Liberalism in a mental disorder: Teen Vogue promotes ecosex with trees & grass

#26 of the 1963 Communist Goals for America:

Present homosexuality, degeneracy and promiscuity as “normal, natural, healthy.”

Founded in 2003 as a sister publication to Vogue fashion magazine, Teen Vogue targets teenage girls. Since 2015, following a steep decline in sales, the magazine cut back on its print distribution in favor of online content, which has grown significantly. The magazine has expanded its focus from fashion and celebrities to include politics and current affairs.

In July, Teen Vogue promoted anal sex, which the CDC says is the riskiest type of sex for getting/transmitting HIV. Anal sex can also lead to a host of other medical and sanitary problems, such as chronic fecal leakage. (See DCG’s post here).

The latest Teen Vogue indoctrination is ecosex, i.e., sex with the “environment”.

About the pic, see “Berkeley tree-huggers go naked

Below is an article by Mary Katharine Tramontana for Teen Vogue, June 30, 2017. See if you can make any sense of what Tramontana wrote, such as the term “BDSM pollination”:

There’s a photo of electropunk musician Peaches sprawled face-down on a lawn, tongue out, with a caption reading: “Grassilingus.” The gender-fluid rock star who taught us to unapologetically embrace sex and our body hair is getting ecosexual.

Note: Below is a pic of Peaches performing grassilingus. What did grass do to deserve this assault?

“Ecosexuality is making the earth an urgent sexual matter. Instead of ‘Mother Earth’, where the earth comforts you, earth is your lover — on your level — putting the responsibility on you to uphold your side of the relationship…, [it’s] revolutionary,” she says.

Whether it’s masturbating with water pressure, using eco-friendly lubricant, or literally having sex with a tree — a person of any sexual proclivity who finds eroticism in nature, or believes that making environmentalism sexy will slow the planet’s destruction, can be ecosexual. The term ecosex is like the word “queer”; its meaning varies — a movement, an identity, a sexual practice, an environmental activist strategy — depending on who you ask.

“We’re in a period I call the ecosexual baby boom,” says Loren Kronemyer, half of the Australia-based art duo Pony Express, who are currently touring their Ecosexual Bathhouse, an immersive installation that includes BDSM pollination.

Kronemyer says that young people are discovering the topic through the conceptual art projects of self-described Bay Area “sexecologists” Annie Sprinkle and [her “wife”] Elizabeth Stephens. Sprinkle, formerly a porn star and sex worker, is now a sex educator and artist who has exhibited work at the Guggenheim. Stephens is a professor of art at the University of California, Santa Cruz, who grew up in the Appalachian coal country of West Virginia.

Note: Annie Sprinkle, real name Ellen Steinberg, is a lesbian, former stripper and porn actress, who now calls her an “ecosexual” sex educator and feminist. Sprinkle/Steinberg is best known for her Public Cervix Announcement “performance art” in which she invited the audience to “celebrate the female body” by viewing her cervix with a speculum and flashlight.

Audience member looks into Annie Sprinkle/Ellen Steinberg’s vagina

In 2011, the two wrote an ecosex manifesto, and have since made a career of promoting ecoeroticism to the public through activism, symposia, and performance art, including ecosexual walking tours and wedding ceremonies — “We call them sequins of events,” Sprinkle says – for the dirt, sea, and other elements.

“All this wood here is very sensual,” Sprinkle gestures to the rough tables made of recycled pallets, which surround us as we chat in an outdoor cafe at documenta 14, an enormous art exhibition in Kassel, Germany.

“Ecosexuality is a way of enjoying the sensuality of pretty much anything,” says Stephens. “It’s really about embodiment.” In the gallery across the street, a roomful of Sprinkle and Stephens visual artwork and vintage erotica is on display. In September, they’ll premiere their second feature documentary film here, Water Makes Us Wet. Before we part, Sprinkle tells me, “Shakespeare was an ecosexual.”

At the San Francisco pride parade in 2015, the pair performed a ribbon cutting to advocate adding an “E” to the LGBTQ acronym. Not everyone is keen on this idea. “I don’t see ecosexuality as an identity [or] another letter to be added to the already ridiculous LGBTQ list” says Spanish writer, philosopher, and transgender activist Paul B. Preciado. Preciado curated documenta’s public programs and is a leading thinker in gender theory and sexuality, who was mentored by the hugely influential French philosopher Jacques Derrida. “We don’t need identities, but processes of critical de-identification.” At a time when more and more millennials are opting out of fixed sexual identity labels to appreciate the fluidity of erotic desire, aligning ecosex with sexual orientation models may be perceived as constraining.

“The strength of ecosexualiy is the re-erotization of the totality of the body [and] of everything that surrounds us,” says Preciado. Often, the only body parts considered erotic are those linked to reproduction. This segmenting of “sex organs” is a staple of the “sex-binary regime,” according to Preciado. It’s connected to the way that our heteropatriarchal society has an extremely narrow, notion of what sex is; namely, vagainal penetration, a sex act which has been scientifically shown to not bring most women to orgasm.

Ecosexuals are certainly not the first to celebrate eros within nature, and this is where things may get dicey. “Ecosexuality is not going to appeal to most indigenous people. … I teach it in my classes and my students are viscerally like, ‘This is weird, self-indulgent white people,’” says anthropologist Kim TallBear, a professor of Native Studies at University of Alberta, in a phone interview from Edmonton, Canada. TallBear, a speaker at Sprinkle and Stephens’ recent University of California, Santa Cruz Ecosex Symposium, is writing a book which explores the effects of colonization on queer sexuality. For many of her students, she says, ecosex raises questions about consent. Can a tree do that?

