Southern neighboring countries…..if not eventually the globe……


    • That’s how the Supreme Court rationalized that Obamacare is constitutional, by viewing it as a tax. Those who refuse to get coverage are taxed by the IRS.


  14. indeed that would ensure that the IQ level in the United States Falls below 50 and Baker would be able to find someone stupid enough to become her life partner

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  15. These self-loathing white liberals are beyond disgusting. I share Dr. Eowyn’s conclusion that while we weren’t looking a group of insane tyrants took over.

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  16. Oh, so now we have a new term, “vaccine refuser,” do we? How long did it take the CIA to dream this one up?

    It is painfully obvious to me we are living under Mussolini’s definition of fascism, as we are living under “the merger of state and corporate powers.” Who in what corporation wrote the legislation that that mental patient governor, Jerry Brown, signed into law?

    And we have to get rid of Monsanto and IBM: Monsanto is the enforcement and research-and-development arm of the British eugenicism we’ve been living under for over a century, and with IBM, we had Thomas Watson, who actually developed the punch cards for the Third Reich.

    But Baker the Faker hits it out of the park with her desire to see the White Race extinct: All Right, you silly lady, YOU FIRST. Her admission here is of paramount importance: She has let the cat out of the bag. And this comes STRAIGHT OUT of British eugenicism and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion—no fake document at all. Why? Because the white race equals Christendom, that’s why.

    As Alex Jones has stated again and again, vaccines are a part of what he calls the “soft kill program.” It is another EXTINCTION PROTOCOL directly descendant from British Eugenicism, along with chemtrails, fluoridated water, genetically modified foods and organisms, genetically engineered embyoes, cloning, the War on Drugs and all the rest.

    I wonder why that smiling jackass Bill Gates didn’t show up!

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  17. Another wonderful advocate in the war against vaccines is Mary Tocco, I’ve learned a lot from her. She is a Christian and is married to Kent Hovind, of Biblical Creation fame. I just love them both!

    I’m sure everyone remembers that summer from a couple of years ago, when an unbelievable number of “natural health” doctors died of suspicious circumstances. I would still like to know what the truth is about all of that. There was some very interesting research done, that pointed out these doctors had discovered that Vitamin B17 helps cure cancer.

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  18. so why dont you go first Doctor and kill yourself for the black and brown race of useless eaters, you lunatic communist.

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  19. Sorry to be off topic, but does anyone know a cure for the ad at the top of the page that keeps reloading and reloading? It makes it almost impossible to read and to post. It keeps kicking the page back to the start of the “memorial service” ad


  20. You can always tell the globalists by the words they speak as they are ALWAYS IRRATIONAL and sometimes incoherent and speak of doom for a certain group of people and the things they should do to them.
    When these globalist pigs start talking, just let them know in any form or fashion that they are the ones that are doomed as the world is finally realizing their plans!

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  21. What a bunch of stuck up elites. Who think they are better then anyone else. I believe are are seeing the liberal snowflakes of the Dem party.!

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  22. My job brings me into a lot of people’s homes in my local area. It is just anecdote, but I am now seeing a lot more kids that are autistic or mentally disabled in similar ways than I ever saw before.

    Vaccines? I’d never do them again.

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  23. When she said it, noone batted an eye. And if it was a joke, nobody laughed.

    Why would some of the (allegedly) finest minds in the country think it was acceptable to comment or joke in this way?

    All very strange/eye-opening.

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  24. Look. There are some basic truths that you all need to wake up to….

    There is a communist revolution unfolding in the United States. Our institutions have been infiltrated with left-wing ideologues, which has been shaped by communist Jews.

    There are two types of Jews, the Jews who follow the Torah, or Old Testament of the Bible, and honor God’s commandments, and those who follow the Talmud, a secret and secular book that drives Jewish Zionism and seeks to secure Jewish world domination.

    To understand this thinking, read the Talmud along with warnings of Martin Luther, Henry Ford, even Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn. Read about the “Synagogue of Satan.” Read the Protocols of the Elders of Zion. You need to understand the enemy.

    To summarize, these Jews has no morality beyond what’s right for the Jews. They will lie, cheat, steal, murder, engage in all sorts of skullduggery if it advances the Jewish cause to increase Jewish wealth and power at the expense of everyone else. These are the drivers of identity politics, the silencers of free speech, and finger pointers who dare criticize Jews as being “anti-Semites” while they bash Christians every chance they get. Many even believe in ritual human sacrifice, reflected in Lady Gaga’s ritual sacrificial stage acts, Podesta’s spiritual cooking, and Hollywood’s eating of cakes in the form of dead, naked human bodies.

    The goal is to kill and disempower white Christians. Why? White Christians built Western Civilization, a great and noble society that has enlightened the world and enshrined the rule of law and enforce God-inspired morals. Lawless, God-hating satanic Jews cannot function or advance within such a society. This traumatizes them, particularly since they are convinced they are “chosen ones” and God’s people and deserve the best.

    They don’t care about merit, only being praised and rewarded with money and power. They will steal ideas and take credit for what they have not done. They will lie about atrocities, considering themselves clever for having tricked goyim into giving them millions of dollars in undeserved reparations. They produce dross, rig court cases, etc., and then award themselves high honors.
    While a Christian serves God and is accountable to God, Jews believe themselves to be God and that ends justify the means — and the ends for them is that Jew must be number one.

    Jews hate the Christians who have controlled the world. Slowly they have chipped away at Christian influence through identity politics, communist revolution, etc. They accuse Christians of what they are themselves — While they accuse Christians of being slave owners and racists, the Talmud is the most racist book in history and promised each Jew 1,000 slaves, the white Christians freed the slaves and that all people, regardless of race, are equal in the eyes of God. While the Jews encourage open borders, “diversity,” and the commingling of races — their goal is to dilute the unique power and strength of each race while they soldify their own. Israel does not have porous borders and most Jews forbid marriage to nonJews in order to protect Jewish racial purity. At heard, Judaism is not a religion, but a race.

    When Jews advocate morality, do you ever hear them beseeching Jews to act according to their covenant, to remember the Torah? They can’t because they have no morals beyond “what works to advance the Jew.” Instead they appeal to the values of a Christian nation and remind Christians of their commandments.

    The end game is this: Jews want to control the world. They believe they are entitled to it. They want all money, power within their own hands. In order to achieve this, they must eradicate the white Christian and destroy all vestiges of Western Civilization. They then encourage the affirmative action, to replace the capable with the incapable while soldifying Jewish control at the top. As a tribe, the Jews work in lock step with each other. As they take more control, they further perpetuate the sick mentality. While promoting the incapable and refusing employment, opportunities, advancement to the white Christian, whom they claim has a nonexistent, racist “white supremacy” even though Jews claim a very blatant, racist “Jew supremacy,” Christian whites will be entirely stripped of wealth and power. Jews have reduced whites to poor, persecuted dross in South Africa — this is the fate they hold for white Christians in the United States.

    Once the incapable rise through the ranks, based not upon merit, but upon race and loyalty to the cause, they will reach a level where they simply cannot sustain themselves since they have neither the training and skills. This is the point that the Jews will fully take over and confine the affirmative action hires to slaves who serve the Jewish master.

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  25. Darwin Is a Harsh Mistress

    I’m late to this party but how about a little doxxing in the public interest?

    Oh and her Baylor faculty bio page was yanked, duh! Had to do a bit of digging to get this.

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  27. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Is Dr. Baker wanting to commit suicide – she is white isn’t she? What was the purpose of her stupid statement – to be a part of the left crowd?



  28. The fact that Dr Paul “Offit For Profit” is on the list, tells me everything I need to know.


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