Women’s “health” group is funding abortions for Harvey victims

amy hagstrom

Amy Hagstrom’s Twitter bio: “In the stigma eradication, self-esteem boosting & identity examination business. Actively building a great company.”

Speaking of victims…

I would hope that those who survived a natural disaster might pause and give thanks for being alive as well as their baby. Alas, abortion providers continue their demented goals.

Too bad that for those aborted, their “situation changes.”

From NY Post: A women’s health organization that is battling the state of Texas over proposed abortion legislation is offering fully paid procedures for Hurricane Harvey victims — and 15 women have signed up, according to a report.

Whole Woman’s Health Clinic, which is currently suing the Lone Start State for trying to ban second-trimester abortions, plans to pay for six abortions in the clinic’s San Antonio location and nine in Austin, a spokeswoman for the organization told 12 News Now.

“There’s not really a safety net, especially when it comes to health care abortion — we really felt like it was important to step up and do our part,” Amy Hagstrom Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Woman’s Health, told the outlet.

“In any kind of natural disaster, women’s health care abortion becomes a critical issue.”

The clinic is a national abortion provider with four locations in Texas, a state with some of the most restrictive abortion laws in the country. The organization also plans to pay transportation costs for patients far from their clinic locations.

They’re paying for the procedures with donations raised through their Stigma Relief Fund, which has brought in $6,000 since announcing their Harvey relief efforts. The 15 procedures will total just over $8,000.

Miller said many women affected by Harvey likely missed previously scheduled abortion-related appointments and for those who lost everything in the storm, their “situation… changes.”

The clinic is fighting Texas’ Senate Bill 8, which would ban the most common procedure for second-trimester abortions. The ban would have gone into effect in September but a judge ruled last month to temporarily halt the bill.


9 responses to “Women’s “health” group is funding abortions for Harvey victims

  1. Because NOTHING, even if the world is coming to an end, must be allowed to interfere with their human sacrifices to Moloch/Satan.

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  2. And this is their idea of ‘help’??….Truly beyond belief.

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  3. Any abortion/killing of babies is an unspeakable sin, but having the baby torn into pieces in order to remove it from it’s natural, irresponsible ‘mother’s’ womb is worse yet! So, willfully blind people such as that woman, Miller, are flaunting their desire to ‘save’ womanhood by contributing money to ‘help’ those misguided females find a ‘legal way'[and, don’t forget ‘safe’, along with ‘common procedure’] to rid themselves of the little life within them that they don’t want.

    I consider every thin dime raised by those abortion-hearted people as nothing but pure, unadulterated blood money! God have mercy on their souls, amen.

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    • Christine . . . Amen to that! I just cannot seem to wrap my head around the idea that so many people actually find that this is acceptable. It is just inconceivable. This certainly shows us that Satan and his minions are alive and thriving in this country.

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  4. Like so many other things, I have watched the “progress” of this from “illegal and unthinkable” to “legal” under certain circumstances if under three months and with the recommendation of a clergyman, counselor, in a hospital, to this. Now “on demand” as a “women’s health” issue.

    It’s the old “nose in the tent” syndrome. I think the good doctor may be right. Maybe it IS for sacrificial purposes. Now these women demand to kill their children as their “God-given right”. Think about that for a while.

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  5. I wish she’d had the ability to endorse abortion for her MOTHER….

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    • truckjunkie . . . that is a most excellent point! We have so many people who go out of their way to foster the most perverted evil . . . it is truly unbelievable. I can think of any number of people whose Mother’s should have aborted their evil spawns.

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  6. “procedure”

    More like premeditated in utero fetus vivisection.

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