Liberalism is a mental disorder: Fashion designers debut vagina-themed collection at New York Fashion Week

vagina fashion

Perfect for the feminazis who support the Women’s March.

From Daily Mail: A pair of Berlin-based designers treated the New York Fashion Week crowd to an intriguing ugly vagina-themed runway show.

Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl, the duo behind Namilia, presented their Spring Summer 2018 collection on Saturday night. Models walked in eye-catching ugly ensembles marrying pastel colors with darker tones, many with vagina embellishments from shoulders to toes.

The two designers managed to integrate lady bits shapes into the geometry of their outfits, such as the opening of a blazer, or a pair of puff sleeves. Their finale dress consisted of a memorable Marie-Antoinette-style gown wide enough to take up the entire runway, with pink and red vaginas etched all across the skirt part.

Pfohl and Li, who met at the University Of The Arts Berlin, were inspired for their collection by The Indiscreet Jewels, Denis Diderots’ first novel, published anonymously in 1748. In the work of fiction, the French philosopher uses an allegory to tell the story of King Louis XV of France, who in Diderot’s novel owns a ring with the power to make women’s genitals (their ‘jewels’) talk.

This is not the first time the designers, who describe their clothing as ‘an aesthetic tool and a visual platform to express their beliefs, conflicts and dreams’, have used human anatomy as a source of inspiration.

Their Spring Summer 2016 collection, titled My P***y, My Choice’, featured penises as a central element of its designs. 

That collection was their first, and the two have since released four more. For the Fall Winter 2016 season, their theme of choice was Feel The Heat. Spring Summer 2017 became You’re Just A Toy, while Fall Winter 2017 was Join The Resistance.


19 responses to “Liberalism is a mental disorder: Fashion designers debut vagina-themed collection at New York Fashion Week

  1. Oh holy, this is this seriously what we want to teach the youth?

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  2. Like actress Cameron Diaz, who in her ghostwritten “beauty” book advised women not to shave their vaginas, “fashion” designers Nan Li and Emilia Pfohl are very confused. The vagina is an orifice, a cavity. What Li and Pfohl depict on those atrocious clothes are labia majora — lip-like fatty tissue on either side of the vulva at the entrance into the vagina.

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    • I find it ironic that those who claim to support women’s reproductive “rights” have no clue about women’s reproductive anatomy…liberal education

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    • Thank you Dr Eowyn and MomOfIV It drives me to distraction that these people who tout themselves experts of all things women, reproduction, sex, body awareness, don’t even know the correct name, calling all and sundry ‘vagina’. Imagine my shock when I hear the statement “he grabbed my vagina” ….what ?!? I mean it’s possible, but very unlikely a passerby can be have such precision. And so forth, please people, if they think they are all sophisticated and can use the correct word, then use the correct word/s! – I start to wonder if they have ever had anything to do with a woman’s anatomy.

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  3. That reminds me of art school, where mental illness was celebrated as a source of inspiration.

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  4. Sick! I’d say more but it wouldn’t be publicly acceptable.

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  5. Gross. Some people have no shame. (not to mention class)

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  6. What is the message here, talking labia? Clothes celebrating genitalia? What is the “issue” the this is supposed to “address”? These people are clearly insane. They do these things for the simple reason that they want to destroy what they inherited.

    How have “we” discriminated agains female genitalia? Now they’re strutting around portraying it as if its some sort of victory. Victory over……what? What’s the compliant?

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The article gives me the impression they have run out of ideas or they hate women. They must have missed their creative classes during their training. Who in the world would want to walk around town with a vagina applique on your $10,000 dress?

    What do men know about designing dresses for women and what they like?


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  9. To paraphrase the poet Carl Sandburg, “Suppose they gave a fashion show and nobody came?”
    Fashion used to be—just fashion, nothing else. But now it has become ideology. It is, in the words of the Immortal Bard (who, according to Bob Dylan, is “in the alley/with his pointed shoes and his bells!”), “a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing!”

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  10. C U Next Tuesday…I would much rather see walking weiners, LOL

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  11. I am dying to know . . . how many women actually spend money on ugly garments such as these? I just cannot believe that real people would wear such trash.

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  12. I am some what baffled,…..Your typical rapists’ most common excuse is “the woman was asking for it”, referring to the woman’s overly revealing or scantily dressed presence. Should men consider the placement of such clear and obvious images an invitation, or a challenge.

    I sure there is no question what would happen to a man walking around with such obvious male imagery decorating their apparel. Which does make me wonder if any one has worn these fashions in public, out side of the fashion runway.

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  13. I am continually disappointed & disgusted by what’s happening in the world.

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  14. It looks like they have hot dogs with buns, or lips or something. I’m waiting for them to run down there dressed in horns and a long tail.

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  15. Beside their bad design, I think they just want to draw attentions and make news as they already did. They are important now, people are talking about them, otherwise how could they be recognized among all those creative designs? There is an expression that says a negative criticism works well as a good one! I remember Lady Gaga with her meat dress and all her weird flashing acts, she broke the news all the time but not always with positive criticisms. She’s reached the top now and acts classy. Conquering the publicity and come to notice, that’s it I think!

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