Feminists are insufferable: Libtard Sophia Bush hits out at cruel trolls for “ripping her apart” on social media

sophia bush

Honey, if you’re gonna play on Twitter ya better wear your big girl pants.

From Daily Mail: Sophia Bush has hit out at cruel online trolls who ‘endlessly attack’ her on social media. The One Tree Hill star, 35, slammed  ‘groups of “fans”‘ who berate her lifestyle choices and said the the hurtful comments she is regularly subjected to leave her feeling ‘like s**t’.

Writing an impassioned post on Twitter on Wednesday, Sophia said: ‘Being alerted to groups of “fans” ripping your life, choices, and happiness apart in private chats feels like s*** y’all. Truly. More of her tweets:

  • Being endlessly attached by trolls and b****ed at for every single thing you do, also feels like s***. You can’t please everyone?
  • Well you sure can be ripped by everyone. Every day. Endlessly. You think I’m too private? That I owe you something? What does it need to,’ she wrote, before heading into another tweet.
  • be for kindness to be practice, and for something you don’t like to not get “A Beautiful Mind” level, INSANE plot and dissertation?
  • You don’t know me. You don’t know anyone that you don’t know personally, in fact. Remember that we’re all human. And try to be better. 
  • At, you know, being a HUMAN too. (sic).’

The actress revealed this is not the first time the ‘haters’ have insulted her and she admitted she is used to the spiteful remarks as she doesn’t consider their comments to be ‘original’.

After a one-tweet #DefendDACA interlude, she added: ‘And yes, for those asking. It’s literally EVERY GD second of EVERY GD day. So haters? You’re not even original. I’ve heard it all!’

And Sophia’s One Tree Hill co-star Hilarie Burton – who portrayed Peyton Sawyer in the series – has supported her colleague.  She replied to Sophia’s rant saying: ‘PREACH Sis!!!! You’re a GD diamond!’

The actress shot to fame portraying Brooke Davis in One Tree Hill from 2003 to 2012. The popular show followed the lives of high school students living in North Carolina.  One Tree Hill boasted a cast that included Bethany Joy Lenz, James Lafferty, Lee Norris, and it made its star Chad Michael Murray a household name.  Sophia’s gone on to star on Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, Chicago P.D., while Hilarie has appeared in Lethal Weapon, Extant, and Hostages.

The actress tied the knot with her screen love interest Chad Michael Murray, 32, in Santa Monica, California, in April 2005, announcing their separation just five months later. The former couple were granted a divorce in December 2006, with Sophia later saying: ‘It devastates me now that I have been reduced to a Hollywood statistic – another joke marriage.  I never expected to be married more than once… because I knew what I was getting into and will always believe in love.’


10 responses to “Feminists are insufferable: Libtard Sophia Bush hits out at cruel trolls for “ripping her apart” on social media

  1. Huh?… Who? ……whatever.

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  2. Guess I’m out of the loop. Never heard of her, her show or any of the so-called co-stars. Tell me agian why she’s important.

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  4. Stop feeding into it lady. Some people just live for this crap, being the victim in some way. If you don’t like it, don’t read it, don’t put yourself out there like that.

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  5. I never even heard of the guy who is supposedly “a household name”, let alone any of the other so-called “stars”. And this chick is just another bimbo snowflake who knew (and/or blew) the right people.

    Since Al Gore invented the Internet, I have learned that Liberals can dish it out but can’t take it in the least. I’ve also learned that despite always being the smartest people in the room (according to them), Liberals have NO SENSE OF HUMOR! Everyday Conservatives are leaps and bounds funnier than Everyday Liberals. I discovered this during the last Presidential Campaign, while being very, very active in website comment sections. We Conservatives ripped ’em a new one in the Humor Department — beat ’em to death with our funny bones!

    The Conservatives were hilariously inspired during the Campaigns. But then Uncle Bernie and Hellary Cunton provided a lot of ammunition. One would think that for Libtards, Trump too would have provided a lot of satirical ammunition, but all the Libtards could come up with were the same tired, old UNFUNNY insults over and over again.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Ferret-Faced Fascist Friends

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  6. Sophia who? Anyone inclined to make stalking this skank their full time occupation should seek help. Apparently she sees herself as some sort of preacher for a new religion.

    There’s a limit to a perfect vacuum.

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  7. She is clearly a legend in her own mind!

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  8. I kinda like her….Funny video.


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