Nurses who saw supernatural phenomena around dying patients

“The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.” –Deuteronomy 31:8 is a social-network website for nurses. It describes itself as:

“the collective voice of the nursing community, supporting the profession by providing a place where nurses can network, share, and learn from their peers. With an ever-growing community of registered nurses, allnurses is the go-to place to communicate and discuss nursing, jobs, schools, NCLEX, careers, and so much more.”

In July 2015, a nurse asked if anyone has seen something supernatural when a patient is near death or in the process of dying.

Aside from a few responses from atheists who mocked the question, most responses were eyewitness accounts of having seen what may be supernatural phenomena.

Ruby Vee, BSN, RN wrote on July 4, 2015:

“The old building, where our unit used to be located, has been converted to offices. There’s one office that is perpetually empty — no one will use it for long. Maybe it’s coincidence, but the location of that office coincides with the location of an old ICU room that we all swear was haunted . . . . “

canigraduate, RN, July 4, 2015:

“I think a lot of hospitals are haunted. I don’t have the gene to perceive this stuff, but a lot of my former patients did.

It used to creep me out when I’d have patients ask me who the strangers in their room were, when the only person there was me.

A few asked what the children down the hall were giggling about (no peds and no visitor kids).

One elderly lady told me she saw her mama walking toward her and it was time for her to go home. She died within the hour.

There was one room that a had wild call bell that would randomly go off, no matter how many times they rewired the room.

There was one morgue that I swear was haunted. This is the only time I perceived the weirdness myself. Whenever I would make a deposit, I swear I heard laughter. I stopped going down there by myself. I had a coworker try to pawn the sound off on gas release. Nope, I can tell the difference between a fart and a laugh. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.”

LittleMissKat, CNA, July 4, 2015:

“I used to work at a nursing home before I was hired at a hospital and we had this one little old lady who was blind and she liked to get up every day at 2/3 in the morning. Well one morning I was getting her up into her wheelchair when she looked behind me and asked who that young man was sitting on the bed.
Creeped me out because 1) she’s blind and 2) there used to be a young man in there who had passed away…

At the hospital we also get a bunch of older dying patients who ask about the children in the hall… It’s the adult side of the hospital and there are no kids around.”

Purple_roses, ADN, RN, July 6, 2015:

“This story didn’t happen to me, but to my coworker. She told me about it when I relieved her shift. We were taking care of a hospice client who was very close to passing. The client said, ‘Go tell my dad I’m ok,’ and then said that her dad was standing outside her open bedroom window. I know that it’s very likely that she was simply hallucinating, but at the same time, I like the idea of loved ones helping you ‘cross over’ (or whatever happens after death). “

ahosoda, July 7, 2015:

“I did some CNA work for a friend of a friend. Her dad was dying and on Hospice, but wanted to die in his home so he had aides come at certain points in the day to take care of him. His daughter didn’t trust the CNAs who came by, so she set up baby monitors all around the house. After seeing those CNAs doing horrible things over the nannycams (neglect, abuse), she hired me to take care of him.

The night he passed away, I was in the kitchen doing dishes and I kept feeling someone tapping on my shoulder. I also felt a lot of unexplainable breezes, and just a warm presence. I thought I was just spooking myself out, until we looked back at the nannycam footage. Cups sliding multiple feet across the counters, and random bursts of white light across the screen, and his dog barking at something that wasn’t there.”

Adele_Michal7, July 8, 2015:

“I had an MD write a STAT order for an exorcism. That was fun. “

TheGooch, July 8, 2015:

“When my Mom was dying she told us that she saw dead relatives.”

proud nurse, BSN, RN, July 9, 2015:

“I worked in LTC for 7 years. It was very common for the residents to see or call out for deceased relatives before they died, whether the death was expected or not. Where I worked, we had cameras everywhere. Sometimes I would just watch the colored monitors and see fuzzy white images floating through the halls.

For weeks after a resident who pretty much ran the unit died, her room was left vacant. This lady was a constant call light user/abuser. We had a panel that lit up with the room number when the call light was pushed. The panel would light up with that room number but it was vacant. We put in work orders to fix that numerous times, but it kept happening.”

