Hillary Clinton is insane: Insinuates Bernie Sanders colluded with Russia in 2016 Democratic primaries

Even before she lost last year’s presidential election to Donald Trump, believing her rigged polls that had her ahead, Hillary Clinton already seethed with barely-suppressed rage.

She called millions of Americans who were Trump supporters “deplorables” and demanded to know why she wasn’t 50 points ahead.

After she lost the election, Hillary blamed everybody under the sun, except herself, for her loss — the “deplorables,” the Russians, the Democratic National Committee that helped her win the primaries by plotting to undermine her rival Bernie Sanders.

Now, Hillary has really gone off the deep end.

Through her mouthpiece — longtime aide Adam Parkhomenko — Hillary is now insinuating that the Russian government secretly supported Bernie Sanders during the Democratic primaries.

Parkhomenko was a state political director for Hillary’s first presidential bid in 2008. He then worked in Hillary’s 2016 presidential campaign as her director of grassroots engagement, before moving to the Democratic National Committee. After Hillary lost the election, she hired Parkhomenko (and another campaign aide, Emmy Ruiz) to run her “Resistance” super PAC to undermine President Trump. (Buzzfeed)

Yesterday, Sept. 8, 2017, Parkhomenko fumed about Sanders on Twitter. He claimed that Sanders had “Russia support online” during the primaries, and that “the guy is hiding something”.

Bernie Sanders had betrayed his idealistic supporters by quickly endorsing Hillary in the Democratic National Convention, for which he no doubt was well-rewarded. Five days after the Convention ended, Sanders purchased a $600,000 lakefront home — his third — in North Hero, Vermont.

Imagine what Hillary would do to Bernie if he had not endorsed her.

He would be “Arkancided” — suicide with a bullet to the back of his head.

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42 responses to “Hillary Clinton is insane: Insinuates Bernie Sanders colluded with Russia in 2016 Democratic primaries

  1. Ah come on, Bernie is just a sore loser.

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  2. And libtards say Trump is mentally unstable. This womyn is batsh*t crazy!

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    • And all this time I thought I knew you DCG, but there you go, defaming bats who generate thousands of tons of highly useful bat guano every year to promote fertilisation at its highest & best: why waste it on Broom Hilda? NOTHING can bring that zombie bitch back to the land of the living, and who in their right mind would want her to stand before us gloating, “I’m back, goys and girls!’ Oy, weh ist mir!

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    • Beauty, lophatt, beauty! Only way it could be better is if it were true… but that’s too, too far-fetched to think could come about… do you think? Please God, all I want for Christmas is Herself gone Home to you, as I know you’d send Herself by Very Special Delivery to the Ninth Circle ASAP, saving the rest of Creation the trouble.


  3. Seriously, just think about that. WHO, (I was going to say ‘in their right mind’), but I just answered my own question!

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  4. Good grief, there’s now THIS: HRC stated she was up against the “Godforsaken Electoral college.”


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    • It’s a “vast rightwing conspiracy” I tell ya’! She’s as pure as the driven snow. She DESERVED that job, by gawd. She spent years scraping bribe money and lying for whoever was willing to pay her price. Now its HER TURN!

      You have to admit, she’s a “charmer”. When she isn’t doing “the funky chicken” she’s laughing at people she had murdered. What a cut up.

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      • Very well said, lophatt. She’s a gem, all right, one in a million; they just don’t make them like that anymore; they broke the mould after she was turned out; and her record as Prime Mistress of One-Line Zingers is without parallel in the luniverse. How fortunate we are to have her in our midst, albeit for too, too short a time to reveal all her marvels & mysteries. Have you puked yet? If not, I could go on, but I think you catch my drift.

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  5. If there were any justice she’d be rooming with Charles Manson.

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  6. She’s even blaming Obongo for her statement about coal workers being out of a job, which drew a lot of ire. She didn’t really care what she said, because she thought it was in the bag.

    On a lighter note, Monday will be the first anniversary of Hillary being flung headlong into her Scooby van at the 911 memorial! 😳

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    • You’re right about that. From what I’ve read over the years, she is completely tone deaf when it comes to other’s feelings. She doesn’t understand them because they don’t mean anything to her. Besides being a psychopath (in all likelihood), unless somebody can do something FOR HER they don’t exist.

