Alex Jones: President Trump is being drugged

On August 18, 2017, after one year of being Donald Trump’s campaign adviser and White House Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon confirmed that he had left the White House. He said (source: The Weekly Standard):

The Trump presidency that we fought for, and won, is over. We still have a huge movement, and we will make something of this Trump presidency. But that presidency is over. It’ll be something else. And there’ll be all kinds of fights, and there’ll be good days and bad days, but that presidency is over.”

I have my reservations about Alex Jones, not least of which is that there are good reasons to suspect he’s actually the supposedly-dead Bill Hicks. See:

My reservations aside, what Alex Jones said yesterday, September 11, on his InfoWars TV show, is simply too important to ignore.

Claiming his source as “high-level sources” — “people who talk directly to Trump” — Jones said that like President Ronald Reagan, President Trump is being drugged.

Note: Reagan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s dementia in 1994, 5 years after he left the White House. On June 5, 2004, he died of pneumonia, complicated by Alzheimer’s.

Beginning at the 12:15 mark in the video below, Jones said:

“I was told this by high level sources, and it was evident and especially after [President] Reagan was shot in his first year in office when he was acting like Trump and doing the right things, he [Reagan] never really recovered. They gave him [Reagan] cold blood and his transfusion that causes brain damage. They slowly gave him small amounts of sedatives. It’s known that most presidents end up getting drugged — small dosages of sedatives till they build it up.

Trump’s such a bull, he hasn’t fully understood it yet. But I’ve talked to people — multiple ones — and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive, in his Diet Cokes and in his iced tea, and that the President by 6:00 or 7:00 at night is basically slurring his words and is drugged.

Now first they had to isolate him to do that. But yes, ladies and gentlemen, I’ve talked to people that talked to the President now at 9:00 at night, he is slurring his words, and I’m gonna leave it at that. I’ve talked to folks that talk to him directly.

So notice, ‘Oh, he’s mentally ill, he’s got Alzheimer’s!’. They isolate him, then you start slowly building up the dose . . . so that you get an immunity to it. You’re building it slowly so that the person doesn’t notice it. First, it’s almost zero, just a tiny bit. Then a little more, and then your brain subconsciously becomes addicted to it and wants it. And so as the dose gets bigger and bigger, you get more comfortable in it. The President’s about two months into being covertly drugged.

Now I’m risking my life by telling you all this. I was physically sick before I went on air…. This is the kind of thing that gets you killed.”

If President Trump is slurring his words by 6 or 7 p.m., wouldn’t his wife Melania notice it?

I don’t watch TV news. Readers who do, have you noticed any changes to President Trump’s appearance, speech and demeanor?

Please pray for President Trump. Pray for America.


25 responses to “Alex Jones: President Trump is being drugged

  1. The thing we will have to watch is his tweets, what hours they’re put up, and what he says. I’m not saying I buy Alex Jones’ story on this, but knowing how much these globalist weasels hate him, it is possible. Remember that his wife, daughter and son-in-law are there…could they mistake this for “old age senility and exhaustion?” I hope to heaven not, but let’s all watch the tweets and see what he says and when.

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  2. At this point I wouldn’t rule it out. One has to first decide if the whole Trump phenomenon is real in the first place. For me the jury is still out on that.

    For those who think he’s the real thing, isolation and drugs is a distinct possibility. It is quite clear that Kelly and a couple of others, is completely in charge now. Whether that is with his cooperation or not is an open question.

    They are not going to allow anyone to disturb their bosses’ New World Odor.

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  3. Melania would notice something. Trump appears fine on tv to me.

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  4. Thank you Dr. Eowyn for this interesting post. I haven’t noticed anything different about President Trump on T.V. I pray for him and our country daily, and I will continue to do so.

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  5. “…and they believe that they are putting a slow sedative that they’re building up that’s also addictive, in his Diet Cokes…”

    Ah, the first clue. If you do a web search for “slurred speech aspartame” you’ll find that ingesting too much aspartame (Nutrasweet)–the sweetner used in diet drinks–causes various debilitating health problems. The symptoms often include headaches, memory loss, slurred speech and vision problems. A lot of people have experienced blindness as a result of drinking too much diet soda.

    If Trump were being poisoned, all that would need to be done to accomplish the results that the perpetrators likely want is to simply add MORE aspartame to his diet! Seriously. That way, the poison would be 100% undetectable… He’d be diagnosed with something like Alzheimers and end of story. However, no outside forces are really needed here. High levels of stress cause people to lean more heavily on their comfort foods which in Trump’s case might very well be sweets that are laced with aspartame, in addition to diet drinks… This problem is serious enough that it affects airline pilots (for example, see here:

    Apparently, no one has warned Trump about aspartame!

    I’ve actually researched the iatrogenic causes behind various health conditions and obesity/diabetes is a good case study because unlike with other iatrogenic linked health conditions, a diagnosis of diabetes doesn’t necessarily require strong interaction with the health care system for iatrogenic effects to occur (though such interaction often plays a part in that conventional healthcare providers will invariably recommend to their patients who are overweight to rely on diet drinks). There is nothing more insidious than a “cure” that helps to promote the very disease it’s supposedly intended to cure. Two other examples of iatrogenic-linked diseases are AIDS and cancer.

