College Park, MD votes to let non-US citizens vote in local elections

college park city council

College Park City Council: Betrayers of the US Constitution

I reported how the city council was contemplating this decision back in August. Now they’ve made it a “right”for illegal aliens to vote. How progressive!

From Fox5DC: The College Park City Council has voted in favor of a measure that would allow city residents who are not U.S. citizens to vote in local elections. College Park joins six other towns in allowing legal permanent residents and undocumented immigrants (also known as illegal aliens) to vote in municipal elections.

The council’s vote on this issue was supposed to happen back in August, but it was postponed due to threats made to council members over the proposal.

It was a very contentious debate inside College Park City Hall as almost two dozen people signed up to speak on the matter during Tuesday night’s meeting. One man against the proposal came to the podium saying he was called a Nazi while waiting in line to voice his opinion.

The reality is allowing all people to vote in municipal elections is going to make College Park more inclusive, and that has been the history of voting rights expansion in the United States and what has happened in our neighbors in Maryland who have expanded voting rights to non-U.S. citizens,” said Todd Larson, who is in favor of the proposal.

“Although you come up here and you say that there are hundreds of citizens and residents of College Park that are for this charter, I can tell you that there are thousands against it,” said Beth DeBosky, who is against non-citizen voting. “Voting is a right of the citizens. It’s plain and clear. It’s constitutional. It’s also written at the state level and it also belongs at the local level.”

Later into the meeting, a council member proposed a new amendment that would only allow green card holders to vote and exclude undocumented immigrants illegal aliens. However, the vote on the green card amendment failed.


14 responses to “College Park, MD votes to let non-US citizens vote in local elections

  1. Letting people who hold allegiance to another country pick our government is very Democrat and their attritional Globalist strategy to take over…

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  2. So, those who live there are OK with letting those who have no legal right or personal stake in the place to determine their future? That’s like having us send write-in votes in the German election.

    Essentially, this is a “left-handed” (pun intended) method of stripping voter rights. Essentially, its a “globalist selection” not a local election.

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  3. Here are the names of College Park’s City Council & the mayor:
    Bottom row from left to right: Monroe Dennis, Christine Nagle, Mary Cook and Dustyn Kujawa.
    Top row from left to right: P. J. Brennan, Stephanie Stullich, Mayor Patrick Wojahn, Fazlul Kabir, and Robert Day.


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  4. Question: What happens when adults allow a houseful of kids to run rampant?
    Answer: It get’s wrecked.
    The same will happen here. The illegals will have it their way until the “adults” start getting burned. Then the crying will begin and, by that time, it’s too late to fix it without violence. So be it!
    Beware of what one asks for – you may get it.

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  5. They’re sowing to the wind.

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  6. There are fools and bigger fools. If these fools would only take the time to research the congressional debates on the 14th amendment; the very one that so many claim grants birth right citizenship but in fact declares just the opposite. The very phrase the uncomprehending claim instills citizenship on any born with in the borders of the U.S. is really only an acknowledgement of who are the citizens. “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and ‘subject to the jurisdiction’ thereof”. Perhaps it would have been a little more difficult to fool people with their intentional misinterpretation had it been phrased ‘Those naturalized or born and under the jurisdiction……..’. Since the whole phrase is referring to citizenship, ‘jurisdiction’ is a reference to the country to which citizenship belongs. If a person is here illegally or even legally their citizenship still belongs to their country of origin, unless they do naturalize, and any child’s citizenship shall follow that of the parents, regardless of place of birth.

    But more to the point, it was a S.C. senator, I believe by the name of Trumble or something similar, who composed that phrase, and also gave an extensive oratory on his intent and the meaning of the words. He also hypothesized this very possibility of true citizens becoming the minority and communities losing their sovereignty due to uncontrolled immigration and foreign influences. They are doing voluntarily exactly what Mr. Trumble was trying to avoid with his introductory phrase to the 14th amendment.

    It has been a while since I read it, I think perhaps I need to do so again.

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  7. I just cannot understand how people can display this kind of mentality and not have the rest of society think there are a bunch of loonies on the loose running City Hall. The idea that previous generations of people in this land have fought and died to preserve our rights and Constitution, and now we have fools of this ilk, literally giving away our country. This sickens me, it is such a grievous matter. yet they treat it as nothing. The voters need to recall each and every member of this city counsel. The fact that they also would not put the breaks on by passing the green card initiative is truly a nail in the coffin of Democracy.

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    • Maybe we should join forces and vote the whole town council out of office. That shouldn’t be a problem, should it? We’re even citizens. They basically say they think its ok for non-citizens to vote. Maybe our vote should count twice.

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    • ‘Generations’ is descriptive much of the problem. It is not just illegal immigration, but the current leniency or total lack of regard for the real immigration regulations. First and second generation citizens, even just naturalized citizens, having absolutely no roots in this country, no concept of the founding of this nation, no ties to events that shaped this once Christian stronghold, and no true desire to be a part of it create their own actual territories within our borders.

      They now come only to exploit the benefits of the corruption of our government, which even allows them access to positions with in government itself, to reek even more havoc.

      I listened to some nut on a radio talk show earlier carry on about how these immigrants were leaving Their countries in fear of their and their families lives, breaking our laws for survival and we could not morally turn them away. I wanted to call in but knew I would not have the needed self control to express my self properly. I could only wonder to my self. just what would we/I do or where the heck could we run to, faced with such danger. Rampant drug cartels, corrupt police at every turn, crooked politicians, and government tyranny and oppression this country had not seen since this nations founding. I could answer for my self as quick as the thought occurred. I would stand at my door, on my door step, in the street, and with as many as would stand together with weapons ready to defend against any and all threats. That is what all true U.S. Citizens will do, cause we got no where to run,and they will not run.

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  8. And that is how you destroy a republic.

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  9. What insanity!

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  10. It’s hard to know what to say. Are they all total morons? Are they all really THAT stupid? Or, the real question is who paid them off and how much were they paid? There is no other reasonable explanation.

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  11. Let’s all get ourselves a fake ID, too and show up for the next election to vote these 9 retards out of office!

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  12. So Liberal!

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