Horseshoe, July 9, 2015:

“One day I was chatting with my patient’s son. He mentioned that he had an implanted defibrillator. I said, ‘Yikes. So I’m guessing you arrested at some point?’ He said that he had a cardiac arrest and it had taken 15 minutes for an ambulance to arrive, even though it happened in a restaurant across the street from a hospital! Anyway, two nurses were at the scene and did CPR until the ambulance arrived.

I asked him if he remembered any of the incident and he told me that he had a full blown near death experience where deceased loved ones greeted him to take him to a tunnel, he went through a tunnel and went into a very bright light, and he saw God. He told me ‘imagine the most love and joy and peace you’ve ever experienced, and multiply it times one million.” He said he wanted to stay, but was told it wasn’t his time yet, and he returned to his body. He said ‘I was raised Southern Baptist, but I can say that they’ve got a lot of it wrong.’ I asked, ‘What do you mean?’ He responded, ‘well first of all, everyone goes to Heaven.’ Incredulous, I said, ‘What?! Even murderers and child abusers?’ He said, ‘Yep. But you are confronted with all your actions. Every single one.’

After that, any time I witnessed an arrest and resuscitation, I would ask the patient NOT if he had had a near death experience, but simply if he remembered anything from the arrest. Sometimes they would say no, then other times I would hear about going through tunnels into the light into beautiful meadows or reunions with dead relatives and friends.”

soushee, BSN, RN, July 9, 2015:

“My unit uses tracker devices, all RNs and CNAs wear them. Several nights one week about 6 extra unidentified ‘people’ would appear on the tracker board, and would move from a specific room to the dirty utility, and up and down the ‘back’ hall (unit is a big square with patient rooms on the outside, nurses’ station and clean utility/offices in the core). Scared the CNA who had the back to death and she sat in the main station all night, scared to go back there. Can’t say I blame her! I actually went and check the rooms sometimes to see if anybody was in there, and they were empty. The mysterious trackers would never go in rooms that were occupied.”

GotRhythm, July 9, 2015:

“I work in a Peds CVICU, we had one patient about a year ago who was 23 y/o and post-op conduit replacement. For about 3 days she kept telling her nurses she saw the angel of death standing in the corner, she would even talk to him sometimes.”

TheGooch, July 9, 2015:

“This video is quite interesting.”

missmollie, ADN, RN, July 9, 2015:

“I was working as a CNA, and it was close to 11:30pm when I had to go empty my linen cart. We had this long hallway that my unit was connected to. I took the bin back there, through the double doors that require a code to get in. I’m looking at the bag and tying it, when I saw something out of the corner of my eye.

I turn to look and there is a woman standing there in a nightgown. I sighed, and wondered what hall she came from, and told her I would take her up front. I walk to the doors, put in my code, and turn around to encourage her.

The hall was empty.”

blondy2061h, MSN, RN, July 10, 2017:

“We had a patient in a room on our unit who was doing fairy well. He he kept saying, ‘Bob Jones is asking me to take a walk with him.’ Bob Jones was a patient who had been in that room for a long time nearly a year prior and died in that room. Obviously that wasn’t really his name, that’s the annoynimized version. The name was less common. The wife kept asking us who Bob Jones was and the husband/patient swore he was in the room and why couldn’t we see him? The best we could figure, these patients never met. Predictably, this patient suddenly died.”

rudecat, Aug. 10, 2015:

“While working at a LTC facility on a night shift I was alone and charting and felt a presence and saw an apparition sitting beside be . It was very calm , not frightening and I could make out a woman’s hands folded on the desk beside me watching me chart. As I said, I felt no fear what so ever . Actually, it felt safe somehow . That’s the way I would describe her presence. I found out the next day when I mentioned this to colleagues who had been there much longer than I that there was indeed a spirit but no one knew whom. Thinking it might have been a nurse??? “

GhosttRN, BSN, RN, Aug. 11, 2015:

“In my old hospital we had just one room where the pts [patients] would all call around 1-4 in the am complaining about the kids playing with a ball outside the door and asking us to keep them quiet. Never were any kids but it was an old Peds floor years prior.

