Black shoplifter savagely attacks white Good Samaritan with ax

File this under “No good deed goes unpunished”.

On the night of Sept. 3, 2017, at a 7-Eleven in West Hollywood, California, a white man saw a black man shoplifting and made the mistake of telling the shoplifter what he did was wrong, then offering to pay for the stolen items.

The black man took an ax from a paper bag he was carrying and savagely wacked the Good Samaritan, knocking him to the ground. The assailant walked up to the victim lying on the ground and struck him again, twice. The assailant began walking away, but then changed his mind and returned to strike the victim again.

Josh Haskell reports for ABC7 Los Angeles that according to police, the victim saw his attacker stealing from the store and offered to pay for his items. Another black man, an associate of the victim who is seen in surveillance video wearing orange, witnessed the brutal attack.

Sgt. Jeffrey Bishop with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department said:

“It’s a very gruesome attack, and we’re hoping we can get an attempted murder charge filed against this individual. The suspect walks away. He’s still in view of the camera. He then turns around and continues to chop at the victim’s face while he’s lying on the ground before he flees.”

Caryn West, who teaches at an acting school next to the 7-Eleven, recognized the suspect from surveillance video. After a manhunt, police arrested the assailant, 41-year-old Kisu Brady Brown, who has several felony and assault convictions.

The victim sustained serious injuries in the attack, but is expected to survive.

Lest we generalize from Kisu Brown to other blacks: Just remember that it was another black man who tried to stop the assailant, then called 911 on his cell phone, and that two other non-white men brought paper towels for the victim’s wounds.

H/t TheGoldwater


18 responses to “Black shoplifter savagely attacks white Good Samaritan with ax

  1. What the heck is the matter with people today? I believe there is mass devil possession going on world wide. It coincides with moving away from and denying our creator.

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  2. my goodness! so much evil and violence!
    that man clearly has demons in him!
    I pray for the good samaritan to fully recover and the attacker to be thrown in prison and never see the light of day…
    I wonder if he is one of california’s early ‘jail realignment’ release “graduates”?

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  3. anger. unsound minds and a whole lot more ,amen

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  4. Yes, Praise those two men who brought paper towels for his wounds…

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  5. I could not watch the film. I would get too upset and angry. But I hope somebody puts the rabid animal down. 12 gauge remedy.

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  6. That Animal sapien should be sent to our Modern-day Social Prison where it can have all, (I mean ALL) the cherished Welfare State Amenities that are NOT available to the Hard-working-Law-abiding-tax-paying Citizen on this side of the Prison Wall.. – – where his Friends still are from the last Crime it did.. The Wall & five volunteers is what’s needed here.. Wild Animals need to be Put-Down for the good of our Society..

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  7. And of course, he didn’t have a racist bone in his body. Carry Concealed.

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  8. Woah, he must care not about the family heirlooms as no one who is serous would carry his pistorl as depicted. That’s on TV.
    Keey your nuts, use a holster:-)


    • He has an inside the waistband holster. Personally I prefer to carry a little lower,with a tactical holster,or in the small of my back,with an inside the waistband holster. (More comfortable for me to carry,though not quite as quick to draw.)


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  10. If an animal, wild or domesticated, viciously attacked and tried to kill a human, they would be put down so they could never do it again. Why are these animals allowed to continue to prey on more human’s after such a vicious attempt of murder?

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  11. Taught at an inner-city high school for decades. One teacher was carried out starting his retirement comatose. TRUST NOT, WANT NOT. Blacks have been incited by mainstream media to feel entitled and to hate whites.

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  12. Update…

    West Hollywood Man Charged With Attempted Murder, Mayhem in ‘Gruesome’ 7-Eleven Ax Attack


  13. Maybe the attacker thought that victim was seemingly rubbing his “white privilege” in the attacker’s face. How dare someone offer to help pay, right? It’s cases like this that make people, of all races, think twice about helping others.
    Now, we need to outlaw axes. Did the perp have a permit for it? (Sarcasm)

    Yes, God bless those non-whites who came to aid the victim. I wouldn’t be surprised if by some they’d be called “Oreos” or “Uncle Toms” for their actions.


  14. RACISTS! Police are racists! 7-11 stores are RACISTS! Employees and patrons of 7-11 are RACISTS! Anyone who opposes shoplifting/theft in a 7-11 or other is a RACIST!!!!! CALL back Holder and Lynch and set all looters and robbers free (IF they are Black)! While at it….turn a blind eye to Hillary Clinton crimes, illegal aliens, and choose Federal Laws at whim to enforce ….OR NOT!


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