      As to the “health issues”, I’m starting to think that her problem was mostly that she was stone drunk. They just propped her up, dragged her around from event to event, and once in a while, she blacked out.

      It’s hard to say between the “kuru” episodes and the demonic possession. I don’t think they make medicine for that.

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      • They do and it exists, courtesy of Thanatos Pharmaceuticals [‘Never a single complaint!’] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Main_Page

        BUT… the cure is worse than the problem, and to date no one who’s taken it has come back from the Other Side to tell us what it’s all about. However, if it will help Broom Hilda finish her time here a little sooner, let’s suck it up & create a GoFundMe site for her final course of therapy.


  7. Seriously, just think. They actually “ran” this………..thing, knowing what she is. “They”, must hate us very much. How many do you reckon realize how “in your face” this maneuver was? They could have put a baboon in a man-suit for the difference it made.

    In her “party” what did they post for opposition? A communist. And he was paid off. So, because she is such an absolute loser, they “lost” a rigged election. So now they are having to spend tons of money and go to a high degree of trouble to hamstring Trump.

    They have kept this creature in a position where she can lie and steal with impunity and she is now rewarding them by accusing them of stealing her thunder. Somebody’s “deplorable” alright.

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  8. Is it REALLY possible that Slimy Joe Bidet said something that shocked Miss Deplorable? I doubt it, unless it was about one of their mutual sex pervet ‘friends’ getting busted….

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  9. Thank you God for sparing us a Hillary presidency! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

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  10. All right, Hillary Clinton, the Klownish Koughing Kween, is batshit crazy. Yes, I believe she is demonically possessed. And we all know the Devil never sleeps.

    What in tarnation is going on? What does she gain from her Energizer Bunny impersonation?

    We are witnessing a prolonged temper tantrum from a lesbian witch who seems to have lost her power to cast spells and to enchant. Yet she hasn’t run out of steam. And yet, she seems to be imitating “A beast, slouching towards Bethlehem, waiting to be born…”
    Yeats wrote “The Second Coming” shortly before he died in 1939. In that poem, he laments that “the falcon cannot hear the falconer,” and that things seemed to be devolving. (Yes, culturally and politically, things certainly were devolving at that time, and Yeats predicted this before WW II commenced). So are we witnessing the same thing going on here, but only under a different appearance? Remember: We agree Mrs. Clinton is demonically possessed. Therefor, it is a given that the Devil SPEAKS THROUGH HER. Therefor, we are witnessing the rantings of a demon who is frustrated that the brass ring he seeks is just beyond his reach.

    On the spiritual level, Mrs. Clinton is a lost soul—deservedly so. But as far as the Big Picture goes, we are on the cusp of entering a new Era. Yes, this is the End of one Era, and the Beginning of Another. (I believe that as Jupiter exits the constellation Virgo on September 23rd to be a sign, of sorts, and I hold NO BELIEF in astronomy).
    I believe we are on the cusp of: The Devil’s Final Battle. And it’s going to be a long one.

    Farewell, Mrs. Clinton. Go and follow your master into bondage.

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  11. The Russian Government has been so busy dealing with Hillary’s business (promoting Bernie, promoting Trump, messing with the DNC…..). I wonder what else they have time for these days? My, my, she’s SOOOOOO important!

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  12. Read this carefully:


    Her pastor gets in on the act and his book was so loaded with plagiarism that they had to pull it. She is a real life walking SNL skit.

    To make matters worse, just think of who would pay to hear about Hillary’s “spiritual life”. Maybe she should have invited Anton Levy (oh, he’s dead), or Michael Aquino.

    Maybe she planned to just dance around wearing a top hat and vest while holding a dead black chicken.

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    • She’s right about one thing: American voters were angry. They are STILL angry….one way or another. Most of all, enough were so angry that they voted in a NON-career-politician…..they were angry about a small group of annointed people who think…IN THIS Contsitutional Republic ….that over the last 60 years they are not only indispensible to the running of this country, but that they ARE dynastic—-the Bushes, the Clintons, and Obama as the Kennedy stand-in. American voters in the right places at the right time said “ENOUGH ALREADY!!!”

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  13. Ran across this on the anniversary of her famous exit:


  14. So Bernie bought a house for $600,000… isn’t that a bit less than Billary gets for each speech s/he gives? Who’s funding whom?
    I’m enjoying how she’s getting very little love from the new left these days. They don’t have time for her anymore, either.


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