On a different floor we had a guy die from CA and it seamed he stuck around in his room and the adjoining room. The call bells for those two rooms would always go off and the beds never stayed made-up when they were empty, like someone was always sitting/laying on the made bed. He would also turn on the water faucet. Really freaked out one of our CNAs one night when she was restocking. She refused to go in there at night after that.”

Carolll, BSN, RN, Jan. 8, 2016:

“The first night that I worked in one of the Hospice Houses, about 3 am I saw someone in a red top walk through the kitchen, I went to look and there was no one there. The next morning, I mentioned it to the cook and she said that the volunteers wore red tops and that it was probably one of them as many had passed. This isn’t new for me though, I’ve always heard and seen things. I questioned my mother before she passed and she told me that they had a dog when I was little that had to be put away, she said that she continued to hear the dog walk around the house and then lay down. She told me that it goes away in about 6 months if you ignore it……she’s come back to visit several times and even left her butt print in her bed once…..”

NanaPoo, RN, Jan. 8, 2016:

“In my 12 years of hospice, both inpatient and home hospice, it was very common to have patients in their last 2 days or so report seeing deceased family members in their room and particularly at the foot of their bed. They would also say they see a beautiful lady or a beautiful angel. All of the patients who had these experiences had professed to be ‘believers’ or Christians prior to the end of their lives….

I’ve been at the bedside of many dying patients who appeared to have a painful and frightening experience but 3 stand out in particular. One was a professed atheist, one was hubby’s family member who was a lifelong Baptist, and one inpatient hospice who was a young cervical CA [cancer] patient whose spiritual status I cannot remember but whose pain was uncontrolled until her demise. Hers was the most unsettling for me as a nurse because I felt my job wasn’t done properly even though her doctor ordered unlimited medication and I stood by her bed for hours pushing medications. That day will haunt me until my own death.

But my hubby’s family member did not go peacefully as most of my patients always had in hospice and over and over she said, ‘it’s so awful! it’s so awful!’ about the things she must’ve been seeing behind her eyelids. It was not a peaceful death. It was just weeks after my atheist patient’s death…. He was an incredibly intelligent man . . . But through his death he was racked with pain and anger and frustration and fear. He hadn’t had enough money for a burial and had donated his body to science….

I’ve never felt any spiritual presence in the room of my dying patients but I have had many of them tell me someone was there or noticed a difference in their dying experience. I don’t know if their dying experience is related to their own spiritual experience.”

CelticGoddess, BSN, RN, Jan. 8, 2016:

“I work on an Onc/Palliative unit, and all the nurses who work nights with me have a story. One night, one of my co-workers was standing down the hall (She was about at room 6) She says she saw a shadow out of the corner of her eye down by room 1. She would look over and it would be gone but a few minutes later she saw it again.

I have a patient who was dying of CA. She had been with us for quite some time, getting treatment for the CA. Finally she and her family made the decision that palliative would be better. One morning, as I was leaving work, I peaked in to her room to see how she was doing. I saw a shadow in the corner of her room. Oddly, her room felt very peaceful. She died that evening….

My grandma and my great Aunt both saw their deceased sister and mum when they were close to dying.”

Jbryson79, Aug. 26, 2016:

“I work in a pediatric ER and between the hours of 0400 and 0700 it’s pretty quiet in there. So there are two rooms where you always feel like someone is in the rooms. You may hear the tv go on and off, drawers open and shut and lights going on and off. It’s a little creepy.”

“Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” –John 14:27


26 responses to “Nurses who saw supernatural phenomena around dying patients

  1. Personally, I don’t believe the guy who was selling “universalism,” because God made it clear in His Word, that only those who have come to Christ will enter heaven.
    I have heard many stories of those who have Jesus, and how their passing is peaceful and serene, and they have a smile on their faces, whereas those without the King do not.
    One of the best books on this subject is Dr. Maurice Rawlings, Beyond Death’s Door. He was a cardiologist in Chattanooga, TN who had revived many people, and he tells what some of them said and saw, very good book. Those with Jesus didn’t want to come back, but those without Him, well…

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  2. I absolutely believe that we are visited by loved ones and/or Angels and/or the Holy Spirit. I have seen them myself. I have felt their presence. I have also experienced “The Light” in the tunnel. I wanted to keep going so badly, but that was not to be.

