How Fake News Lies Nonverbally

Very Fake News

It is worth noting that this kind of deception is done a lot on the alphabet networks.

12 responses to “How Fake News Lies Nonverbally

  1. Excellent points & demonstration! Something else for us always to keep in mind.

    I first began hearing about “colored filters” being used by MSM during the Trump campaign to make POTUS’ skin look more red (“redneck” mentality) or his hair more “orange” (“orange cheeto”), etc. The enemies of mankind are so sneaky & evil! Bannon looks totally normal when the youtube’r removed the exacerbated coloring,

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  2. Pure manipulation. Any doubt that they’re bought and paid for?

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  3. Steve Bannon should know better than to think that CBS 60 Minutes would treat him fairly. When will conservatives ever, ever learn that the MSM are not our friends?

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  4. The Perceptive Mind can always out-think & thus defeat the Deceptive Mind.. Then again the teen-age mind of the Socialist-Democrat Adult is a psychological malady needing considerable long-term Professional help…!!
    Mean-while they get to Vote, & vote often they say..

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  5. Deceptive liars!!!

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  6. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Everything.

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  7. Rush mentioned this on his radio broadcast this morning.


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  9. I watched much of the interview myself, and it was clear rose was trying his best to intimidate and belittle Mr. Bannon. It was obvious rose had spent much time practicing his technique and false rhetoric, but Bannon was not to be shaken or pressured.

    Actually it is charlie rose who has always looked like a burnt-out drunk with blood shot eyes.

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  10. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents..

    Yes, the hateful media continues to try to discount Bannon because he has been successful in bringing focus on their lying.


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  11. Charlie Rose should have been turned out to pasture long ago.
    He lost all semblance of non-partisanship when Bush 2 took office.

    He’s the most annoying interviewer on TV due to the way he INTERRUPTS his guests after asking a question and not IMMEDIATELY getting the response he wants… “95% of getting the right answer is asking the right question,” as he says in the commercial. That means directing the answer to accomplish the goal of painting the guest in the light so desired. Which is EXACTLY what he tried doing here with Bannon (of whom I’m no great fan, but respect more after this interview). Didn’t appear he succeeded here.

    It’s sad. I used to like Chuck. Great music to begin and end his show…


  12. Déjà vu…


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