Would you buy their ice cream after watching this commercial?

There’s a bizarre and disturbing commercial for Halo Top Ice Cream — of an elderly woman in a bleak, antiseptic room. A robot spoon feeds her ice cream, telling her:

“Everyone you love is gone. There is only ice cream.”

The best comment about the video on YouTube is this one by Ryanator:

“So this is what hell looks like”

Founded in 2011 by former lawyer Justin Woolverton, Halo Top in July 2017 became the best-selling pint of ice cream at grocery stores in the United States, besting traditional ice cream brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Haagen-Dazs.


Would you actually buy Halo Top ice cream after watching this commercial?

And if you will, why?


33 responses to “Would you buy their ice cream after watching this commercial?

  1. Hell, no, I won’t eat it. Looks like an ad for “happy euthanasia” a la Brave New World.

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  2. Will never buy this brand. Creepy commercial.

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  3. What a horrible commercial! I’ll still buy it, but put it in a different container so I can pretend it’s a different brand.

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  5. I have no idea where she gets some of her ideas, all of which I enjoy.
    My first date is an ice cream social with Dr. E,with more thoughts and video included. Soylent Green is People, Thanks, Dr. it’s already on my page.



  6. On the product: “All-natural” means absolutely nothing useful to a health-conscious consumer–it’s an advertising term. Is every single ingredient non-GMO? Is the milk used free from rBGH (recombinant bovine growth hormone)? Is every single ingredient included on the label and is it named clearly, without pseudoscientific euphemisms (such as are often used to camouflage the use of high-fructose corn syrup) or other subterfuge? Any emulsifiers? Are the milk-producing animals fed only non-GMO feed? What about antibiotics? Glyphosate residue? Was there fluoride in the water used?
    On the commercial: Written by someone youngish who expects to live forever and never to age? Clearly there is no value placed on human experience or human interaction; is there any awareness of the positive aspects of the inner life of the aging? Themes of transhumanism, low-level robots in control, warehousing the elderly (not that previous centuries didn’t have poorhouses and orphanages, and early American settlers in some colonial situations resented having to feed widows and orphans, just as back in biblical times).
    Sales effectiveness? This commercial associates this ice cream with sterility–no taste being implied by the unvaried hue of the futurist porcelain white environment (metaphorically cold emotionally as well as appropriately cold in temperature, like ice cream)? Possible horror-movie shock appeal for millennials? (Could this commercial have been devised by an AI? Eerily, as with the Borg, it echoes the totalitarian bullying of “Resistance is futile”?) That said, however, the company presumably has researched what appeals to its targeted consumer demographic.

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  7. On the principle that the advertisement must reflect something about the company that made it, no, I wouldn’t want anything to do with them.

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    • Exactly my thought!


      • I third that response.
        I kept waiting for the commercial to get humorous, and it just kept getting darker and darker to the point that it was scary creepy. If anyone sees that and still feels comfortable buying the product I question their level of awareness. They might as well have said, ” we hate humans, we esp. hate old people, and we are laughing at you and have contempt for you because we can make money off of you even while we abuse you.”
        That was a vision of hell as someone else previously expressed.


  8. “So this is what hell looks like”…pretty accurate…creepiest commercial I’ve ever seen.
    Is this what is used during MKultra brainwashing/torture?

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  9. “Would you actually buy Halo Top ice cream after watching this commercial?” HELL Top ice cream you mean? HALO NO! That is one brand of I scream I will make sure I will never buy! Whoever put that together, if I owned the advertising agency would be shown the door in no time. Same with whoever in HELL Top ice cream approved it! Morons!

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  10. Nope. I have not heard of it. But I will make sure I remember not to purchase.

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  11. Truly horrible but if somehow they got Nancy Pelosi in that part it could become a classic.

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  12. Yikes, what the heck were they selling, because it sure wasn’t their ice cream, more like a prisoner of hell forced to eat ice cream for eternity. Creepy, I haven’t seen it and I don’t want to. Whatever ad agency thought this up ought to be canned!

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  13. As a former English & History teacher (now art) has anyone actually READ the novel, “The Giver?” (not the movie). This is right out of the novel where the elderly are cared-for and then selectively “sent off” when ‘their time is determined” (by the social milieu) to “the other side” by similar , soothing, robotic “care-givers.” And, everyone is “happy” about the end (b/c they don’t have a CLUE about the reality of it all). It’s all happy, like eating this ice cream—and celebrating it.

    (Otherwise socially responsive films might include the phrase, “SOILENT GREEN IS…….PEOPLE!” )

    What kind of company wants any of the aforesaid to “promote” their product? They must be either stupid, crazy, or MILLENIALS without an educational, social, or religious, etc., CLUE about marketing to the American public……Pretty much….did not vote for Trump 🙂 Take a bet?

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  14. The set decorator is ripping off Stanley Kubrick’s “2001: A Space Odyssey”, specifically the “white room” scene at the end of the movie. (The movie is not really about space travel but is about the religion of freemasonry.)
    Both 2001 and this commercial evoke the fear of aging, loneliness, and loss of control. That ties in with what the ‘new age’ appears to offer — transhumanism and the birth of the ‘new [enlightened] man’ who will not age and will go into the next age. Most everyone however, will not be enlightened. Most will push the spoon and the ice cream to the floor.

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  15. I can’t wait to see how far their sales fall over the next few months. What morons.

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  16. A sick and cruel advertiser produced this AND then the Halo CEO must have liked it. Did they laugh at it? Who are these weirdos? It’s just so sad. I won’t be buying it. Not that i would as i see its a low calorie frankenfood type thing. I’m getting to really dislike these large scale food manufacturers. I don’t like their morals.

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  17. Some sort of ‘subliminal message’ gone haywire..??

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  18. Never.

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  19. Note the correlation between ice cream & sinus infections….


  20. Perfect ad for Google today…


  21. Can’t wait ’till my Squatty-Potty gets here!


  22. I was so horrified by that “commercial” . . . as far as I am concerned, it depicted the abuse of a frail elderly woman. There isn’t anything funny, or artful about that piece of BS! I am not familiar with that brand of ice cream, but I will be on the lookout, just so I can avoid it.

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  23. Yeah, no. I don’t buy $4 a pint (and up) ice cream.
    Actually, I rarely buy the “1/2 gallon” (now 1.5qt) variety if it’s over $4…
    Certainly not for a product with such a creepy commercial.
    Had they simply left off the bit about her friends all being “gone”, maybe.


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