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  3. I’ve never experienced anything having to do with dying loved ones, or friends, so I can’t contribute on that level. But, one strange incident I saw happen is connected to our two Dobermans, a mother and her son–Kelly, and Moosie–the day Moosie died he was 7 years old, and he was a huge dog, who weighed in at 180 lbs., and looked more like a Great Dane than a Doberman, hence his nickname “Moosie”–he’d always had trouble with his hips, and to ease his pain as he grew older I gave him one chewible doggie aspirin each day–he still limped a little since his hips must have ached, but more so on one side than the other[I can’t remember which side now]

    After he died suddenly of heart failure[the vet told us heart problems are common in Dobes, and they usually die from them eventually], his mother, Kelly, was sitting by me in the dining room, staring up at something near the corner of the ceiling, and I looked and looked but couldn’t seen anything there–yet, she kept on staring, not looking away at all for the longest time–later on, as she was out with our other two dogs in the yard, I noticed something odd: Kelly had begun favoring the same back leg that Moosie always favored–she was limping like he used to limp–it was the strangest thing I’d ever seen in my life!

    Moosie passed away around the same time as Pope[St.] John Paul, and Kelly only lived a few months longer than that. After Moosie’s death, Kelly suddenly began going down hill fast, and I always believed it was due to how much she missed him, as though she died of a broken heart only about 6 months after his death.

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  4. I have been lifelong atheist and can’t stand religious preaching. Argued
    frequently with my devout brother-in-law about Christianity and afterlife.
    At age 36 he developed MS and was completely paralyzed for the last
    11 years of his life. One night I awoke from the strangest “dream” I have
    ever had. I felt euphoric and at peace as I looked at a veiled figure.
    Couldn’t identify the figure. Later that day my sister phoned saying
    my brother-in-law had died suddenly in the night.

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  5. The Bible is very clear. There is a Heaven and a Hell. These were demon spirits trying to confuse. New Age says we all go to Heaven. Not true.

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    • And Universalists like the author of THE SHACK. You are so very right Sherry. One must have the King of Glory Jesus as Saviour or without Him you are lost. Amen to your post

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    • For a long time I was confused about things. I was into Buddhism for awhile. But after I had a powerful dream I finally found my way back to Jesus Christ. It’s not that I didn’t believe that He is the Son of the Living God, but I was confused about a lot of stuff. The whole Buddhism thing is confusing too, but then you read about it and it’s all nice and everything, but there is no “end” to it. What may be of help to those who think they’re “too smart” for God is to read “Mere Christianity” by C.S. Lewis.
      The New Age thing was invented to turn people away from God without them knowing it. I was going to join a ‘new age’ church and was reading a book by Sylvia Browne. Near the end she said that Christ hadn’t died on the cross and I immediately put the book down. She showed what the New Age is really all about, denying Christ’s crucifixion and Resurrection.
      They are all liars. I got a book about “Seth” by Jane Roberts, and she was influenced by a demon. They can’t even get their lies straight. One said that it was another ‘guy’ who ‘stood in’ for Christ, then another author who was possessed by demons and didn’t even know it (it was some book about some woman claiming that she was channeling Princess Di, the demons almost killed her but they used her to make the book), she claimed that Christ was taken down before His death. So, they’re all liars who deny the Crucifixion and Resurrection.


  6. I worked as a Hospice nurse for 8 years and I attended many deaths. Those who were saved died peacefully and those who weren’t, died in torment. In our Hospice House, the nurses there saw death every day, and they say the same thing. Also true: Almost all my dying patients talked about dead relatives coming to see them before they passed. They also talked about beautiful gardens of flowers that they visited.. if you weren’t a Christian before working in Hospice, you would be afterwards!

