Antifa domestic terrorists, incl. professors, want an end to USA

We learned only days ago that more than a year ago, in a secret (“confidential”) DHS/FBI joint report in April 2016, the Obama administration already classified Antifa as “domestic terrorists” but didn’t bother to inform the American people about it.

Why these domestic terrorists were allowed — and continue to be allowed — to “protest” terrorize the right Trump supporters is a question that should be asked of law enforcement, including the police of Washington, D.C., where Antifa Black Bloc terrorists were allowed to riot and assault on the nights before and after Trump’s presidential inauguration.

Antifa are not just terrorists, they want nothing less than the total annihilation of America.

At the “counter Marxism” rally in Berkeley, CA, on August 24, 2017, in which an estimated 4,000 “counter-protesters” overwhelmed and bullied a handful of Trump supporters, masked black-clad Antifa not only assaulted people, they made evident their antipathy to the very existence of the United States, chanting:

“No Trump, no wall, no U.S.A.!”

By the way, an anonymous poster on the message board 8chan claims to have discovered the “full list” of Antifa members.

Note: If 8chan deleted the thread, it is archived here and here. The full list of Antifa members is here.

Many on the list are teachers, college professors, and other professionals. Here’s a sample — of Antifa members whose last names begin with the letter M:

  • Fannie Madden-Grider, Instructor of Media Writing, Morehead State University.
  • Neal Madnick, history teacher, Sanford H Calhoun High School, Merrick, NY.
  • Jane Maestro, manager, New Hope Charities, West Palm Beach, FL.
  • F. Rachel Magdalene, visiting scholar, United Theological Seminary, Dayton, OH.
  • Dominique Malaquais, Senior Researcher in Political Science, Centre National de la Recherche (National Science Research Center), Paris.
  • Frankie Diane Mallis, Adjunct Professor of English. Arcadia University, Glenside, PA.
  • Christine Mallory, Vice President of Finance at AllClear ID, Austin, Texas.
  • Aaron Managhan, Office Assistant, South Puget Sound Community College.
  • Carl Manaster, bioinformatics (computer) programmer, ActivX Biosciences, Inc., San Diego, CA.
  • Victor Manfredi, Visiting Researcher in African Studies at Boston University.
  • Michael Mangino, taught Biology at Harper College, Palatine, IL.
  • Shilpa Mankikar, writer/director/producer; finalist at the 2016 Sundance Screenwriters Lab.
  • Reeser Manley, author; Assistant Professor of Horticulture, University of Maine.
  • Catherine Mann, USA Today bestselling author.
  • Jenny Mannion, author and “intuitive healer”.

See also:

UPDATE (Sept. 12):

Bill Mullen, an English professor at Purdue University, has formed a coalition of 400 Antifa college faculty, staff, and students, called the Campus Anti-Fascist Network. (Source: Gateway Pundit)



30 responses to “Antifa domestic terrorists, incl. professors, want an end to USA

  1. Nothing could be clearer. And you can bet that people like me are willing to take the violence home to them if they get close to my world. There is very little difference between them and the bolsheviks of 1917, and history has proven what their fruit will be, murder and genocide.

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    • The Bolsheviks were funded by the Warburgs and probably rockefellers too…and these donkey butts are being funded by the same NWO buttheads too. And, they’re so STUPID they can’t even figure out they’re working for the so-called ‘fascists’! Those who can’t…teach at Berkeley.

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      • Oh, I don’t think they’re “stupid”. They know what they’re doing. They’ve sold their souls. They are in it for material gain and power. In a sense, they’ve already lost.

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        • I also think they’re true believers and know nothing of history. Those who are on the lower rungs and have helped the system are often eliminated by it since they know too much and eventually outlive their usefulness.

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          • Yes, its hard in a forum like this to not be misunderstood. Some are “true believers”. The starting point for that would be an absence of real belief. Laws and cultural practices are built upon a good, solid foundation of religious faith. If they aren’t, they are like the Gospel references to building upon sand, etc..

            In order to live in accordance with God’s will we have to recognize what that means. This is why they devote so much time to destroying cultural and societal conventions.

            They are basically saying; “your religious beliefs punish those who are challenged by them. Therefore, you must abandon your beliefs in favor of our state beliefs”. By keeping faith out of schools they can have their way with our children. The adults may be a little harder but they are nothing if not patient. Eventually we’ll die off.

