In denial: Hollyweird execs blame Rotten Tomatoes for their demise


Yeah, riiiiiight. I’m sure it has nothing to do with movie ticket prices, the unoriginality of movies and media/online competition. Oh, and then there’s this:

I’m sure the liberal agenda and politics that Hollyweird spews everyday have nothing to do with their decline! Whatever helps you sleep at night.

From NY Times: Hollywood had a horrible summer.

Between the first weekend in May and Labor Day, a sequel-stuffed period that typically accounts for 40 percent of annual ticket sales, box office revenue in North America totaled $3.8 billion, a 15 percent decline from the same span last year. To find a slower summer, you would have to go back 20 years. Business has been so bad that America’s three biggest theater chains have lost roughly $4 billion in market value since May.

Ready for the truly alarming part? Hollywood is blaming a website: Rotten Tomatoes.

“I think it’s the destruction of our business,” Brett Ratner, the director, producer and film financier, said at a film festival this year.

Some studio executives privately concede that a few recent movies — just a few — were simply bad. Flawed marketing may have played a role in a couple of other instances, they acknowledged, along with competition from Netflix and Amazon.

But most studio fingers point toward Rotten Tomatoes, which boils down hundreds of reviews to give films “fresh” or “rotten” scores on its Tomatometer. The site has surged in popularity, attracting 13.6 million unique visitors in May, a 32 percent increase above last year’s total for the month, according to the analytics firm comScore.

Studio executives’ complaints about Rotten Tomatoes include the way its Tomatometer hacks off critical nuance, the site’s seemingly loose definition of who qualifies as a critic and the spread of Tomatometer scores across the web. Last year, scores started appearing on Fandango, the online movie ticket-selling site, leading to grousing that a rotten score next to the purchase button was the same as posting this message: You are an idiot if you pay to see this movie.

Mr. Ratner’s sentiment was echoed almost daily in studio dining rooms all summer, although not for attribution, for fear of giving Rotten Tomatoes more credibility. Over lunch last month, the chief executive of a major movie company looked me in the eye and declared flatly that his mission was to destroy the review-aggregation site.

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18 responses to “In denial: Hollyweird execs blame Rotten Tomatoes for their demise

  1. Explains the attempts to sell-off to China in recent years. The “execs” always knows when to get out.

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  2. More and more folks are tired of fiction passed as fact.The concept of Fake News is turning more and more people to alternative news options. This also applies to other entertainment. I believe it was Murdoch and Fox that won the court case allowing news to be classified as ‘entertainment’ and therefore, at best, non-factual. More people are getting tired of Hollywood movies and for very good reason.
    If your family insists on watching them, there many ways to debrief i.e. detox them afterwards and it is worth it.
    A couple of options:

    Does anyone else have other great “detox from the movies” links?

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  3. Next, Hellywood execs will blame “Russian government hackers” for their lacklustre box office receipts!

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    • I’M expecting the blame to eventually land on us “Flag-waving,Anti-Liberal,God lovin’ all American gun-freaks” for not going to see their mindless “over-the-top-with-gun-violence” drivel,as well as all the OTHER forms of drivel they’re trying to sell us for premium prices.

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  4. People are tired of paying for recycled crap at the theater when it is streamed or on DVD without much of a delay.

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  5. I read today that they’re blaming “the Ruskies” for the BMB hoax!!! I’m waiting for the flocks of flying purple unicorns to arrive. Nobody could be that damaged, and live.

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  6. Tired of Hollywood powers that be attacking Republicans in the most insulting and ignorant (see Barbra Streisand tweets, for example) way? You can strike back, YUGELY. […]

    How to Dry Up Hollywood Funding for Democrats

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  8. Reblogged this on kommonsentsjane and commented:

    Reblogged on kommonsentsjane/blogkommonsents.

    The foreign executives and actors/actresses are arrogant, their movies stink, and they expect the American people to take their insults and pay through the nose to go see their stinking, rotten movies.

    Nothing but a bunch of dumb-butts.


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  9. This is the natural result of what happens when movies are utilized solely as a vector for propaganda, which nearly all movies and shows have been for the past 6+ years, although getting worst in the last 3. Although, I would suggest that this is an intended result, theaters used to be places for peopel to socialize, you know, actually talk to actual other human beings without the interference of an electronic device filtering and censoring, and this, I would posit is one big reason for this, the theaters are probably slated for the execution block because they are social centers.
    Kind of like how “online multiplayer” almost entirely axed local player co-op (Someone sitting next to you with another controller in the same room playing the same game) for videogames, thereby taking out the human social interaction of it, facebook doing the same thing, all of this is driven to divide, marginalize and alienate folks from their fellow people, which I suspect makes for easier control, decreased ability to organize as anything beyond a terroristic mob, and increasing a sense of loneliness/starving people for actual interaction, and thereby promoting & magnifying a need to conform to the garbage standards which are pushed through “social media” and the other electronic corruption “telescreens”, which have been seeded throughout society for that purpose, and as a means of data intake control (and data acquisition). That is to say, extreme societal pressure to “change” to conform to the amoral and anti-christian side of things, in an attempt to gain the interaction they’ve been starved from.

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  10. This denial will lead to continuing to produce more costly politically correct stinkers.

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  11. As for me, I won’t “party” with anyone who wears either a lampshade OR a pink uterus on their head—or similar stuff……pretty simple criteria….

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  12. Well God forbid they actually blame THEMSELVES for quashing any creativity by only letting perverts and pedophiles write the garbage that passes for ‘dialogue’ in these scripts..and the remakes of sequels that sucked even more than the originals don’t help either. They have NO creativity, it’s all bland crap. And, that is THEIR fault, not rottentomatoes.
    Plus, the ticket prices are way out of line. I haven’t been to a movie in over 20 years. And I don’t miss it a bit! You can even get bedbugs and head lice in those theaters anyway. Bleech!

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