is deleting bad reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book

RT reports, Sept. 15, 2017, that Amazon is accused of censorship after it removed hundreds of one-star reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new memoir, What Happened, on the grounds that the reviews violated “community guidelines.”

According to Twitterer Wednesdayy, on Wednesday, Sept. 13, one day after Hillary’s book was released, Amazon had already deleted more than 1,500 one-star reviews:


An Amazon spokesperson told Fortune:

“In the case of a memoir, the subject of the book is the author and their views. It’s not our role to decide what a customer would view as helpful or unhelpful in making their decision. We do however have mechanisms in place to ensure that the voices of many do not drown out the voices of a few and we remove customer reviews that violate our community guidelines.

One reviewer, who gave the book a negative review, said Amazon deleted his review three times and that “If Amazon doesn’t like what we have to say, don’t ask for input.”

By deleting hundreds of one-star reviews, Hillary’s book managed to register five out of five stars from over 700 reviews, as of Friday morning. But ReviewMeta, a website that analyzes the authenticity of Amazon reviews, said that 25% of reviewers of Clinton’s book were “suspicious,” a designation it gives users who have only reviewed one title.

This is not the first time Amazon has suppressed negative book reviews. According to blogger Dave Chesson, Amazon has been using an automatic system to remove allegedly biased reviews since 2012. Recent examples include:

  • Last year, Amazon also deleted many one-star reviews for former Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly’s  memoir, Settle for More, claiming the reviews were politically motivated.
  • In 2015, independent author Brenda Perlin said that one of her book reviews was deleted by Amazon because the company said she knew the author personally. Perlin wrote: “That blew me away. I mean, most of us indie authors know each other in one form or another. Mostly we know each other from social media. I mean, isn’t that why SOCIAL MEDIA got its name? I bought and read the book. There was no malice but I might as well been talking to a great big concrete wall. It was like having a conversation with robots? Maybe the robots have taken over the Amazon hemisphere because there was no humanity or reasoning with this so called ‘review appeals board’.”


32 responses to “ is deleting bad reviews of Hillary Clinton’s new book

  1. Flood them people, I went to h.s with this witch on wheels, I’m going to write a very negative review…go for it, write as many as you can, you know what this vile filthy lying sack of cow dung really is.

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    • If all else fails, give it 2 stars and then say “IT WAS HORRIBLE- DON’T BUY IT” in your title line. 🙂
      IF the above doesn’t work, try for 3 stars. Or, try 5 stars and say IT WAS AWFUL.
      Amazon stinks, I’m trying to buy books from other places. And, don’t go to whole foods, amazon bought them too.

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  2. I am skeptical of Ms. Clinton’s statement in What Happened that she only thought of sticking pins in voodoo dolls representing reporters and Congresspersons she did not favor. Besides, just as prayer is affected by the spiritual intention of the petitioner, dark magick is largely effected by the intention of the practitioner. Her hate, in other words, had to have been toxic per se!

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  3. Four days earlier on the “Wayback Machine”, there were 324 reviews, 39% of them were 5-star and 56% were 1-star. If you count the 2-star reviews, it jumps to 60%.

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  4. We know most major politician corporate speaking engagements and book deals are pay for favor money laundering schemes.

    Go ahead, delete this Amazon …

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  5. All one stars came from Russia. No, really, ya gotta believe me! Russia and Trump. Russia and Trump and Bernie. Russia, Trump, Bernie, and conservative powers. …

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  6. These bozos on Amazon are saying that unless you bought the book from them, you cannot post a review, what a pile of unconscionable dung. Not everyone buys their books from Jeff Bezos’ Amazon. This is not what Amazon was ever about before. Time to dump them and tell them you’re fed up, They actually have a phone number you can call and tell them you bought the book elsewhere and you’re pissed as hell that you can’t post.
    Here’s the number of these jerks
    1 (888) 280-4331
    Call and let them have it big time. rotten no good one sided pile of dung from the evil commie left…ugh

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    • is also a good place to post reviews. People have to go to alternatives when ever they can. Like stop using google, use or other search engines, use other places to buy books from like half price books or barnes and noble, stuff like that.

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  7. I don’t believe in accidents or coincidence, so this article must be a God thing or a God-incidence. I noticed a few days ago on my page ( that one of my books was selling for $243.00; another of my books was selling for $166.00. Either it is a typographical error or else someone at does not like me. If a book is selling for $243.00, no one is ever going to buy it.

    Compare with Barnes & Noble:;jsessionid=8D26763EAD2E82B8E6827C7D01E65B19.prodny_store02-atgap04?Ntk=P_key_Contributor_List&Ns=P_Sales_Rank&Ntx=mode+matchall

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    • Very interesting! Amazon is beginning to have a strangle hold on America because it has gotten to be so big. I personally am going to move away from purchasing o much from them–I just do not like the garbage they are pulling.

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  8. I would expect this from Bezos.

