Gee, I wonder why? 2017 NFL kickoff viewership down double-digits from 2016

cleveland browns

Keep taking a knee boys and watch your careers dive…


The NFL season opener was Thursday night. I did not watch and will not be watching anytime soon as I have no use for the SJWs and their message.

From Yahoo: The score between the winning Kansas City Chiefs and New England Patriots was settled on the field at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, MA, last night and now the final viewership numbers are in too.

And NBC and the NFL might be feeling a lot like the defending Super Bowl champs: not so great.

With 21.8 million NFL fans tuning in, the kickoff of the 2017 regular season was down 13% for the NFL and NBC from last year’s opener. Not only does that represent a very real smack down for the league and the net coming off a previous season that saw double-digit declines in its early months, but it is the worst an opening game has done in over five-years.

In fact, this is the first time in five years that the kickoff game has fallen below 25 million viewers. And, while the most watched network show in three months, even with streaming and other NBC platforms bumping things up to 22.2 million, the game still fell short of the 25 million mark.

All of which means a lot more is now riding on Sunday Night Football’s NY Giants and Dallas Cowboys match-up on September 10. Because if those two mega-market teams can’t score ratingswise, the NFL has a real re-think on its agenda.

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17 responses to “Gee, I wonder why? 2017 NFL kickoff viewership down double-digits from 2016

  1. I’ve always been a fan so I’m not going to let some misguided communist jungle bunnies get in the way of my enjoyment. The biggest put down was the former SF QB, K’s Mom, she called him and embarrassment, to their family and to our country. Doubtful he will be able to get a job at a MacDonalds.

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  2. Way to go NFL fans!! Keep up the good work. However, I do not think this will be a trend. There were three huge factors in this kick off game: 1) Hurricane Harvey; 2) Hurricane Irma; 3) Forest Fires in the West. Because of the Hurricanes and Forest Fires, there are millions of displaced people who are just trying to adjust to new surroundings and/or just trying to survive. Also for the parts of the country not affected by natural disasters, high school sports are in full swing and thus people are not home. I predict that the Cowboys will have a huge audience for one reason. I believe it was the Cowboys’ owner who told his employees, that includes players, either stand for the flag or get fired. True American’s will support that philosophy..

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  3. Boo Hoo for the NFL. Not even worth a comment. They’ll eventually have to figure out on what side their bread is buttered.

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    • This is like your description of the “students being in charge”. Coddle and whine. One big mutual pity party of victims.

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      • Yes, lo! As we say in the teaching biz—there are NO “IEP’s” in real life. Once officially out of public schools of our nation, no one gives a fat rat’s a__(butt) about “adjusting” their hiring practices or daily business/ bottom line for ANYONE… “whiners” need apply. Parents need to harken for their own good/& good of their children’s future. Doesn’t matter WHAT your “special need” is…it’s YOUR problem: you are ‘gonna get help with it in our public school systems….but, ultimately, YOU have received the “gift” of public school special efforts on your behalf…& YOU must heed/take away/develop the fruits into a mature, productive adult life.

        “Whiners” are not limited to kids who have IEP’s in our public school system…plenty of “regular kid whiners” (like the minority parent who came into my room without clearance fr front office & threatened my life b/c her daughter didn’t like her assigned seat—-ps…she was always late to our 1st period, or absent, which she was on the day I assigned seats…so she got the “left over seat.””)

