Though hit by tomato, Angela Merkel will be reelected German Chancellor

Given the many problems Germany has with Muslim “refugees” and “migrants,” readers of FOTM have wondered why German Chancellor Angela Merkel is still in power. See:

Merkel’s unpopularity is evidenced in a recent incident when she was hit by a tomato during an outdoor campaign rally of about 3,000 people in Heidelberg, a university city in southern Germany.

Bloomberg News reports, Sept. 5, 2017, that according to Germany’s DPA press agency, two tomatoes were thrown, one splattering rally moderator Claudia von Brauchitsch, the other hitting Merkel on her left hip, in “an unusually rough moment in a campaign that has been punctuated by occasional vociferous protests.”

Merkel was also jeered by a small group of protesters on the edge of the crowd, who blew whistles and called her a “liar” and “betrayer of her people.”

Merkel appeared unruffled by the tomato-throwing incident and offered von Brauchitsch a tissue. In fact, the tomato didn’t even leave a stain on Merkel’s trademark tomato-red blazer. She wore the same outfit at a second campaign event in Stuttgart later that day.

Merkel has faced down demonstrators in previous campaign events, defending her open-borders refugee policy and saying that right-wing protesters “can only shout.”

So does this mean Merkel will lose the chancellorship in Germany’s upcoming federal election on September 24?

Sadly for Germany, the answer is “not likely”.

Here’s why.

The Chancellor is the head of government of the Federal Republic of Germany. Unlike the selection of the U.S. president, however, the German chancellor is not elected by the people, but by the Bundestag or Parliamen. This means that the individual who is elected Chancellor typically is a member of the majority party of the Bundestag.

In the upcoming election, voters will elect members of the Bundestag.

Merkel’s party is the Christian Democratic Union/Christian Social Union (CDU/CSU), the majority party in the Bundestag with 309 seats. Her three rivals and their respective political parties are (Wikipedia):

  • Martin Schultz, Social Democratic Party (SPD), 193 seats.
  • Sahra Wagenknecht and Dietmar Bartsch, of Die Linke or the Left Party, 64 seats.

According to the latest polling data on September 8, 2017, Merkel’s CDU/CSU is ahead (FT):

Even if Merkel’s CDU/CSU isn’t ahead in the polls, the two main opposition parties are no better and arguably even worse, when it comes to Germany’s open-door policy toward Muslim refugees:

  • The Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD) is a non-revolutionary leftwing party favoring “democratic socialism” and “progressive” values, much like the U.S.’s Democratic Party.
  • The Left Party ( Die Linke) was formed in the 1990s by the more extreme, i.e., more leftist, members of SPD. Called “far left” by The Guardian, Die Linke contains outright Marxist-Leninist communists.

Update (Sept. 25, 2017):

See “To noone’s surprise, Angela Merkel is reelected to 4th term as German Chancellor


28 responses to “Though hit by tomato, Angela Merkel will be reelected German Chancellor

  1. That second pic of hers is rather interesting …………………Could that be Soros in drag ?

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  2. If she becomes elected AGAIN, that just shows how the German people are weak. If the “novus ordo seclorum” can impose a hitler environment a second time on the very people who still have memory of the first, then nothing will stop them from implementing it throughout the world, especially US Corporation, the land of the slaves, the home of the cowards (TM).

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  3. I am starting to wonder if the “elected” officials are implanted/injected with something. The way they behave and reason is completely abnormal.
    I think one would have to be satanic to want stuff put into their bodies to be in a position of power in the first place. They want people with opposing values and culture to come into their own countries and rape and destroy their land, people, and culture and call it “diversity”.
    Also, I know I could not get hit with a tomato and continue to stand there smiling. Her behavior reminds me of someone who’s under the influence of something or someone, and that influence is clearly not Jesus.
    There was a comment made on another post about the possible use of oxytocin on the masses to get them to accept refugees…I wonder, what prevents TPTB from using it and other stuff on “elected” officials?
    And I remember from that horrible movie ‘kingsman’, all the leaders were implanted with a device.
    I’ve learned hollyweird sometimes includes truth in their fiction.

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  4. I wonder if the German press is as bad as the US press? Are they protecting/promoting Merkel? I can’t understand why so many Germans would approve of her.

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    • Probably drinking too much of that Jägermeister

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    • I’m inclined to consider one of two possibilities.
      1-She has the Elections rigged.
      2-The German People ARE that stupid.
      If it’s 1,the people need to use whatever means are available to remove her and her henchmen from Office.
      If it’s 2,God help ’em,and they’ll get no sympathy from me. They’ve had plenty of opportunities to change their course,but it appears they’re SO okay with their lot in life they welcome even MORE trouble.

