NFL player Golden Tate honors first responders with 9/11 cleats

golden tate

Golden Tate’s tweet: “9/11 first responders. Real life Super Hero’s. Thank you for your sacrifice!”

Your antidote to those taking a knee during the National Anthem.

From ESPN: Golden Tate has spent the past couple of seasons doing what he could to honor veterans and first responders – from his charity efforts to inviting veterans to his suite for games.

On Sunday, the day before the 9/11 anniversary, the Detroit Lions wide receiver took his message to his cleats.

Tate posted the cleats on his Instagram page Sunday morning with a stenciled drawing of first responders and the American flag on one shoe and the image of the Twin Towers on the other shoe. On the two shoes combined, he had “Land of the Free” and “Because of the Brave” written.

It also comes the day before Tate’s Stars and Strikes bowling fundraiser on Monday.

Earlier this preseason, Tate said he was going to contemplate doing different things with his cleats this year, but wasn’t positive what he was going to do yet.

“I’m not going to lie,” Tate said. “I was pretty excited that we’ve been OK’d to be a white-shoe team and I think they changed the rule [last month] that every team could wear a majority white, majority black so I’m kind of bummed that now we’re just in a pool with everybody. But I don’t know. I don’t know.

“It kind of depends on how much leeway we have with that. I don’t know what the exact rule was last year. I know I didn’t get fined last year for my cleats or anything, so that’s good.”


5 responses to “NFL player Golden Tate honors first responders with 9/11 cleats

  1. As long as there’s athletes like him,there’s hope for America……

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  2. I don’t watch football as a rule, so I have a question for those that do. We get all sorts of coverage on Crapperneck, but did any of the networks mention Golden’s shoes? He’s an athlete that needs to be held up as a role model and someone who is out there changing the world instead of sitting on his butt and expecting someone to beg him to quarterback for them. Glad the white shoes are being used for such a positive and creative way.

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    • I did a search for “Golden Tate and 9/11 cleats” and it appears the alphabet “news” outlets didn’t cover it…at least it didn’t show up on the first three pages of results. EPSN, other sports outlets, and conservative web sites covered it. USA Today did as well, it showed up on page three of my search results.


  3. Now that’s what I call an American Patriot! God Bless him for his efforts.

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  4. I dunno if any Detroit Lions players “take a knee” or “raise a fist” during the National Anthem – I hope not. I’d love to see Golden Tate bring some of these veterans down to the sidelines, and perhaps chat about their service to those players that may be inclined to disrespect the anthem – maybe just shame them into standing for the anthem with a stink-eyed glare at them as well to make sure.

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