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  9. >>… According to Twitter on Wednesday, Sept. 13, one day after Hillary’s book was released, Amazon had already deleted more than 1,500 one-star reviews:

    Although I detest EVER defending (called by me “”) in any way, shape, or form, I must concede that some, many, or most of those reviews were probably justifiably deleted.

    No one should be publicly reviewing a book unless they’ve actually read it (or read enough of it to make a reasonable judgment of it). There is no way I can believe that 1,500 people read Hellary’s book one day after its release and found it terrible. Most of those reviewers probably never even saw a copy of the book, but DID see an opportunity to excoriate Hellary and try to negatively impact her book sales.

    Every time Ann Coulter releases a new book, she goes through the same problem: Hundreds if not thousands of Libtards immediately write One-Star reviews of it within a day of its release. As if any of those Coulter-haters ever really read it!

    So, there was probably some justification in deleting many of those reviews. And I hate saying that because I detest Hellary and absolutely abhor Those creeps banned me from their website and deleted 199 of my reviews. Why? Because I was just way too effective at destroying the Libtards who tried to debate me over my reviews. As some stranger once wrote to me: Amazon HAD to delete you because they were beaten.

    So, if anyone’s interested, I’m now in the process of re-posting all my old reviews @ Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…

    ~ D-FensDogG

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    • “No one should be publicly reviewing a book unless they’ve actually read it”

      That should be the case in most cases, but not in the case of Hillary’s What Happened, about which we’ve already read/heard about ad infinitum from herself — blaming her election loss on everybody and everything except herself. On that basis alone, people who haven’t read the book are justified in writing negative reviews.

      Besides, how does Amazon know that the 5-star reviewers had actually read the book? By your reasoning (leaving a review one day after the book was released), they are as likely to have not read the book.

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      • HiYa, DR. EOWYN ~
        I agree with you about the 5-Star reviews just one day after the book’s release. I’m sure the abuse of reviewing integrity runs the opposite way as well. (If I were in charge, perhaps I wouldn’t allow any reviews to be published until a book had been available for at least a week. Not sure that would improve the situation any, though. At least it might be half-a-step in the right direction.)

        This is small potatoes, but I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this question. As I still feel that it’s intellectually dishonest to judge a 500+ page book based on approximately 3 pages worth of material that was revealed prior to publication.

        During the years that I was amongst the highest rated reviewers at Amazon, I never reviewed a book (or product) that I wasn’t fully familiar with. And that’s the way I feel it ought to be, even for highly politically opinionated persons such as I am. It’s an intellectually honest standard that I always held myself to.

        I think Hellary is one of the most despicable — deplorable!! — persons who has ever drawn a breath on this planet, and she probably didn’t even write much (or any) of her book. Can you see that narcissistic woman sitting in a room by herself and actually “working” on a manuscript when she could just throw money at someone else to write it for her while she’s attending satanic services? I have no doubt ‘WHAT HAPPENED’ stinks as bad as Hellary does, but even so, I myself wouldn’t feel right about publicly criticizing the sh*t out of it without first having read at least a fair amount of it.

        I used to see this sort of thing at constantly. My biggest political hero is Senator Joe McCarthy, and I know every important detail of his life that is worth knowing. I reviewed a number of things related to Joe at Amazon, and I was always finding negative reviews and comments about him at that site written by people who obviously had no familiarity with the book or documentary in question. They were just spewing crap based on the “common knowledge” falsehoods they had heard about the good Senator from Mainstream Media sources.

        That used to irritate me no end. My feeling was: Either KNOW the subject or shut up until you learn about it. But… me being me, I’d engage those anti-McCarthyites and totally rip ’em a new one. I’d challenge with facts every single lie they’d spewed! Some tried to argue with me at first… but not for long when they found out I knew the truth and the truth can’t be overcome with blatant falsehoods provided by Brainwashing Incorporated (aka The New York Times, NPR, Time magazine, all Universities, et al.)

        Anyway… as a dear departed friend of mine (who passed away WAY TOO YOUNG) used to say: “IF TWO PEOPLE AGREE ON EVERYTHING, ONE OF THEM IS UNNECESSARY.”

        God knows how much I miss her. (I better sign off before I start to cry.)

        ~ D-FensDogG
        Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews…


  10. Well, well, well! The thief always returns to the scene of his crime, as it were.
    I am no friend of Hillary Clinton. But I am no friend of Jeff “Bozo” Bezos, either: The moral cretin knows he should be prosecuted under anti-trust legislation. Not to worry: It will not happen.
    This is the same Jeff “Bozo” Bezos who accepted $650 million dollars from the CIA to purchase the Washington Post, a veritable SNAKE PIT of POISONED JOURNALISM. And this means that everyone in the Beltway is in on the Joke, having hopped on board the Gravy Train of Grift. So what this means is this: The CIA, behind the creation of Google, also, is out to start censoring anyone who does not tow the Party Line. The censorship going on on You Tube is but a foretaste of what’s to come: What’s going on now with You Tube—and with Amazon’s censorship of negative Hillary reviews—is but the BETA-TEST of what they will try to get away with two months, six months, one year, down the line.