        (For those who do not know educational “lingo,” an “IEP” is an “Individual Educational Plan” for those students who can not participate at an average level in public schools. It can be b/c of emotional problems, low IQ, learning disabilities—minor to severe—medical problems that kept them out of school for long periods, almost anything these days ….AND …..what used to NOT be covered by this, b/c it qualifies for “special ed.” monies/monitoring/ extra teaching…….is now covered by ANOTHER designation called a “504”—–it used to be mainly used for emotional difficulties or disruption but now includes ADD, ADHD, anxiety, reluctance to come to school/learn/sit in a classroom, shyness, oppositioinal defiance, on & on……All the aforementioned means that “regular” classroom teachers MUST “MODIFY” their curriculum for these particular students in their classrooms in order to deliver the content.. So….this can mean as easy as giving more time without penalty….or grading “easier” or “”forgiving” assignments, to creating a whole “nother curriculum for a child in any of your 5 or 6 classes of the day…in addition to your own “regular” lesson plans. PLUS—you are pulled out of “regular” class duties maybe 3-5 times a week to attend meetings for these students w/their “special ed” supervisors to give progress input/sign papers ….. meanwhile your OWN classroom for that periof has a “random” sub, which means ….the REST of your “regular” students are “on hold” & miss your full lesson plan for the day. AND this is just the top of the iceberg….here in CA, I have additional/competing requirements for modifying /tracking /reporting on second language (Eng. as a 2nd language) students.

        How do I live through all this as a teacher? I’ll tell you that, by now–20-plus years in— I don’t give a flip about standards or what the heck is going on with whichever way the educational standards//pendulum swings through the years/political climate of the times.. NO sane/rational person could keep up with all this AND deliver an education to these kids AND the MIDDLE (kids who don’t require all this), let alone the “gifted” kids who USUALLY, patiently, wait on the sidelines for me to take care of all else before I get to them….. I long ago decided that I couldn’t be sliced & quartered, & come out “OK” with all these competing requirements. I just must go to school to teach every child in the manner that I HOPE my own flesh and blood children would be treated every day when they are away from our home…with love and compassion and tolerance and whatever is needed. I want my kids to go home at the end of the day in the same or BETTER shape that they arrived in the morning into my classroom. Caring/ unconditional acceptance (does not mean tolerating intolerable public behavior!) goes a LONG way, even if you can’t fit in all those other things every day, all the time. This is the only way I get through this maze every day. IMO—my job as a middle school teacher is to help these kids become decent and contributing ADULTS. I don’t give a shit about algebra in 8th grade or whatever “cookie cutter” thing we have planned for them….I just want them to become the best person that they can be…..

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        • As I said, I don’t envy you. One of my daughters is autistic so I’m very familiar with the IEP. Of course, for us, at the time there weren’t nearly so many students like our daughter. As you know, the law requires the least restrictive environment, etc., and the plans are to reflect that.

          Trying to do this in a public school is insane. After years of officials trying to save money by utilizing public schools we were able to get my daughter into a residential placement facility for a number of years. She’s home with us now.

          By categorizing these kids as they do now there would be no time left for the “ordinary” students. Having the special needs kids in the same school can be disruptive enough.

          As a parent I’ve sat through endless “policy meetings” with school officials. They do not care if the policy makes sense or will ultimately “work”, they are simply there to “me too” any idiotic (usually cost-saving) policy the policy wonks can create.

          This is what happens when personal goals interfere with institutional goals. Public schools have virtually regulated themselves into dysfunctional units.

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          • lo…. we agree…. (and, BTW, autistic kids have —all but one in 20 years—-had high achievement in my classes ) and this is why I “ran away” (except when called upon) from teaching English or History to teaching ART. As I said in a previous post, I just want my kids to have a good day when they come to school, & to guide them into being all that they can be into high-school/adulthood. You would NOT believe the amt. of past students and even my past kids who now have their OWN kids…who come to my room to visit me. Down in the art room, no one in the district “higher ups” cares about me or my classroom (which is what I WANT) except the kids (I no longer teacher either math or English…and the GATE program, of which I still direct, mostly for testing, record-keeping, etc….is not supported) I’ve had a sign posted on my podium for the last 5 years that a kid made capriciously on his own, and taped up that says : “NO Groan-Ups allowed, only kids, except Ms (my name).” That’s how I feel, too. 🙂 I especially HOPE that my principal and AP have noticed it all these years when they come into my room to make a “pass” at observing how I teach 🙂 WE don’t want the “Groan-Ups” in our space. 🙂

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  4. I don’t think Hurricanes or fires had much to do with the drop in viewership. NFL’s die-hard fans watched the games even when they had to stand on the street and watch on a TV in a Furniture Store window because of their homes being washed away by floods. I really believe a lot of fans walked away when these players,who are only ENTERTAINERS,decided to politicize the game with “statements”. Sports fans truly don’t give a fig about a player’s opinion,political,religious,or ab9out their allegiance,or LACK of,to their home Country who pays them Millions of dollars to play a GAME-they watch for ENTERTAINMENT. If I watched Football,I’d quit just on those grounds. BTW–NASCAR has flirted with the same trap by outlawing the Confederate Battle Flag at their races.