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    • I realize that I didn’t make myself very clear in that last paragraph. I should add that one of the symptoms of diabetes is loss of eyesight. What a coincidence that a recommended “cure” for being overweight–use of aspartame–also happens to contribute to blindness. So, it’s not the disease itself that is promoted by the “cure” but rather, particular symptoms of it, thus possibly resulting in a diagnosis. Hope this makes sense.


  6. sorry, I think this is a crazytown bridge too far. Not buying it.

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  7. Ehh…

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  8. Hey, I don’t put anything past the deep state shadow government! 😎. If they can shoot a president in the head, in broad daylight in downtown Dallas, with millions of people watching, and get away with it, they can get away with just about anything. Just sayin’…

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  9. Yes, I have noticed a slight difference in the way he talks compared to when he was first elected. And yes, I would describe it as being slower with a few words not pronounced as clear as before. I just figured he was tired and was doing too many talks and speeches. After hearing Alex Jones’ broadcast yesterday, I tend towards believing he is correct.

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  10. 9/11/17 Dr. Pieczenik rebukes Alex for his stupidity . . .

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  11. I’ve watched Alex Jones every day for the past seven years; I have missed nary a broadcast. He’s that good.
    This story of the narcotizing of President Trump sounds plausible prima facie; Obviously, we’re going to have to keep an eye on him. I have watched many of his public addresses on You Tube since he took the reigns, and I have not noticed anything amiss yet. But it does stand to reason that, as their enemies used to do the same in Ancient China to their emperors, I would say the CIA (or anyone inimical to Trump) can be motivated to do the same. I said this is “plausible,” and not yet “credible,” as we don’t have corroboration, outside of this story, yet.

    Yet Jones is correct in that Trump’s handlers have been systematically isolating him. And Alex Jones has reported on the death threats against the President, most notably Philip Mudd’s announcement that “we are going to kill the President” about a month ago.

    This is not new. I would put ABSOLUTELY NOTHING past the CIA, or MI-6 or even the Mossad at this point. Yes, Virginia, there IS a conspiracy, and all the actors aspire or breathe together. It would not surprise me to learn, after what we’ve heard about JFK’s drug use—legal and illegal—that LBJ or even Nixon was drugged. (I liked Nixon, and, even though I no longer smoke marijuana (over 30 years), he could have used a good joint—although Roger Stone has related stories of Mr. Nixon’s trademark martinis!) We don’t know what our Chief Executives go through, and I believe they’ve all been under implied or veiled threat not to disclose. Furthermore, given Bush-41’s trademark inability to string two sentences together, it would come as no surprise if he were drugged, also. Ditto Junior.

    At any rate, I state my belief that President Trump is under grave threat, and we must pray for him. I would hope that, if he is “God’s Anointed,” in one way or another, that “no weapon formed against him will prosper.” But Pray We Must!

    BTW, I picked up Alex Jones in the cab about ten months after 9/11, before I knew who he was (and before he made the Big Time) and I have seen Bill Hicks on You Tube. I can assure you that Alex Jones IS NOT Bill Hicks, and he has lampooned himself over the matter on his radio show on a few occasions. I once had a landlady whose daughter was a dead-ringer for Hillary Clinton, and believe me, she was not Hillary Clinton!

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  12. This expose by Bill Cooper during which he plays excerpts from ‘Hick’s’ Y2K show on New Year’s Eve, 1999, is the main reason I will never trust anything said by ‘Alex Jones’:

    That video contains only a small amount of what Cooper exposed on his radio show about ‘Jones’ that time, but I could not believe my ears as I listened to ‘Jones’ say what he did on that radio show! I think the things that ‘Jones’ still constantly does are called gate keeper-style ‘psy-ops’. The info on that nuclear power plant was mostly true[except for what he intimated as to why it shut down], but he began to make it sound as though plants across the country were shutting down due to Y2K. At one point, he even claimed that Russia was actually nuking the U.S.! Too bad no one could make this man pay legally for the panic situations he caused that night among his listeners.

    That’s why I will reject anything said by ‘Jones’. I watched him in another video in which he approached a group who was holding a rally in support of a cause ‘Jones’ was always promoting–he marched into their crowd and began harassing those people, bullying them, and his actions shocked the group’s organizers. They couldn’t believe he was not only not interested in the fact that they were in support of ‘Jones” own cause, they couldn’t believe how rudely he treated them, and how roughly he treated the people in the crowd. It was clear by then that ‘Jones’ was nothing but a nwo shill, doing the bidding of his ‘masters’, period. Nothing about ‘Jones’ is authentic–nothing–in my opinion.


  13. Absolutely right. He is cointelpro and discredits the truth movement with his antics.


    • No doubt about it. His y2k broadcast is so so bad, I honestly don’t know how anyone can trust him. Countless videos of him bullying fellow protesters. Cointelpro tactics all day long. His recent divorce and then marrying an escort. I can go on and on. Classic turd in the punchbowl. I don’t trust him or those hucksters, the Haggmans or Steve Quayle. 60-70% truth mixed with 30% lie and hyperbole.


  14. apparantly, that is what they are doing to nancy pelosi


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