Rapper sparks outrage with new music video that shows him lynching a young white boy


Onfroy: Criminal who assaults a pregnant woman wants to “speak” for future generations

This 19-year-old rapper (real name is Jahseh Dwayne Onfroy) is a piece of work who should be in jail. From Wikipedia:

“In 2014, Onfroy was sent to a youth detention center for a year on gun possession charges According to Onfroy, during his time in detention, the district attorney was attempting to try Onfroy as an adult for gun possession charges which, according to him, would have landed him 5-10 years in prison.

In July 2016, Onfroy was arrested and charged with robbery and assault with a deadly weapon. After posting the bail of $10,000 in early October of the same year, while awaiting trial, Onfroy was arrested again later that month on charges of false imprisonment, witness tampering, and aggravated battery of a pregnant victim. Onfroy was released from jail on bail on March 26, 2017 and his probation for robbery and assault with a deadly weapon started on March 27, 2017 and will last until March 26, 2023. Onfroy’s trial for aggravated battery of a pregnant victim was originally going to take place in May 2017 and has since been pushed back several times, now taking place on October 5, 2017.

Sick piece of garbage he is.

From Daily Mail: A rapper has been condemned over his latest music video which shows him lynching a young white boy.

XXXTentacion’s video for Look at Me shows him fitting a noose around the young blond-haired child’s neck and raising him off the ground on a stage. The child’s feet are seen twitching – a common phenomenon during hanging – before he goes limp.

Elsewhere in the video, XXXTentacion, 19, appears hanging himself along with two other black men. The video also includes reenactments of the historic, racially-charged killings of Emmett Till and Philando Castile.

The recent death of Heather Hyer, an anti-protester who was killed after being run over at an alt-right march in Charlottesville, Virginia, last month, was also depicted.

The rapper claims the video decries racial violence across the board and says the lynching scene  is a part of that. He insists he is trying to demonstrate what the lasting effects will be on the younger generation if the same violence continues.

But critics slammed him for using a child to make his point with such ‘disturbing’ imagery. ‘I’m actually disturbed at the video of XXXTentacion featuring a young boy being hanged. This is beyond a joke,’ said one person.

‘Don’t make excuses for this sickness, simulated violence towards children is not cool or progressive. Not even to make a point. It’s dangerous,’ they said.

‘I have a huge problem with xxxtentacion and his new video. It doesn’t have anything to do with equality what so ever,’ another said.

One person accused the rapper of inciting a ‘race war’.  

‘If the RACIST POS xxxtentacion gets his race war, who do you think will be left standing?’ one person said.

At the end of the video, the musician delivers a long message on racial violence and calls for it to come to an end for the sake of younger generations. 

‘Equity and equality. The end result we all, the ones that don’t want to live in misery, desire. The youth is never inspired to make a stand to make a difference so I will speak for them. Are you willing to risk your child’s future due to your own bigotry? The choice is yours but your child will not stand for the hate. This generation will be loved, nurtured, heard and understood,’ he said.

Some viewers appreciated the video and sided with him. ‘If you can’t comprehend what xxxtentacion meant with the look at me video maybe you’re just too stupid,’ said one.

‘He was simply trying to show how the next generation would be affected if race wars went on,’ another said.

XXXTentacion’s real name is Jahseh Onfrey. Earlier this week, he responded to domestic violence allegations in a series of profane-laced videos.

He was charged with aggravated battery of a pregnant woman, domestic battery by strangulation, false imprisonment, and witness-tampering. In the clips, the rapper denied the charges and accused critics of plotting against his success, and threatened to ‘f**k ya’ll little sisters in their throats’. 

‘They wanna crucify me, I ain’t having it, I’m not gonna be your f**king messiah,’ the rapper wrote in follow-up posts. ‘Y’all n****s bored.’

It’s unclear what the relationship was between the woman and XXXTentacion.


23 responses to “Rapper sparks outrage with new music video that shows him lynching a young white boy

  1. The only violence taking place is the violence from left groups like Antifa, BLM, Black Panthers etc. There are more blacks killing blacks than white people killing blacks and I mean A LOT more. Why don’t they address that violence? No they won’t because violence is the excuse they use so they can go around beating up on people and stealing and looting what others worked hard to get.