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  7. I had been looking for a job and it just went on and on, and my mom died around the same time, the dialysis clinic killed her right in front of me and my dad one night. Anyway, I had a few dreams with my mom in them after her passing and since I’m not a fan of such visits from the deceased finally in the last dream I looked at my mom and said, mom, you’re dead, why are you here? and she looked at me and said I know but there’s something I have to do first. I forgot about all of that until a job offer popped up. I can’t help but to think the almighty sent my mom back to do something that got me that job.

    The part about people seeing deceased relatives shortly before their own demise seems to be common and I’ve seen my mom after her death in dreams, but I’m not keen on everyone goes to heaven. I mean, everyone will be there on judgement day, and everyone will say with one voive “just is your judgement” and the forgiven and unforgiven will go their separate ways, but I can’t see where it says everyone goes to heaven. If that was the case then nothing matters whatever we do and the sacrifice YHWH made of his son Yahshuah for the expiation of sin was needless. I’ve heard several accounts of nde’s where the person typically was an unbeliever and was deluded by demons who disguised themselves as angels of light that said he must follow them. And the demons lead him further and further away from the light and then started attacking him, ripping him apart so that he, an atheist, knew he had only one option left, to call upon the name of messiah. This cryu of his for messiah’s help caused the demons great pain and they screamed at him to stop saying that name but he kept up on it till messiah came for him and took him from there, eventually sending him back. There’s all sorts of stories along these lines on youtube.

    A friend who wasn’t a believer before his nde became one afterwards.
    His dad was driving him and his brother to work on day and they ran at highway speed into the back of a dump truck due to the dense fog.
    My friend said that all he knew was he was on his way to work and then was in a tunnel underground, and he knew it. He said he was paralysed but his dad was standing nearby and picked him up and started carrying him through the tunnel to the light they could see at the end. His dad had a full head of red hair, and looked to be about 30 but my friend had never seen his dad with red hair before. Anyway, a large demon with 3 sets of eyes came towards them and was trying to grab my friend away from his dad, who apparently was a believer. In the fight with the demon my friends dad called on messiah and messiah told him to kick the demons ass, wich he did, and the demon ran away. My friend said his dad said he had to go now and laid my friend on the floor of the tunnel and ran towards the light, after telling my friend he had to go back. My friend was in a coma for months and not expected to live, if he lived he’d be a vegetable, but he’s as spry as ever and gets around with a cane or walked, and is a firm believer in messiah.

    Halel YAH!

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    Very interesting to read what other’s have experienced.


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  9. The History of the Catholic Church is replete with saints and blesseds who had visions or heard elocutions. My late father had a vision of St. Theresa of Lisieux when he was eight or nine—and he never lied about anything in his life.
    I myself have witnessed what I believe was demonic activity on a number of occasions.
    There is a great and frequent guest on Hagmann & Hagmann, Dr. Ted Broer. He has expounded upon new or relatively recent discoveries in the field of quantum physics, and he says we have, over the past couple of decades, discovered a lot.
    But the main point is that, as we are stuck in this dimension for our natural lives, the spectrum of light we can see and the width of wavelength we can hear is severely limited. Thus, it would come as no surprise to me that, once we die, we do enter another, new-to-us dimension. A simple example: Bumblebees can see ultra-violet light, but we cannot. What would it be like to wake up one morning and see the UV spectrum? I would be quite alarmed, if you ask me.
    But the main point, I believe, is that there are multiple dimensions we have not experienced in this natural and limited realm—UNLESS God allowed a particular person to witness or experience it. That, I believe, is the main point and the difference.

    I believe Our Blessed Mother appeared to Blessed Alan and gave him 15 promises to those who devote their lives to the Rosary. I believe She appeared at Quito, La Salette, Lourdes, Fatima and Akita. (I DO NOT BELIEVE SHE APPEARED IN BAYSIDE, NEW YORK, AT ALL). I believe other saints have visited us. But again, it all depends upon the Will of God, and to those who attain to the Beatific Vision, we shall see and hear things we would not have imagined possible. I believe that the glorified bodies of the Saved shall be incapable of suffering or aging once the Resurrection happens.
    Most regrettably, I have to disagree strongly with the Southern Baptist mentioned in the post. I very much fear—as St. Philip of Port Maurice, St. Thomas Aquinas, St. Augustine and other saints have declared and explained AN AWFUL TRUTH: The overwhelming majority of all the humans who have ever lived to the age of reason have, or will be, damned. It is a horrible mystery, and it’s not God’s fault. We must pray, to the best of our ability.

