What I’m Not Doing Today

In keeping with my last post I am deliberately ignoring the news today.

This isn’t something I usually do, but it might be good to make it a new rule. Fox, CNN, and MSNBC are doing 24/7 hand wringing right now over North Korea. How can I benefit from being attached to this story line?

So instead, I will spend some time drawing closer to the Lord, who is the only one capable of giving us peace. My mental prescription of choice today: Psalms 23, 27, 46 and 91.

The sky already looks better, the flowers brighter, and my outlook more hopeful.

Bye bye FoxNews.

“You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you!” – Isaiah 26:3


10 responses to “What I’m Not Doing Today

  1. I hope this is not insulting you and your earned artistic skills, but society needs a great change in popular culture. Would you consider making uplifting cartoons used on this blog if it were deemed suitable? If needed, I am sure you could find a person who could help with a story line, etc.

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  2. The LORD delights in those who fear him, who put their hope in his unfailing love. Psalm 147:11

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  3. The solution is a simple one: Exercise your God-given free will.
    Nobody is putting a gun to your head to watch teevee news.

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  4. Does anyone else see a pattern here?
    Saddam Hussein
    We MUST go take out this bad guy
    Manuel Noriega
    We MUST go take out this bad guy
    Osama bin laden
    We MUST go take out this bad guy
    Momar Khaddafi
    We MUST go take out this bad guy
    Kim Jong-Un
    We MUST go take out this bad guy.
    The CIA is driving the news cycles,so the war industry can move into sovereign nations and take over.
    U.S. Forces are occupying hundreds of countries. Why? So the military industrial complex can roll on.

    Turn off the idiot box, life is better when you do.

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  5. JibJab.com – “What We Call The News”
    Published on Oct 12, 2007 –
    Celebrities in rehab, political punditry and a mauling at the zoo – this is what we’re calling news these days! This funny satire on broadcast news features Larry King, Bill O’Reilly, Geraldo Rivera and the rest of your favorite talking heads. This just in: modern news is a joke!

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  6. Lesson learned: The original landlady had left the house I live in to her daughter (and her “wife.”) The closing on the house finally happened; The new owner is a Brit (not a citizen? IDK.)
    I worried about it. I worried about the car lease I’m in for Uber. I worried about this. About that. Then last month, it occurred to me: I can only spend so much time worrying about any one thing. I can choose to stop worrying, as long as I’ve done as much as I humanly could.

    What is the WORST THING that can happen to a soul? Hell, obviously. Next to that, SIN. Next to sin, ANXIETY. I have found a new ability to take charge, inadequate that I may be, do my best, and then DROP IT. I think the prayer is working. Will check out those Psalms, too.


    • Steven…I feel that you & I are always in the same place—–I am a “baby-boomer” who has had to make my own way in life while my parents took advantage of all those post-WWII war benefits to themselves…& b/c of my birth “glut” I’ve always “bought high, sold low, ” .and now, I am wedged between aged/ailing/Alzheimer’s parents (who do their OWN bizarre things that make my life difficult and scary) my own kids, one of whom is experiencing significant health problems right now, and his child, who is only aged 3–(and I spent my 6-week summer “vacation” with them….potty triained the baby so she could go to pre-school, so I wouldn’t have to take off another 6 weeks for the next surgery my son required……) and I am retirement-aged, but can’t retire b/c of all these people hanging on me….and therefore…despite all this…I have to go to work every day myself….and figure out how to manage it all. I pretty much some time ago decided that if I could not handle it all—it was OKAY to “let my wheels fall off.” Somehow….all those people who bring drama and gut-wrenching sorrow/decision-making into our lives……..seem to prosper on, NO MATTHER WHAT……..whether you “sacrifice” yourself…or NOT. They find a way to satisfy their needs…with or without you. I do what I can do now….no more….I can’t beat myself up anymore……let the chips fall where they may…..


  7. There is no such thing as televised news. It is mostly propaganda and half truths. So by turning it off you’re really turning off the indoctanation. Kudos.


  8. John Prine “blow up your TV”.
    Did mine in about 14 years ago – magnificent library.
    Psalms 27 = peace


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