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  2. unfortunately, I saw the video and it was truly disgusting from beginning to end. I am also disgusted youtube would allow the showing of a video where a child (white) is being “lynched” (with another child (black) watching) but ban Christian videos because “someone” complained of a word that was spoken.
    What parent would allow their child to partake in such mental and physical debasement? In my mind, that video was child abuse.
    This character, onfroy, looks so evil…..my skin crawled looking at his picture.
    The beginning of the video shows a corpulent female(?) hanging in the air and dressed as an “angel”. “She” has a dildo attached to “her” forehead and calls “herself”: his “noble steed”. The next scene opens in a high school classroom full of raucous with mostly black students and the “rapper” talks about oral sex and a drawing of a penis is shown. He flashes baphomet signs. A group of black “antifa” thugs enter the classroom and they, along with the rest of the students, gang up on and literally commit battery against the white male school teacher with a dildo (the same one from the “angel’s” forehead in the opening scene)….
    onfroy showed the white male teacher as weak who could not control the black youth. onfroy even wore a broken chain around his neck…maybe trying to state he is no longer a slave to the “white man”…but he is clearly a slave to his illuminati masters who own his contract…hence, his black, white, red colors. This video applauded hatred, anarchy, and racial violence and I wonder how many corrupted millennials will get the idea of attacking white’s after watching onfroy’s version of social injustice common core style.
    And for this hypocrite to say he wants to be the voice of children after letting a child watch another child being “lynched” while decrying the murder of emmitt till (who was killed over 60 years ago) and allegedly beating a pregnant woman is very fitting for today’s upside-down world….this male should be behind bars, not in front of a camera.
    here is the video if you can stomach it:

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    • BTW-if this idiot is gonna lynch someone,he should at LEAST learn how to do it CORRECTLY. And why don’t we spark some REAL outrage by making a video of this “rapper” going to Prison for a while.

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  3. I won’t watch the video, but from what I’ve read describing it, this rapper is demon possessed. There’s no other explanation for such evil. The parents of the two kids must be also, and those kids are in danger. YouTube’s willingness to allow this, while blocking other videos that try to expose the darkness, shows that they are just as evil.

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  4. I wouldn’t spend too much time being outraged by this low life. He’s already chosen his path…the same path all losers like him choose. And some other loser is going to put a bullet in him and take his so-called life away from him very soon. Those like him rarely make it past the age of 25. And he’s 19. He’s going to abuse the wrong black woman and her family is going to administer their own brand of justice. So, like I said, don’t waste too much energy fretting over him.

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  5. Scum of the earth.

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  6. I find it interesting that no matter what country you go to, the criminals and illiterates all listen to rap music. Africa, south America, Europe, Asia, muslim lands, christian lands, the criminals and illiterates don’t listen to country or rock or classical, for the most part they all listen to rap.

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    • I don’t think rap is music.

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      • Molly—I think you have a point—never thought about it much, but your comment made me knee-jerk say to myself…”No, rap is not music, it is tribal chanting.” I’ve not listened to much public music offerings via radio or elsewhere for years now….ever since my favorite “oldie’ station started playing “rap” at 6:30 AM on my way to work with young kids every day. After all, some “rap” is now so old that it can be considered “oldie.” I especially was grossed-out by a song this disc jockey played EVERY morning at about the same time about “doing the wild thing” with his girlfriend, but one time mistakenly crawling into bed and doing “the wild thing” with her mother. I turned off that station and my dial is PERMANENTLY tuned to the ONE country music channel I can get here in So. Cal. I don’t even know much about country music or the artists, but I know I am NOT insulted every morning, starting my day with anger and that “dirty” feeling you can’t shake when a rapper makes light/fun of your gender, your body parts, and HE gets to define YOUR “place” in life…..

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  7. “Come on Dr. E.”

    Once again, you have misidentified me as the author of a post. This is DCG’s post.

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  8. Again, like in other cases, if it were the other way around you can just imagine the outcry from mainstream media and entertainment. If a white country singer… Well, even if a white rapper did anything like this it would be banned.
    Of course nobody should be able to be so vile so openly, but certain people are allowed. I feel redundant saying this so often but the double standard is reinforced all the time.

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  9. I am against censorship, but in this case, I must make an exception: Onfroy is advocating physical violence against a child, based on that child’s skin color. This is not only obscene; IT IS CRIMINAL.
    Onfroy also does not understand another truth: If he went to most of Africa and tried to fit in, the people there would, in all likelihood, beat him within one inch of his life, or kill him: Skin color would have nothing to do with it: They either don’t like American black people, or they don’t like infidels.