“When people talk about the Anthropocene they typically say, ‘We as a species are now coming to realize that we have to stop putting humans at the top of the hierarchy. Other beings have agency,’ and I’m like, ‘No, it’s not we who are just now having this revelation; it’s a bunch of white guys’”. TallBear says there’s always a risk of subconsciously appropriating indigenous culture.

“Don’t forget that what you’re saying about humanity probably doesn’t apply to indigenous people,” she said. “And, yes, we’re still here.”

The ecosex sphere may still be evolving, but one thing is clear, with the Trump administration’s threat on environmental protections, women’s bodily autonomy, and queer and trans rights, it’s necessary to find new ways to get people motivated to come together to protect the planet and sexual freedom. Perhaps it would be better to create an erotic landscape which doesn’t add more categories of difference, but expanded possibilities.

Lastly, here’s more evidence that Teen Vogue is insane: see “Donald Trump Doesn’t Want Our Planet to Survive“.

H/t Jim Stone


28 responses to “Liberalism in a mental disorder: Teen Vogue promotes ecosex with trees & grass

  1. “It’s connected to the way that our heteropatriarchal society has an extremely narrow, notion of what sex is…..”

    Oh, you mean that stupid idea of procreation? Two people whose parts are meant to fit together? Very passe. Whoever thought of such a ridiculous concept.

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  2. If any of these morons get poison ivy will that be considered an STD?

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  3. Personally, I would prefer all these nut cases to be homosexuals. That would ensure that they never procreate and perhaps the genes for stupid and crazy would die out.

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    • That’s a good point. If they successfully mate I suppose I could use “Roundup” on them.

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    • Sadly that won’t work, MyBrainHurts, they’ll pursue adoption, or “surrogacy” with each other, or with those who are paid to do so, and acquire a child to abuse that way, and the kid will then likely become an abuser themselves. For example:

      Just goes to show the *sexuality movements are as bad as if not worse than a biological weapon. The “zombie apocalypse” has already come, the “zombies” are just the mentally ill, amoral, and depraved that seek to “eat the brains” of the moral, and attempt to “infect” everyone they come into contact with, through violence/”biting” if necessary.

      Do remember though, they are still human in there, as sick as they may be, and sickness can be treated & cured.

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  4. Wow! What a classy lady. For you amateur gynecologists out there. Can you imagine what’s been in there? They might find Jimmy Hoffa.

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  5. People have lost their minds,Anyone that thinks like these ppl do need a rubber room and a hug me jacket.Do us all a favor and get sterilized.

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  6. Okay-look at this and try to convince me these people AREN’T Mentally Ill……

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  8. Sick sick and so evil prverted!!

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  9. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    After the Annie Sprinkle’s show what is left to discuss when it comes to morals. Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. What you see is what you get. These are the women who give women a bad name.


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  10. This “ecosexual” thing is making things all the worse as trees and dirt have, well… dirt in/on them with germs, and other kinds of things that are supposed to be in the dirt, not in a person’s fluidic system or sexual organs, and when we understand what is typically done in a laboratory to incubate pathogens, human genitalia is an ideal place for such things. The “ecosexuals” may well bring back diseases that sane hygiene practices eliminated over a hundred years ago, with their wanton disregard (and even if hygiene is observed, there are some things a person can be exposed to that don’t “wash off” that easy, and a “condom” isn’t going to cut it, if anything the plants etc. will cut it instead.)… and besides, Plants can’t consent, that makes these jerks rapists as well.

    I guess this shows the sheer contempt for True & Legitimate heterosexuality, and shows the devil will try to get people to pursue literally anything else, especially if its harmful.

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    • We can only hope that whatever they cook up in those hot and humid places is fatal. Stupid people with Third-World hygiene. Animals are smarter than they are. You don’t find them trying to screw a vegetable.

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  11. Just like LBQTRFG or what ever. If it feels good do it. No matter the consequences. Live for the moment. Worry about the future when it gets here.
    These people really believe that their life choices do not actually affect other people.

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  12. Can’t wait to see the first human/Redwood hybrid “branch” born into this world. Wonder if it will trim and prune itself or have to go to arbor school to learn such things? If I have to teach it in middle school—How will I know if it is a boy or a girl on my roll sheet—-oh….never mind… doesn’t even matter NOW, even without the twig kids.

    Will it gain civil rights? How will I ever know if it’s about to “splinter” or sprout new growth? What will I be required to do to give it an equal education in my room? What kind of meetings will I have to go to for these kids and how many official papers will I have to sign for each of these twigs? What are the special health problems…like maybe…spontaneous combustion? Will they be sterile or be able to reproduce? Maybe they will marry one day and hire a surrogate tree ecosexual to reproduce for them….Ah! The “pitter-patter” of little roots about the sod house!

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  13. I guess the only downside is a splinter or catching crabgrass! Go ahead lick your lawn! Ignore the fact that dad put the 10-20-10 on last night!Oh! And you may want to steer clear of the Fido bombs. I got a flash! How about you mow it first! Then dad won’t care what you do with the lawn.

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  14. Kinda takes fern fondling and foliage frigging to a new level.

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  15. Sometimes there are just no words to describe the progressives ignorance.


  16. Duly noted


  17. The dogs rubbing the grass with their ass are not sexual matter maam. Their just cant use toilet paper.


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