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  5. Boycott the NFL and stay home and spend time with your family.

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  6. I used to be a ‘fan’ of ‘professional football’, and enjoyed the games on TV, and even participated in a Fantasy Football league for a few years (even winning the league once), but I have now given up on it. I’m tired of it all. If they want to disrespect our flag, veterans, and even the duly elected president, then they can go stand on a street corner (like the anarchists of old did) and bitch and moan all they want.
    I’m tired of these overgrown adolescents and their lifestyles of excess, drug use, and violence against the women they are supposed to ‘love’ (they only love themselves).
    I still enjoy the game and will watch college games. The college players seem to have a love for the game (with the exception of those ‘student athletes’ who have set their personal course for the NFL).
    Case in point: the young man who recently was the ball snapper for the USC Trojans on a field goal attempt.. He lost both eyes to cancer at an early age, but he loves the game and that university. The field goal was successful, and he was congratulated by teammates, members of the opposing team, and thousands in the stands.
    To me that is football. And I will continue to support that game.

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  7. If things get political in pro sports, I refuse to watch, buy a ticket or merchandise. And I tell people why as well. If they start losing 30% viewership they might stop it.

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  8. The NFL and all of it’s owners have allowed players to make pre-game ceremonies, Our National Anthem, an opportunity for any players to make a ‘political statement’ by sitting, knelling or whatever them want to draw attention unto themselves; therefore, it’ is time to remove the ‘tax exempt statist’ the owners have enjoyed for way too long!!!
    Who wants to pay outrageous prices to see a millionaires protesting the essence of; Who We Are As A Nation!!!

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  9. Ratings don’t matter. Most of the money is made from the cable subscription so unless you cut your cable you will give them money whether you watch or not

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  10. Well, I didn’t watch it. Part of my problem is being sick of how they’ve moved all the best sports that HAD been on network TV over to cable, and I am not going to pay $80 and up per month to watch what used to be free, and STILL have to sit through endless banal commercials (remember when cable’s big thing was that you paid for it to get premier shows WITHOUT commercials?)

    I’m a big tennis fan. Have never seen the Aussie Open on network TV. That’s fine. But they used to air the other big three yearly tournaments — the slams — on the networks, free over-the-air. Now? We get maybe 2 days each in re-caps of the French and British (Wimbledon) Opens… and this year? Not even a SINGLE day, not even the men’s finals, of the US OPEN?!?

    And try to watch March Madness (NCAA basketball tourney) or the college football championship games on network TV. Almost impossible anymore.

    It’s all about getting the most money, and guess who pays that bill?
    BTW, the women’s champ for the US Open (who only plays best of 3 sets, unlike the men, who play best of FIVE sets for the same money) got $3.7 Million… She’d made $4.5M the prior 7 years combined. But through the power of cable and $100/mo bills its subscribers pay, she got a ton of money.

    I DID tune in (ABC) to watch the NFL Sunday. It was a typical 4-quarter game. Four 15-minute quarters, 15 minute halftime, and 15 minutes before and after the game for analyses. But through the magic of network TV, it took not 1 hour and 45 mins to air, not even the scheduled 3 hours to air, but FOUR FULL HOURS to air, because they broke every five minutes of play to air 2 minutes of commercials!!! WTH? This is why I record everything I want to watch, then skip through commercials when I play it back at my own time of choice. It saves me 20 minutes of every hour viewed on average…

    Thank God Soccer (my other love) is still on the networks, and relatively commercial-free. But probably only because it’s not as popular here…

    Sorry, rant mode off

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