    But I see the insidious problem of vicarious suffering here, made extremely convenient by the Holocaust. I do not deny the Holocaust occurred, and, furthermore, I assert my belief that, if the Holocaust was not a personal attack upon Jesus Christ, then there is no God!
    My point here is this: Under NO circumstances may ANYBODY assert he has, or represents, a monopoly on suffering: We have all suffered, and the Bible asserts, to some extent or other, that we do not have the entire answer to the Mystery of Suffering.
    It annoys me that I am expected to feel guilt for the Holocaust. Not only did I have nothing to do with that awful event, I was born after it ended. But it goes farther than that: I feel no pity for those particular Jews who insist I shoulder a burden of non-existent guilt: If we could go into a Time Machine and bring back ONE of those Jews who died in a gas chamber, I am confident that—proud Jew that he may remain—he would proclaim something to the effect of, “Excuse Me: I died in that gas chamber—not you. Do not claim to speak for me as I was the one who died, not you.”

    I see the Game here: The idea is to submit to an IDEOLOGY OF HATRED. I CALL BULLSHIT!

    It is the same with slavery: NO ONE who ever owned slaves in America remains alive today. Furthermore, Washington and Jefferson treated their slaves relatively well, given conditions at that time. No matter: All of them have already gone before the Almighty Judge. GET OVER IT.
    Onfroy speaks for no one and nothing. I can understand—without approving of it—that he is an ignoramus. But this street punk—a disgrace to his race, THE HUMAN RACE—should be prosecuted, boycotted and driven off the public stage once and for all.
    I am educated (according to the Natural Law, given my Traditional Catholic education, which no longer is practiced, to my knowledge). And I know I do not know all things. Even people who cannot stand me know I am articulate and well-informed. When muggers robbed me, all they wanted was my money. This STREET PUNK not only wants anyone’s money; He demands that we suffer for what other people have done.
    Give this man-child the most sensitive inside information on Hillary Clinton that can be found, and make him appear on You Tube or television and proclaim it. And then lock him in a CAGE with her!

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  10. I was wondering how much white mom got paid to let her son be hanged. Abuse? Absolutely!

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  11. Never will understand why blacks thing they look good with floor mops stuck on their head.

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  12. YouTube doesn’t have a problem with this video?

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  13. I’m sure he’s just lashing out because people tried to do that to him when he was a slave. OH…..right….we’re in the 21st century now. And people wonder who the “role models’ for black kids are.
    I guess it’s a prerequisite for rap ‘musicians’ to have criminal records now.
    He’s trying to incite violence against young white kids is all.
    Obama sure did “unite” the country, huh?

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  14. “XXXTentacion ‘died instantly’ after being shot in the neck in suspected random robbery after previously being urged to beef up his security”
    hmmm…..he was shot in the neck and appeared to have “died instantly”.
    That tells me a bullet hit a major artery….but where is the blood splatter on his chest and jacket?
    from the 2 death pics posted in the link his body looks ‘clean’. I do not see blood anywhere.
    he was facing a court trial over domestic violence allegations and his estate is profiting handsomely from people buying his albums “posthumously”.
    ironic that he was “shot” in the neck while he has a video where he murdered a child by his neck….lynching.

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      • yep….and satanists love deception (among other things).
        “tentacion” is a spanish word for “temptation”…666 temptation.
        he has used the devil to tempt others while allowing the devil to temp him.
        he has a red tattoo under his eye which looks like he was punched (getting punched to cause a red under-eye seems to be a trend among many devil-worshiping celebrities today).
        this link shows his, supposedly, final pic before “death” and he is standing on a black and white floor….illuminati = black and white.
        the video taken of his body shows a bystander checking his pulse with the driver’s side door open at 0:06 and you see no blood staining under the yellow letters of his sweatshirt and the camera quickly zooms out…but then the video is cut and the next scene you see is the driver’s side door is closed and “blood”(?) stain under the yellow letters of his sweatshirt (not his chest where blood would have stained first) even though he was shot in the neck. the link also shows a pic of a body in a similar car with “blood” on the head(?) but the head (which isn’t facing the same forward direction) and hair appears to be caucasian and there is no visible blood on his face from the video or other pics.
        I also didn’t see the officer who was attending the body wearing gloves, pretty unhygienic if someone is dead.
        what are the odds that this happened in broward county, the same county as the parkland high school “shooting”?
        are we now going to hear more cries for gun control?

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