    Once they get rid of the Blond Bloviator in the White House, the floodgates will unload upon the American public.

    What to do? Do we boycott Amazon? Hardy! Har! Har! They couldn’t care less and won’t be moved: They have an INEXHAUSTIBLE amount of money! It is a quandry: Hillary will reach her expiration date soon enough. But the Red Horse of censorship will charge on.
    What. To. Do???

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    • Soon it will be Michael Obongo and Al Frankin. What a duo. It’s getting harder to puke over this as my stomach is already empty. Watching Trump reveal his recent “conversion” to the Dark Side and the attendant praise from the whores of newsroom, I simply can’t be bothered any longer.

      My advice is to get ourselves ready for the long haul. It’s going to be ugly.

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  11. I wouldn’t read that schrew’s book if you tied me down and sewed my eyes open. Besides, she didn’t write it anyway. They got some commie skankataurus to do it. Hillary cannot form a complete sentence or a simple thought much less a “book”. Her time has come and passed. They think she’s going to run for President again? Better not or there will be mass suicides outside the polling places.
    Her motto will be “Make America A Piece of Crap Again”.
    And BTW, screw AMAZON. They are selling a lot of Chinese junk, and are so,anxious to ship fast, half the deliveries are getting lost by the morons they’re hiring.
    I say MAGA!

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  12. Komrade Broom Hilda’s goons must have Polaroids involving Bezos.

    However, this petty lunacy doesn’t meet my definition of censorship, as I reserve that term for goobermint interference because goobermint has guns.

    Amazon does not.

    • At least not yet.

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  13. I am new to the site as far as a member. I have been following you for several years and am a huge supporter, and frankly, stunned at the depth of content you provide– so, thank you. Sorry to leave this here, couldn’t find a “general mailbox” but PLEASE review the newest disney child mind programing effort,…the movie is coming in November??….Coco. Child wants to sing, family (destroy family) doesn’t understand him….thus he finds comfort in the DEAD..or family members that have passed (lots of skeleton characters of course…and they are friendly and nice of course….’death is good’)…story evolves around Mexico’s Day of the Dead…we call it All Souls Day or Halloween..but, here again,…OF ALL SUBJECTS / FOCUS / STORIES / ETC…..they zero in on this, they choose death and ghost and skeletons……..i’ll stop…but please, you guys are the best….i used the socialist controlled google and found nothing. pls investigate.


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    • Check out for searches instead of googoo.
      Harry Potter is very satan-inspired as well. Disney is not what it appears, if you read Brice Taylor’s novel “Thanks for the Memories” she mentions what happened to her in Disney. It’s horiffic.

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  14. Trump made a mistake when he didn’t delete Hillary. Referring to Hillary and Bill as good people at the inauguration was a big mistake. Consequently inadvertently or not he gave Hillary cover along with the media who heart in her camp despite the fact that her intention was to destroy America.

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  15. It is good to know that the Amazon spokesperson agrees with us that the many, that hate the book can drown out the few that actually like the book. There is a God.

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  16. Amazon is just being ‘very’ cautious!
    They have read Clinton’s Dead Body Count!

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  17. AMAZON apparently employed similar polling techniques elsewhere;
    like the 2016 campaign.

    FAKENEWS, FAKEPOLLS, FAKE products (illegitimate knockoffs)

    MAGA is not FAKE,

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  18. Hildabeast has become the 21st Century ‘Harold Stassen’.

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  19. Lest we forget, this from the same scuzzbag company that openly defended an e-book that was a how-to guide for child molesters to sexually abuse children, anyone remember “the pedophiles guide to love and pleasure”, which this vile company refused to pull until they couldn’t keep the story under wraps, and someone decided to even use the media to lambast them? They still sell other pedophilic books, by the way (sally mann’s, among others, some using “art” as their excuse.), that e-book was just the one that got the most media attention at the time, and seems to have been forgotten just as quickly as the media dropped it.

    I fail to see why amazon still exists, when a crime like that should’ve seen the board of directors canned & prosecuted, them and the executives tried for collusion in contributing to the sexual abuse of a child at least (for their defense of the e-book) their assets forfeited, and their pensions pulled. Now this same filth corp. corners most of the market, and is fixing on testing “drones” for delivery… who wants to take a guess at when the drones will be “armed” to “protect your packages from piracy” or some other ridiculous excuse? (Not to mention “facial recognition data” for “identity verification, to make sure the package gets to the right person(s)” biometric garbage, and location data, that is, the weaknesses of your home for invasion by uniformed jack-booted thugs should the “need” arise, and giving them directions on how to get there, wifi network monitoring/sniffing, and various other privacy violating schemes.)

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  20. Well, what went… either way, only folk with strong feelings commented (book itself must not be worth spit).

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