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      • Amen to all that, truckjunkie! And what are we to make of the recent Flood of ignorant masses? Does ANYONE seriously think they’ll adapt to and adopt Western ways and means? Never mind coming over to Christianity, I feel this madness is a FAIL in purely secular terms.

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  5. Welcome to Germanistan.

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  6. Kevin J Lankford

    Still do not understand why these people are referred to as elected. Even the elected party members can not truly be the favored of the people when their choices are so clearly despised by the masses. Just like here in the U.S. where the long time incumbents can only over coming challengers through vote rigging and fraud.

    I really get sick of hearing the voters accused of stupidity for voting the same scum into office over and over, when it should be obvious what is going on.

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  7. It’s hard for me to have any sympathy for Mrs. Merkel, the Hillary Clinton of Europe, because she is the one who has been throwing tomatoes at all of Europe.
    But of bigger and longer-lasting concern is the British influence that put Mrs. Merkel into power, and what they have been doing to destroy the Continent, using Merkel as their deputy.

    But I see the “karma” here: No one can destroy you without your consent. It was the white Europeans themselves who have been busy, for the past 50 years, contracepting and aborting themselves out of existence. They will shout out in howls of execration as the ship goes down, now that it has hit the Islamic demographic iceberg, but they will go down with the ship, leaving their survivors to deal with the wreckage of Christendom. At this point, given the replacement rate of less than 1.5 children per couple, renders the demographic tsunami inevitable.

    I do agree with you that Merkel is possessed. I also strongly suspect that Elizabeth II and Pope Francis are also possessed. We are approaching those times that the New Testament spoke of “that never happened before and will never happen again.”

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  8. I admired the classic Germany & its FORMER civilization for 60 years, but now I say if voting Germans do not understand they are letting her destroy EVERYTHING [IMO] then they deserve her & their ignoble end.

    Maybe she’s a secret clone of Soros. I know these people have been very interested in cloning themselves since the mid-Sixties, which I have on very good authority of my friend James ‘Jim’ Kennedy [yes, related; he grew up as an only child on a Long Island estate, his father was the #1 patent lawyer in the USA, his office on Wall St., etc.], as even Jim was hoping he could do that for himself. Believe me when I say that a single Jim Kennedy is really enough. He does have a son, Scott, but that was after I left the USA and I never met Scott, but his mum told me he wasn’t cloned.

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    • From what I understand, she was very active in the Communist Party in East Germany in her youth. Her “heroes” appear to all be autocrats of some variety or another.

      What is abundantly clear is that she detests The West and everything it stood for. I assume that makes her a natural to align herself with whatever she thinks will assist with its destruction.

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    • Kinda reminds me of an illegal immigrant president from Kenyan roots……and like America in similar circumstances,they somewhat deserve what they get.

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  9. I live in Germany, and I can tell you that Merkel is very much detested. However the alternative, Schultz the Socialist, is even worse. It’s between the devil and the deep blue sea — and in this case, Merkel is the lesser evil.
    The best way out would be the AfD, an anti-Muslim party with some good people, but they can’t get their act together. So it wull be more of merkel, but she has been chastened.

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    • It’s very sad. All the culture, music, scholarship, soon to be gone. We do what we can.


    • I lived for two years in Germany. It saddens me when I see what has happened. The culture alone is something to be proud of, not allowed to be supplanted by political assassins.

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    • “Chastened” perhaps… ‘Gezüchtigt’ vielleicht, aber noch nicht genug für Gerechtigkeit! Justice in Germany, as in other of the less-than-sovereign nations in our Bizarro New World Disorder, has been a long time a’coming, and I don’t even see it on the far horison. From my long historical PoV. even the Holy Roman Empire at its lowest and worst century was far, far better a Europe than what we’ve seen in our past century. That’s my story and I’m sticking with it!

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  11. I wonder if the tomato was thrown by a muslim refugee? Even so, Merkel would be more apt to forgive the offense if it was a muslim rather than a fellow German. Savage is right, she does remind me of Stalin’s housekeeper.

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  12. It’s a testament to German civility that she’s able to get about at all. I’ll bet she gets nervous in Bavaria.

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  13. If I’m not mistaken, German citizens elect parliamentarians who then elect the reichskanzler. To me this is like how the eu pm’s are not allowed to draft law but only rubber stamp legislation dictated to them from higher up in the eu, where everyone in power is appointed by rich muckity mucks.


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