Insanity: Celebrities wear fur coats in September heat

All of the following photos were taken in September 2017 (Source: Page Six).

Fashion model Josephine Skriver, 24, wearing a fur coat in 92º heat in Los Angeles:

Pop singer Aaron Carter, 29, in fur coat, 83º, Los Angeles:

DJ Leigh Lezark in fur coat for Jonathan Simkhal fashion show, New York, Sept. 9, 2017, 70º:

Actress-singer Jennifer Lopez in sweat suit and hooded fur coat, 81º:

Rapper-singer Nicki Minaj in hooded fur coat at Oscar de la Renta fashion show, New York, Sept. 11, 2017, 76º:

Even if they’re doing this to be “fashionable,” they must be suffocating in their fur coats in the heat.

I don’t get it.

Do you?


21 responses to “Insanity: Celebrities wear fur coats in September heat

  1. My guess: they either get paid by the designers or get to keep the clothes for being photographed in them.

    Or they’re just stoopid.

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  2. Not long ago, they would have been throwing paint at people wearing that clothing.

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  3. If I was going to buy a fur coat, which would be a waste of money where I live, I would surely have better taste. These are some ugly-azz coats!😎

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  4. Maybe the genetically modified aliens that have occupied their bodies have not acclimated to the warmer earth temperature yet. They are still waiting for the ice age that Al Gore promised so they can take over the planet? Sounds as good as any excuse those idiots wearing the coats could come up with .. LMAO

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  5. Where’s PETA?

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  6. It’s a cosmic joke. It’s moron training. The agents are in competition to see what they can get their whore to do. “Here, its 95 outside, put on this mink”.

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  7. I found this explanation on a Kaufman furriers website, about people wearing fur in summer:
    “…wearing fur is “acceptable” only for the sake of fashion.

    Latest news of celebrities wearing furs during summer includes Kim Kardashian, Kate Moss, and Lindsay Lohan to name a few. No pain no gain for these fashionistas.”

    That still doesn’t help explain why they are doing this during summer, it just tells us ‘it’s fashionable’ to do so–and, brainless–unless there’s an ulterior motive at work.

    However, while trying to find out about this I came across lots of websites on which this is discussed as a fashion statement, and they go all the way back to 2013 no less. And, I was surprised to find that wearing ‘real fur’ now seems to be ok, possibly even by those on the left who did throw paint on fur wearers years ago. Which adds to my suspicion that this that’s happening now is less a fashion statement, and more of an attempt to manipulate the thinking of those considered ‘millennials’. “Mind control=behavior control=useful idiots”, is my opinion on this right now–but, opinions “do change”, and I know so little about this at this juncture. 🙂

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    • I think they’re doing this in summer precisely because it is asinine. Then they can write a fashion piece stating “it’s hip. Why?, because we say so!”. The idea being that the mindless masses, wanting to ape everything their imaginary heroes do, will start wearing fur in summer too.

      The real idea is that someone else decides these things. We should learn to trust our leaders. Did you see what Hillary said about Orwell? That was what she claimed the message was. Trust your leaders.

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    • EXACTLY, Christine—it’s why my faulty air-contidioning, not working in my middle school room during the height of CA 110-degree August/September days, does NOT deter my students from wearing their “gang related” hooded sweat-shirts… room is 79-80 degrees when I arrive at 7 AM….and it barely keeps up with the 38 “student furnaces” of 98.6 degrees every hour thereafter. By the time I end my day…it’s about 83-84 degrees in my room…..and still…..NO KID, even in my period 6, end of day….takes off the “identifying/fashion” sweatshirt. Fashion/social statement is a mighty thing….evidently….and enough to enduce people to suffer for it.


  8. I like the fur coat because it helps cover their stinking liberal bodies. I especially like them with the hood up. Come to think of it…I wish they’d don a fur mask as well.

    I routinely see the fashion trendy at my local super market wearing wool caps and long sleeved flannel shirts in the dead of summer. In the winter it’s the exact opposite, shorts and flip flops in the snow.

    How self gratifying it must be to rebel against the weather. F@#king morons.

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  9. Yep, PETA won’t like this but why are they doing it…and secondly, couldn’t they have chosen something pretty? All of those furs are ugly, just like those wearing them. Yeesh.

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  10. Maybe they want to condition us to be ready for the next line of weather modification, severe winter storms to destroy more of the USA.

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  11. These be-furred morons obviously do not understand that innocent animals died to feed their ego. I wonder how they would feel if those animals, had they the power, killed & skinned humans to make raincoats for their fellow animals…. For, if all humankind, less one, were of the opinion to kill these animals for its benefit was a good act, and that one human was adamant they should not, humankind would no more be in the right to silence that sole critic, were s/he in a position of power to silence all humankind. I paraphrase from memory J S Mill’s classic ‘On Liberty’, which every conservative will have read 5 times before s/he is 30.

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  12. Ever see that movie, oh I forget it’s name, maybe “enter the devil”, but it’s black and white, and a guy was pretending to be a gas station attendant, but he was really the devil in disguise, and people would comment about how he never would sweat in the heat, and he said he was the devil and came up to earth on vacation. They thought he was joking of course. But, that would explain the fur wearing freezie freakies.

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  13. It makes sense that those who come from Hell will be comfortable here when we mere mortals are perishing. I was once comfortable in the very dry 90’F+ Summer heat [0-10% humidity] in the Kootenays, now I’m dead at 80’F because West Coast humidty is 60% & much more, 24/7. Ergo, Hell must be a VERY wet place, thus the Lake of Fire image, perhaps?

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    • Ha, I always laugh when people say about the west coast “but it’s a DRY heat!” Yeah, well so is an OVEN, LOL! I went to Vegas on July 4th one year and we went up to see the lights. There was a good breeze coming and it felt like being parked in front of a blast furnace. I couldn’t wait to get home and experience ‘cooler’ weather with humidity.


  14. Um, Fur keeps the heat out. Yup,yup it does….


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