            If we want to pass on our love of God to our children we must not allow them to destroy what we’ve built up. Depending on precisely who we are discussing at any given time, they are either ignorant, stupid or devious. Many are willfully ignorant.

            These Satanic groups and forces fully understand the human psyche. There is no accident to the old adage about Satan’s greatest trick being getting people to not believe in his existence. If they believe they will be on guard, like the good Shepherd.

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  2. These are a Soros/Obongo creation. It is the very definition of sedition, maybe “treason”. The fact that they are allowed to openly do these things with impunity is a dead giveaway.

    Unless they and their “sponsors” are rounded up, pronto, we’re in trouble.

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  3. As the late great Gary Allen said in his one book “The Rockefeller Files”, Big Brother might be coming at us in horned rim glasses. In other words, the college ‘professors’.
    Shouldn’t all these masked bandits (who are probably being paid by Soros) be arrested for wanting to depose the government? Or are they just being used by the abovementioned leech of society to try and stir up more non-thinking drones on other campuses?
    Great to see our stolen tax dollars at work…funding these universities.

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    • The short answer is “YES”, the reality is a little muddier. We just finished another “selection” where one of the “candidates” is dirtier than Bugsy Seagle and nothing is done about THAT.

      Laws are for the “little people”, not the Devil’s own. Laws mean nothing unless they’re enforced. They have reached a point where it is no longer possible to pretend that the system isn’t broken.

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  4. As I look at the list of names, I can only conclude that these are the ‘instigators’, not the people you see smashing windows, burning buildings and cars, etc. The ‘muscle’ would be younger, stronger, and even more stupid than those named.
    But, they ALL are treasonous bastards and should be eliminated. Permanently.

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  5. seems to be quite a coincidence that they are all connected by education.
    all of these “educated” antifa coward, criminal, morons remind me of a quote:
    “To educate a man is to unfit him to be a slave.” ~Frederick Douglass

    but, it depends how the man was “educated”.
    From what I see here, antifa and their ilk are all “educated” slaves to the communist regime.
    in reality, they are not educated, they are indoctrinated.

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    • Precisely. To educate someone is to instill a love of knowledge and to provide the tools for them to grow in wisdom. What we have is “indoctrination”. It is the antithesis of education.

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  6. Well, I am retirement age, THOUGH I can’t afford to retire……so, thankfully, I will be dead before this age of romancing communism/ socialism/ muhammadism/ anarchy passes in this country. Maybe we have to have our “go” at it, never mind that none of any of it has succeeded anywhere in the world outside of our borders. Never mind that none of it is compatable with our Republic, our Constitution, Capitalism, or the means that allowed us to flourish for centuries beyond the rest of the world….even when we were a “wimpy” little, no-account “nation.”

    Ever since 9/11 (which we remember tomorrow), we’ve been “flirting” with the BAD BOY in school….We invited him IN, we wanted to show that we were “GLOBAL” and not judgmental……the guy who almost killed us, the guy who is “not us,” the guy who is dangerous, but, “oh so attractive,” the guy who almost single-handely turned us into a 3rd-world socialist hack nation

    I’m going to be “OK” but I don’t know if my kids will “make it” before the hammer comes down (which, BTW, started with Barack Hussein Obama)….and it all crumbles, like the old USSR……which lasted ONLY 70 years from start to finish…..or if they will have to bow down to China or North Korea in order to stay alive……For SURE, I have NO clue as to whether my only grandchild, only 3 years old, will “make it” under these STUPID circunstances.

    Are any of you second-guessing the campaigne slogans of “Stronger with Her” or “Make America Great Again?” Did you bet on HER….or AMERICA?

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  7. Commies…

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  8. CalGirl,
    Like you I am elderly. Genocidal communism can occur rapidly as
    it did in Russia in 1917, Cambodia in 1970s, etc. We may well get
    to experience the oppression. The antifa are only one dictatorial
    step from takeover.


  9. I work for the largest university on the face of the planet. I deal with academics on a daily basis. Most of them can’t parallel park. I’m not worried.


  10. There is also this: Which, if true serves to connect the antifa terrorists to the pedophile normalization movement and the GBLT movement as well. Things seem to get very complicated, very quickly, with this bunch, Dr. Eowyn.

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  11. It is time to lock-and-load and blow these anti-American pukes away. Piss on them. This is war!

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