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  10. Got a friend who is a Nurse and she has experienced some creepy stuff when someone is getting ready to die…

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  11. To be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord.

    I believe in angels.  Sometimes God sends heavenly angels to us as messengers, helpers, and deliverers.  And sometimes he sends us people who are angels just the same, who give us messages, they give us help, and they encourage us. 

    At the beginning of the year, I was in the hospital for nine days, and couldn’t seem to recover from surgery. I had an angel that came to me in the hospital, in the form of a volunteer, but an angel just the same.  She gave me a message and I still become overcome with emotion every time I talk about it. Within two days of her visit, I had improved enough to come home. I will never forget her or what she told me.

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  12. Powerful testimonies fr health-care professionals! My father had Marfan’s Syndrome. As a result, one day his ascending aorta dissected (recognized by a NOVICE female emrgency intern doctor in his local hospital) & ….he was flown by an heroic volunteer Maryland State Police Helicopter Pilot in a dense FOG, to try to get him to Johns Hopkins University Hospital via flying LOW over the outline of the Potomac River…… he could arrive to receive life-preserving care. He got him there in time!

    LUCKILY…the inventor of the life-saving surgery for this sydrome was in attendance to my father’s surgery. During the surgery NOTHING was working…..his connective tissue dissolved (a property of the syndrome) every time his supervising surgeon and his supervised/interns tried to connect his excised leg veins to his ascending artery for a “fix,” his tissue dissintigrated…….a Nurse came out to the family surgery waiting room to tell my mother about this situation……..and asked for PRAYER…b/c…she said that was all that was left…and EVEN the Drs in the operating room were left to ONLY PRAYER…..and…..

    I believe to this day that everyone in that operating room was a Christian prayer warrior….b/c after a 10-hour operation that should have taken 4 or so hours….my father survived this. When the nurse came out to tell my mother that he was “OK” she told her….”ONLY DIVINE INTERVENTION saved him from the dire operating room situation.”

    My father lived more than a decade after this, to die of another situation unrelated to his Marfan’s Syndrome. We cherished this time given us with him wherein he enjoyed retirement, and grandchildren…..and us..his family.

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  13. There’s a popular story in one of Thailand’s big university hospitals about an intern or nurse riding the elevator with a friendly lost looking patient , later noticed wearing a toe-tag…….


  14. Fascinating post, Dr. Eowyn. Thank you.

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  15. Regarding “palliative care”, there is a book I just read titled, “The Morphine Genocide” written by M S King. The sub-title is “How the Fed-Med Mafia Kills Our Elderly with Palliative Care”
    It’s a short read. I very much recommend it if you care about your relatives and friends and yourselves. I lived what is in the book and I’d venture to guess some of FOTM readers have as well.

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    • I read a book about how they let organ donors die but for the life of me I can’t remember the title or who wrote it. It would not surprise me if doctors did this sort of thing. They look the other way when killing and maiming babies and children with vaccines.


      • Unless you don’t mind the chance that your life may purposefully be cut short, I don’t recommend willingly being an organ donor. In addition, BE WARY when renewing your license. Depending on the state in which you live, unless you specifically OPT OUT on the renewal paperwork, you are automatically opted IN to be an organ donor, And I understand that there is no verbal question about it so people aren’t aware they’ve signed their organs away.

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      • You should read the M S King book.


  16. Fr. Isaac Mary Relyeigh (sp?) says that the only proof of a real NDE is if the person changes their life. That lots of the flowers and light tunnels are tricks of the demons. The everyone-goes-to-heaven crowd has been deceived. But some venerables admit that there are some protestants in heaven.

    Ghosts are very doubtful though. Demons tend to congregate where there is a lot of pain, distress, and sorrow. Hospitals are such places. Especially where they are euthanizing (murdering) people.

    Hell was a subject that Christ warned about most. I think folks would be better off if they spend their time getting to know Our Lord through prayer, and avoided stories that touch on the paranormal and occult.

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